Part Two of My Hermitcraft AU ~ In Which Grian and Mumbo Start an Adventure

What’s up guys? It’s me again!!

I am here with the second snippet of my Hermitcraft AU!!

So, without further ado, enjoy!

“Grian?” The voice sounded far away, muffled. Grian frowned slightly. Was he underwater? No, that couldn’t be it. He was breathing. Who was calling him?

“Grian!” There it was again. That plucky voice and crisp British accent….it had to be Mumbo Jumbo.

“Grian, come on!” Someone was shaking him. Grian opened his eyes and beheld a bright pink shirt, dotted with pineapples. He sighed.

“Mumbo, what is this shirt?”

Mumbo let go of him and glanced down at his shirt. “Oh, uh….” His black moustache wiggled as he faltered. “I thought it would be a nice change from the usual suit and tie.”

Grian held back a laugh. “It’s ridiculous!”

Mumbo poked his lip out in a pout. “Well, I like it.”

“That’s your opinion, then.” Grian socked his friend on the shoulder. “I, for one, will never change out of my red jumper.”

Mumbo rolled his eyes. “Believe me, I know. I’m starting to get sick of the color red.”

Grian chuckled. “Well, you can wear what you like, and I can wear what I like, and we’ll both bleed from the eyes.”


A happy silence ensued, each thinking of good-natured, sarcastic remarks. Grian couldn’t remember a time when he and Mumbo hadn’t bantered back and forth like this. It was their main form of communication and they both got a kick out of it.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Mumbo said, suddenly. “Xisuma sent me over here to get you. It’s happened again.”

Grian knew exactly what Mumbo was talking about. Every couple of years, they magically woke up in a strange new universe. Nothing but ancient structures and empty land around, and the need to build a good place to live. Every time their lives seemingly reset, there was always someone new that seemed to join their ranks. Grian remembered when he had been the new one. He’d been so disoriented, surrounded by strange faces, some human, some….not. He’d been forced into a new lifestyle, a vicious cycle that wouldn’t allow him escape. He’d been overjoyed to find his old friend, Mumbo Jumbo, and the two helped each other along, eventually discovering an easy way to survive. But, just like that, their legacy had been ripped away. They were transported to a new world, once again having to fight to survive. And now, it had happened again.

“Is there anyone new?” Grian asked as he followed Mumbo towards a nearby village.

“I’m not sure,” Mumbo answered. “Probably.”

Grian could see the others gathered in a circle towards the outskirts of the village. Joe Hills, Zombie Cleo, Vintage Beef, and Welsknight were walking towards the group from different directions, obviously having been dropped in different areas, like Grian and Mumbo. Xisuma, the unofficial “leader” of the group, stood in the middle of the circle, on the edge of a small crevice. Grian and Mumbo joined the group.

“Hello everyone,” Xisuma began. “We’re here in a new world yet again, but perhaps this time it will be permanent.”

Grian groaned inwardly. Xisuma said that every time, and yet, their world was never permanent.

“I’ve chosen someone else to give the ‘beginning speech’,” Xisuma continued. “He’s been a part of this almost as long as I have. Mumbo?”

Grian looked at his friend in surprise. Mumbo looked at Xisuma in surprise. Xisuma nodded kindly and stepped back into the circle to allow Mumbo to stand in the center alone. Everyone clapped politely as Mumbo awkwardly ran to the edge of the crevice.

“Um….well, thank you, Xisuma, and, of course, everyone else,” Mumbo stuttered. “Just because our world has changed yet again doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun! Let’s build our hearts out and pray that it will stay!” He glanced down into the crevice. “Oh. Um, there are some new people down here.”

Boom! What did y’all think?

I’m sorry it ended so abruptly. I couldn’t find a place to end it without it being super long.

Okay, that’s all I had. See y’all next time!

Stuff ~ In Which There Are Announcements and the Prologue to My Hermitcraft AU!!

Hi guys!

It’s Saturday. Not Friday. I forgot. My hiatus really messed up my groove.

Oh well. This post is not for ranting! Well, it could be. There’s a lot of potential. But….nah. We have more important things to talk about!

I have decided that I’m going to change my blogging schedule.

Yeah, yeah, not that groundbreaking, but I thought I’d let you guys know. After all, you’re the ones taking the time out of your day to read this post, and all the others that I post, so *shrugs*

I’ll be switching from posting on a set day (Friday) to posting whenever I feel like it. Of course, I will try to post at least once every week for consistency’s sake, but that’s the gist of it. Plus, my posting style will change slightly. I plan to be posting more artwork (because I’ve been fanarting like crazy!), talking more about my fandoms, maybe talking more about my writing as well?, and writing about my life more, kind of like an online journal, since I haven’t been keeping up with my IRL journal lately. *glares at self*

Oh, I will be discontinuing the Science of Magic series, as a lot of research goes into those posts and I really don’t have the time or patience for that kind of thing anymore. I’m so sorry! I know a lot of people enjoyed those posts and I really enjoyed writing them, but a lot happened over the summer and my circumstances are a little different now.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I can share the prologue to my Hermitcraft AU! I’m calling it Fire Dragon, and I’m very excited for that title to be deciphered, but it’ll be a little while before there are enough clues to figure it out.

So, without further ado, the Prologue of Fire Dragon!

“Sire….They are arriving.”

“Wonderful. I’ve been expecting Them.”

“I can’t understand why you have such a fascination with Them.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been keeping careful track of Them. Watching Them. Listening to Them. Exploiting the weak links. Strengthening the strong ones. And staying away from the Undecided. May I ask why?”

“They….could be powerful. Useful.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t. It is not your plan. You are not a wise one.”

He stiffens. “I suppose not.”

“Now, don’t get angry. Look, the Masked One is preparing to send Them to a new world, as he does every so often.”

“I do not understand why he does this.”

“He is afraid.”

“Afraid, my lord?”

“Afraid of Them becoming too powerful. He knows things even we do not know. Even I do not know.”

“Is….is he an Undecided?”

“….I am unsure. He shows no sign of it. But the Undecided come from mysterious places. Out of nowhere, even.”

“Where is he sending Them?”

“A new universe. My scientists call it Caviclif-8. They are going to start Their lives over.”

“And only the Masked One knows?”

“Yes. Only the Masked One knows.”

“They are all fools.”

“Hush. It is starting. And we will be here to watch it.”

Well? What did you think? Can you guess who is in the prologue? (It’s just two people.) Any guesses as to where the story might go from here?

Alright, that’s all I had. Thanks for reading! ❤