Know the Novel: Part One ~ In Which I Go Into Detail About the Project I Keep Talking About In Various Posts That No One Knows That Much About (But That CHanges Todayyy!!!)

My apologies for that very confusing and obnoxiously long title.

Well, ladies and gents, we’re getting close to the end of October, which means that November is coming up, which means that National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us.


I’m so PUMPED for NaNo this year!! I’ve attempted it twice in the past couple years and I failed both times. One more so than the other…. But I have a clear goal for this year and I know what I’m doing and I’ve been preparing for this for a long time. You guys’ll see what I mean in a bit.

ALSO, this is my second time participating in Christine Smith’s Writer’s Linkup. Last year, I did the first part and then……didn’t do the rest of it?? So I will do all three parts this year LOL

Okay, that’s enough yammering from me. Let’s get this done with!

So First, A Little Background. . . .

I’m not starting a new project for NaNo. In fact, I’m going to be writing the first book in the series I’ve been plotting for about two and a half years now. I started writing this book in April of 2020, shortly before I joined the Young Writers’ Workshop. After I joined YWW, I realized that there were a LOT of things wrong with my novel. After I got burnt out on it in June or July of that same year, I decided that I would scrap the original draft and try plotting. I took all the ideas I’d had for the series when I first was inspired and figured out how they would work and what book they would happen in etc.

So, for the past two years, I’ve been plotting this five-book series, making sure everything is consistent and makes sense and works. I’m at the very end of the plot for the fifth book as I write this, and once I finish it, I’ll do one last macro edit of my plots and make sure all the threads are tied and everything makes sense. And then, I’ll be ready to write!

The Questions:

1. What first sparked the idea for this novel?

Well, the very first version of this project was inspired by a Minecraft fanfiction series called “Diary of an 8-bit Warrior”, specifically the sixth book. Something about that book made me want to write something like it. So, I wrote down some of the aspects I liked about the book (things like plot twists and character details that I liked), and started brainstorming. And the rest of my inspiration came from Lego Ninjago. Specifically season four. That was where a lotttt of my ideas came from. Especially the whole “elemental powers” thing. Actually, the main reason I scrapped the original draft was because it felt like a cheap knock-off of season four of Ninjago, even down to some of the scenes. I changed things, sure, but any fan of Ninjago could tell that it was uncannily similar.

Now, when it comes to the current version of this series, I actually don’t remember where my inspiration came from. I know that a lot has changed since I wrote the first plot point, but I don’t remember how. But it has been fun watching this project fall into place (or be forcefully shoved into place in some parts), and I’m so attached to it at this point, I don’t know if I’ll get burnt out LOL

The title I came up with was Masters of Fate. My reasoning for this title was, the characters were called “Master of _______” (whatever their power is), and, at the end of the book, they were going to break free of the force controlling them and become masters of their own fate. After I scrapped the original draft, I figured that title wouldn’t work anymore, but I kept it as a placeholder until I came up with something new. And then…..I didn’t come up with something new. I kept Masters of Fate, BUT it takes on a whole new meaning for the reboot. I can’t share that meaning because it is laden with spoilers, but yeah. That’s the title for my series (:

2. Share a blurb (or just an overall summary)!

Here, have something that I wrote just now.

Violet Blake is different — but she’s not ashamed of it. That is, until the special thing that sets her apart, her power to grow plants with just the flick of her hand, ends up killing her best friend and forcing her and her father to move across the country to start anew. Afraid that another accident might happen, Violet hides her powers — until provocation from her archnemesis, Rebecka Beauregard, pushes her too far. Violet explains away the sudden vines surrounding Rebecka, but she knows her secret it out. So, she isn’t too surprised when a talking, sarcastic, purple squirrel shows up on her doorstep. The squirrel promises her things she’s been searching for, and Violet can’t resist following out of curiosity.

After stepping through a portal and finding herself in the strange land of Brillyntr, Violet discovers that she, and other people like her, are the only way to stop the war-hungry tyrant, Voro, from changing the entire world as they know it. The quest is not without pain, betrayal, and danger, but, with the help of her friends, family, and allies, Violet discovers secrets, truths, and promises she could have only imagined.

3. Where does the story take place? What are some of your favorite aspects of the setting?

I’m having trouble just thinking in relation to the FIRST BOOK. I’m so focused on the latter books, I keep forgetting these questions are just for the first book πŸ˜‚

The story mostly takes place in the forests of Brillyntr, at a hidden base, although there are some scenes on Earth (where? I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I’m thinking somewhere near Connecticut, but idk). I think what I like most about it is how often my main characters are going to be able to interact with the side characters. I put a lot of time into developing the side/background characters, despite the fact they don’t do too much, but I am looking forward to incorporating fun scenes with them. Of course, not fluffy scenes, the scenes will serve a purpose, but they’ll be fun for me to write and fun for my readers to read. At least, I hope LOL

4. Tell us about your protagonist(s).

Alright, my main main character is Violet Blake. The story is mostly told from her perspective, although it does switch around more in the latter books. She has brown hair, emerald eyes, and a narrow face. She can grow and wither plants with just the flick of her hands (well, not that easily because her powers have limits, of course, but you know what I mean), and can be kind of shy. Her birthday is March 11 (I have decided just now) and she is 14 years old at the start of the book (because that was how old I was when she was created).

My other main characters include Ryan Dinsmore III (Violet’s crush), Harmony Sharp (Violet’s best friend), Evan and Reese Cane (siblings and I love them), and Maple doesn’t-have-a-last-name-because-it-is-spoiler-ridden (she is pivotal and has red hair). I have never loved a batch of characters more than I love the 80+ characters I have for this series, and these knuckleheads are some of my favorites. (My other favorites come way later in the series.) I literally cannot WAIT to write them. I’ve loved plotting their scenes.

5. Who (or what) is the antagonist?

Voro. An evil elf who is hoping to wipe out the humans in Brillyntr and anyone who sides with them. I mean, he’s not quite as shallow as that, he has good reason, but SPOILERS GUYS. He also has two sidekicks, R (SPOILERS) and G (MORE SPOILERS). I think I like those two more than I like Voro himself. They’re crazy, in any case.

6. What excites you the most about this novel?

Everything????? I’ve been plotting this for THREE YEARS I’M READY TO WRITE ITTT!!!!!! Plus, all the crazy banter and happenings between my characters is going to be *chef’s kiss* I think this series is mostly character-driven (although the plot is very much important), and character development is one of my favorite things ever, so I guess that’s why I’m so attached to my charries. I love them.

7. Is this going to be a series? standalone? something else?

Series. With five books. And I’ve already started planning three spin-off serieses. Yeahhh, that might be overkill, but just in case MoF blows up, I have three other serieseses to publish afterward, featuring familiar characters *winks* And if it doesn’t, I’ll be content with just writing these novels. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so excited to write this. I’m hoping to publish it one day, but even if I never do, I’ll still have it to read. And let my family read. And let my friends read. I’ve based several characters off of my friends, and I want them to read the series and see… I see them, I guess.

8. Are you plotting? pantsing? plansting?


This is the first time I’ve ever really plotted in-depth, and it’s been great. I’ve always struggled with motivation to write, but I really feel like having everything already laid out for me is going to be a huge help. And it will definitely help with consistency with the little technicalities later in the series.

9. Name a few unique elements in this story.

Hmm. . . . I’m actually not sure. I’ve pulled inspiration from so many places, I don’t really have anything “new” per se. I’m not, like, plagiarizing or anything (at least. . . . not for this version of the story XP), but I also don’t have anything super brand-new. Although, I do really like the history of how humans came to be in Brillyntr. Basically, the Brits found this portal back in the olden days when they were like. . . . invading everything, and they, predictably, invaded Brillyntr. Because that’s what the British did back then. *shrugs*

Anyway, I haven’t seen any stories with that sort of history, so I think that’s pretty interesting. I was lowkey quite proud of myself when I came up with all of it. And surprisingly, it all came from when I named Brillyntr. I had to come up with a backstory for the name. So I did!

10. Share some fun β€œextras” of the story (a song or full playlist, some aesthetics, a collage, a Pinterest board, a map you’ve made, a special theme you’re going to incorporate, ANYTHING you want to share!).

Hm. . . . most of my stuff is kind of personal to me, as in, it won’t make ANY sense unless you’re inside my head, but I do have a map that I can share.

Let’s just hope there’s nothing too. . . . spoiler-y in there. Also, I know some of it’s confusing. Like I said, it won’t make sense unless you’re inside my head. . . . and I hope none of you are inside my head????

Anyways, I made that map so I could have an image inside my mind of what the travel scenes would look like, because I kept getting the distances ALLLLL confused. Obviously, it’s not the best, but I’m proud of it (:

Especially because all those tiny islands took two hours to get just perfect 0.0

I also have a bunch of drawings of my characters towards the end of this post, if y’all haven’t seen it yet. I put a lot of personality into the little sketches I did, which was also surprisingly helpful in figuring out my characters.

Anddd, if you want to find out more about the old version of Masters of Fate, you can check out this ancient post which I forgot existed until today. Most of it is very outdated, but it does have a lot of information about Violet so *shrugs* that’s something.

So ya.

I guess it could be a little dangerous to write my big project during NaNo, but Marissa Meyer wrote Cinder during NaNo and she’s done pretty well for herself. I do hope to publish this book one day. I just love the world and the characters too much to not! So I guess we’ll see what happens. I have to make it through the rest of Preptober before I can even start to think about that sort of thing.

I am a little worried about how my motivation is going to hold up. I’m going to be taking four college classes all during NaNo, not to mention holidays and get-togethers and work and just. . . . stress. I’ve been having a time lately. But I’m hopeful that it will all work out and that I’ll finish out November with something. It may be. . . . a mess of a something. . . . but it’ll be a something nonetheless!

Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Toodles!

🎡 Natural by Imagine Dragons (I can’t remember if I’ve recommeded this song before but it works for my novel so. . . . here) 🎡

Art Dumpppppp!!!!!!! ~ In Which I Dump a Lot of Art From My Recently Finished Sketchbook and Comment on Them :D

Helloooooo ladies and gents!! We are in for a ride today! It took me 45 minutes to take pictures of all my art and upload it to WordPress and another 20 minutes to get it all into this post *facepalm* I hope you guys like art because I have a LOT of it! Some good, some bad, some…..idek XD

Also, sorry about the photo quality on some of these. I have a good camera on my phone, but it’s not the best, and I’m fairly sure my printer can’t scan sooo……blurry muddled photos it is!!

I mean, not all of them are terrible, so maybe y’all can survive the ones that are LOL

ShAll we jump in??

*le boing*

Ah, I see we are starting with a bad one. *nods* Great plan, me. Lower their expectations so they’re impressed later on. I’m a genius!

My sisters had a Frozen II Elsa coloring page, and for whatever reason, I decided to trace it. Why? I don’t know. It probably would have turned out better if I’d just copied it, but nope. So yeah, that’s why she has such thicc eyebrows.

And this takes up a whole page 0.0

I don’t know if you guys remember me mentioning my anime phase in another post? If you don’t, it doesn’t matter LOL. This is just one of the few anime girls I drew. She’s cute. Idk why I didn’t finish her. And honestly? Some of the best hair I’ve ever drawn.

Oh gosh. Oh no. Um. This is what happens when I go through artist’s block. I should just burn this page.

In case you’re wondering, that’s Cinderella, hair practice, and holly berries, all on the same page.

Ohhh, this comic!! I actually drew this months after the stuff it’s between, but there was an empty page and I just had to fill it. It’s Hermitcraft fanart! I’m a nerd, I know. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more fanart to come. *winks*

This was very heavily inspired by fanart and random textposts on Tumblr. I love that Mumbotato design. It was fun to draw.

If you’re still confused (which honestly, fair), the second panel features a shocked Mumbo Jumbo, and the bottom two panels are of Grian. And I am here for the dragon-Grian headcanons. Like….*chef’s kiss* FABULOUS!

Grian’s saying “They touched my egg.” in the last panel. I know, it’s hard to read *facepalm*

Ah, like I said! More fanart! We are now entering my Dream SMP phase. Ladies and gents, fasten your seatbelts because I was OBSESSED with the DSMP.

This is definitely not my best work, but this is where I started playing around with the art styles of various animators (*cough* SAD-ist *cough*) and this had a huge impact on my art style even now.

Dream, George (he looks like an apple aslkaldkja), and Sapnap

Aaaaaand, eyeball practice. Geez, this entire thing is a mess. But as you can see, not everything can be a finished piece.

First slide: WilburSoot! My Wilbur design has come a long way since this drawing, but I still like it.

Second slide: My first and only drawing of BadBoyHalo. Featuring a terrible hood. And also no color for his face because I still don’t have the right shade of gray. Also I dropped one of my markers while I was coloring Wilbur *facepalm*

Third slide: Quackityyyyy!! It looks nothing like him, aside from the beanie. I should draw more Quackities…..

Fourth slide: Dream and George! I am quite a fan of drawing Dream’s classic smiley as a mask. I’ll probably keep doing this despite the face reveal. Also, another bad George.

This was my interpretation of a still from a SAD-ist animatic. She had a quick shot of Sapnap burning a forest and I was like “Cute! I should draw that!” So I did. And I also have little drawings of Dream and Tommyinnit because Why NotTM

Dream: “WE ARE AT WAR!” Tommy: “OH, SHUT UP!!”

WilburSoot, take two! Still not the best. Also, I kept drawing the noses poking out too far, and they look like dogs. There’s an unfortunate section in my sketchbook where I was drawing dog-people.

Oh, and that’s Schlatt lurking in the background. Also based on SAD-ist’s design for him.

Wilbur: “Killing Schlatt wouldn’t do anything.” “Killing Schlatt wouldn’t fix a single thing.”

Ooh! I drew a little picture story thingamabob off of Liesl’s Minecraft fanfiction, Misadventures in Minecraft. It’s all shipping because I am a hopeless romantic, but I don’t ship these two anymore. I have changed my mind. Hehe.

Anyways, the girl with the blue hair is Orchid, a player, and the guy with the hat is Flint, a villager.

Ah yes, and a tiny drawing from another part of the story thingy, featuring Orchid and another player, Galaxy. I used to hate him, but now…..idk, I actually really like him. Also I love his hoodie.

Oh, and here’s some fanart of Orchid and another villager, Cat. I love Cat. She’s a sarcastic queen. I should draw her more.

Roger and Boomer are two of my sisters’ toys. Lowkey, I think this is the best horse I’ve ever drawn. Like, it’s gorgeous????

And this is a failed sketch of a cat lady. It was going well until I realized that I have no idea how to draw cats. So I scrapped it. It was a cute idea though.

More Orchid! This is an illustration from the very first part of the fanfic, when she gets sucked into the game. And yes, the chicken is very Important.

Also, we have reached the milestone where I gave up on drawing fingers XD From here on out, everyone has mittens for hands. *nods*

Ah, I love this one! More Hermitcraft fanart! This is GeminiTay. The sign is an inside joke, and I just had to draw something based off it. And her design came from the various headcanons I’ve seen where Gem is a deer.

Also her HAIR. It could definitely be better, but I just really like drawing Gem with LOTS of HAIR for some reason. So other then the hair-splosion, I’m quite proud of this drawing!

Just ignore the fact that one leg is shorter than the other *fp*

Another drawing from my sisters’ toys! I never actually finished this one. I should though. Her dress is so beautiful.

This is a subset of Hermitcraft fanart: 3rd Life fanart! The little series was meant to be pretty lighthearted, but there was much roleplay in the end. I loved it though! It was fun!

First slide: Rendog, the Red King. Very dramatic. As is appropriate. *nodnod*

Second slide: SolidarityGaming, aka Jimmy (or Timmy). He was the first one to die in the series and he changed his Minecraft skin to THIS. DISINTEGRATING. DEAD. Gives me Infinity War vibes.

MORE HERMITCRAFT FANART!!!! Here we see an angsty little drawing of BDoubleO100, with flashbacks to 3rd Life. It makes sense in context, I promise LOL

GEMINITAY!!! Again, with lots of hair. But as a white-tailed deer satyrrrrr!! I love this drawing.

Hehe. Here we see Scar, Impulse, Grian, and Mumbo Jumbo. Scar was wearing a little hat and Grian kept teasing him about it, much to his chagrin. I haven’t colored Scar’s suit yet because I don’t have the right color, but like. I love this drawing. It’s funny.

Scar: “IT’S NOT A LITTLE HAT!!!!” Grian: “Don’t listen to him. It’s definitely a little hat.”

Keeper of the Lost Cities fanart! I got busy and never finished this one. It was going to be a drawing of Fitz and Linh, based on that scene where Linh made a little bird out of water and impressed the boys. I actually think Fitz and Linh was a cute couple when they first met. Not anymore, but when they first met, they were precious.

Ope. Yep. I forgot I drew this. I drew it right after finding out my crush at the time had a girlfriend, when I was feeling very much like the girl in the bottom drawing. Definitely not my best work, but I still like it. And it’s my best attempt at drawing people kissing, so that’s something at least.

And now we’re getting into the myriad of doodles and sketches I did recently! The first one is another drawing of BDoubleO100, the second one is my character, Rebecka, and the third one is a drawing I did off of lyrics from Run Boy Run by Woodkid. ‘Tis dramatic.

I drew this little watercolor for my friend. It’s cute! Not my best work, but I’m still proud of it.

Some Ninjago, because why not?

First slide: Jay. I love his hair. It’s cute and messy, but it also just matches Jay’s whole electric vibe.

Second slide: A very bad Nya. I’m sorry, Bea, I ruined her *hides*

FLINT AND ORCHID AGAIN!!!! What can I say, I love these characters. The words are from So Will I by Ben Platt.

None of y’all will get this unless you’ve read Misadventures in Minecraft but…..I’m proud of the art, so I wanted to share it.

Let me see if I can explain. There were several of us that read MiM, and we had some aggressive ship wars. Most people shipped Orchid and Flint, but some people shipped Orchid with another character and some people shipped Flint with Cat. I was an aggressive “Flintchid” shipper back in the day, but now…..I think my allegiance has changed. I ship “Flat” now. Mwahaha.

Second slide: Cat. I love her. And I quite like this design.

Third slide: The best Flint I have ever drawn. He’s so cute and dorky.

Fourth slide: Offended Orchid. Mwahaha.

This is my character Ryan. He has control over fire. He is a nut. I love him. In this lovely picture, he is listening to Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys and singing his own version.

(Also, this begs the question: If I have a headcanon about my own characters, does that make it automatically canon???)

“This boy is on fireeeee. . . .”

My character Harmony. But upside-down. Why? No idea. Why not?

Hehe, I stole this bit from a Dream Team short, but I have a colorblind character and I had to use it. Also featuring Ryan again!!

Chase: “What do you want me to say man? I’m colorblind!” Ryan: “COLORBLIND?!! I asked for an apple! And you gave me lasagna!! How are you blaming this on “colorblindness”?!!! Don’t give me dumb excuses, you absolute idiot! You owe me an apple!!”

Harmony, but this time right-side-up! And with a concerned expression because I feel like she makes that face a lot.

On the left, we see one of my many side characters, Iris. She is silly. So I drew her being silly.

On the right, we see a flower. I had to fill up the empty space somehow. *shrugs*

This is my protagonist, Violet! In the first picture, she read something sad, so she’s crying. And in the second picture, she’s yelling at Ryan. Why? I dunno. They fight a lot though.

Another of my characters, Matthew. He has power over the earth and rocks and things, so he likes rocks. This is not his personality at all, but embarassing pictures of my characters? To blackmail them later? Yesss!!


I don’t know if you guys know that TikTok trend centering around No Roots by Alice Merton, but I drew something based off of it. It started with some foxes and then just….devolved. But basically, the trend is, you use silly, out-of-context images/quotes/etc. to introduce a person or a character or something. So I did that for some animals. Enjoy.

First slide: I loooove this foxxxxx so muchhhhh!!!! She’s gorgeous. Her nose is just…..*chef’s kiss*

Second slide: A fox. In the snow. With just his little tail sticking out.

Third slide: A bird that has smacked into a glass door. As one does.

Fourth slide: A scared cat that has jumped straight into the air with legs flying all over the place and tail as floofy as possible.

Fifth slide: A raccoon with a cup stuck on his nose. I love him.

I wasn’t sure what to draw, and my brother suggested a headcanon of a head cannon. So yeah. This is my head cannon headcanon.

And we shall close this post out with a little Dream SMP comic from George’s most recent video featuring the best Wilbur Soot I have ever drawn.

Well. I hope y’all enjoyed that. That was two years of my art journey condensed into one blog post. And now we just have to wait another two years for another one!!

Signing off now. Toodles!

🎡 Flow by Fredji & Tobsky 🎡

Hm ~ In Which I Fangirl (And Also Ring in October)

Why would you look at that. I failed. LOL.

New month, nEW ME BABY LET’S GO

I’m just kidding. My apologies if I’m a little unhinged in this blog post. I’ve been feeling particularly unhinged IRL. I think I’ve been reading too many Tumblr memes. Or maybe this is just the NEW ME!!!!! Oh, you know, I think it’s the chaos of the past couple of days. Dream faCe rEveALED GUYS HE ACTUALLY DID IT AND GEORGE IS IN FLORIDA I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE MYSELF HELPPPPPP I MAY EXPLODE FROM THE PURE JOY THAT HAS RADIATED ACROSS THE FAMDOMMMMMMMMMM

‘Kay, sorry, I’m done LOL. I still can’t believe it actually happened. I saw the Twitter screenshots and I was like, “Oh, maybe it’s coming, maybe it’s not, we know Dream’s a crazy guy, this could be a whole haze moment” (that’s my Danny Gonzalez fangirl coming out LOL) (which some people were expecting to see Danny Gonzalez behind the mask and that made me laugh because knowing Danny, it 100% could be) but it WASN’T and this is REAL and we can see Dream’s FACE NOW WHAT

So that’s how my week’s going, how’s yours?

September Memories

Ugh. Everything’s running togetherrrrrr.

I suppose I can start with my birthday. Because that happened. On the 2nd, to be exact. It was one of the best I’ve had! My Dad was off work that week, so he was at home, and my sisters woke up early to decorate the dining room. They were quite loud.

So, I woke up and checked my phone, and Liesl smapped it with birthday wishes (and also an impromptu ABBA performance LOL. Jokes on her because I finally tricked her into singing for me mwahaha) and then I got birthday wishes a little later from other friends πŸ₯°

Since I was awake, I got dressed and ready for the day and then went out to the dining room where everyone else was waiting. And then, because I’m impatient, I opened presents! I got a bunch of books and stationery and it was great.

Breakfast was a very healthy meal of cookies, but not just any cookies. Those sugar cookies that are made of nothing but sugar with the icing and stuff? I love those.

After lunch, I walked over next door with my mom and my sisters to my grandmother’s house, to visit her and open more presents. Time always just zooms by at her house, and in a blink, it was 7 o’clock! Fortunately, Dad was at home cooking supper. We had shrimp and biscuits and it was SO good!

To close out the day, we watched the first act of Hamilton!! Well, just me, my sisters, and my parents. It was my youngest two sisters’ first time watching Hamilton, and they quite enjoyed it.

The next day, Saturday, I had a little party. The grandparents came and one of my dearest friends was also able to swing by for a couple hours, so we had a good time. I got a bunch of arty stuff and more books! And my friend painted me a cute little bunny with a mushroom cap and I hung it up on my wall so I see it every morning when I wake up.

And then I spent the rest of the day being lazy and eating peanuts. ‘Twas fun!

As for what else happened in September, I have no idea LOL. It was kind of a boring month. I had a lot of work, so I was either at home or there.

OH! My nine-year-old sister started gymnastics! She’s currently learning how to do a handstand. I went and watched her a couple weeks ago. It was crazy seeing all those little girls running around and stretching LOL

My brother had a birthday! He turned 16. We all pitched in a bought him a Nintendo Switch for his birthday, which I have played a total of one (1) times. I played Super Mario Odyssey, which is the only Mario game I care anything about. The capture aspect is just so funny to me.

Oh! I went to a family reunion. We ate boiled peanuts. And poked fun at each other. And then it rained, and I just sat in my camping chair in the rain and I felt so happy and aesthetic in that moment, it was great. And then I caught a butterfly and it was the best day of my life.

I joined a Minecraft server with my friends and I surprised myself with my knowledge of survival Minecraft LOL. I’ve watched so many Hermitcraft videos, I’m practically an expert *flips hair*. I’m currently living in a cave with my best friend. And we have a pet axolotl named Jared.

We had our first bonfire of Autumn and I ate, like, five s’mores. I also got into a wrestling match with our doggo and came out thoroughly smelling like his breath. So that was great.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!! I started working out! And I feel great. I’m not dieting or anything, so I don’t expect to lose any weight, but I am getting stronger and feeling better about myself, so that’s good in and of itself. I’m using Chloe Ting’s free workouts and they’re great, I’m enjoying them.

Oh, and one last thing. I took my driver’s test!! So I can now legally drive by myself!! *applauds for self*

September Goal Recap


I did itttt!!!! It took forever and I was quite exhausted with it when I finally finished it (the finished product had 96 plot points o.0) but it’s doneeee!!!! I just have one more book to plot and I’ll have plotted the whole series!!!!!!


Nope. Not yet. I will eventually, I’ve just been so busy.



4. ART (FANART??) βœ”

Yess!! And I actually finished my sketchbook the other day, so I’m going to post an art dump this month! I’m so exciteddddd!!!


Not for my friend, but I did write a song! I guess that doesn’t really count though LOL

October Goals

1. Post an Art Dump

No excuses, me. DEW IT!!!

2. Finish the FINAL PLOTTTTT!!!!!!

It is my goal to work on the actual novel for NaNoWriMo, and I need to completely finish plotting for that to happen. I’ve already started plotting, but I haven’t gotten very far, and I’m a little worried I won’t finish in time!

3. Get Some Journal Spreads Done

I enjoy art journaling, it’s just a matter of getting up the motivation to pull out all my stationery and work on a spread.

4. Paint My Siblings’ Faces (For Halloween??)

Ooh, I just got a random idea. Instead of trick-or-treating (because we’re not allowed to do that), I could buy some facepaints and candy and paint my siblings’ faces and have our own little trick-or-treating party! Yessss, that’ll be so fun!!

5. Make Some Character Collages

I have recently become OBSESSED with aesthetics and their images, so why not put my 700+ aesthetic pins to use and make some character collages? It’s been awhile since I’ve done that anyway.

September Stats

Blog posts published: 1
Letters written: Let’s just say 3 because I can’t remember for sure LOL
Letters received: 5 (or something)
Art done: Lots (and I’m too lazy to go and count it LOL)
Words written (outside of blog posts): 1000-ish
Journal entries: 4
Songs in playlist: 685

I’m looking forward to a productive month this month, so let’s see if I can hold to that! And I’ll post that art dump soon!! I’m literally so excited to write it. Art dumps are my favorite posts to read and write. So I hope y’all are excited!!


🎡 Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King (the chorus is fun!) 🎡