The Science of Magic: Unicorns ~ In Which This Series Becomes a Collection

Can I just say that I need that mug? I don’t know what I’d use it for since I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I sure do need it.

Welcome, ladies and gents (are there any gents here? I’m not sure) to the third installment in this lovely series. I now officially have a collection of “The Science of Magic” posts.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Today we are covering a topic that has been suggested (read: demanded) by my friend since the first Science of Magic went live. UNICORNS!!!

Is that GIF from a movie? I don’t know. I found it on Google. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GOOGLE

*ahem* This is what happens when I write a post last minute. 😅

Well, without further ado, let’s begin!

Hmm….unicorns…’s going to be pretty hard to find something wrong with them, because….they’re actually pretty solid by ways of anatomy and stuff. And since they’re fantasy, magic is acceptable.

(That’s my motto. If it has anything to do with fantasy, magic is acceptable. Or asseptable, as I like to say)

Let’s start out like we normally do with a little bit of background about these wonderful horses.

Unicorns most likely originated in the Indus River Valley Civilization, as carvings of something like “horned seals” have been found in the region. The ancient Greeks believed unicorns to live in India, with horns 28 inches long. They were said to be fleet of foot and colored red, white, and black.

Stories and carvings of unicorns have been found in many places, such as Persia, England, and France.

In the middle ages, unicorns were said to be tamable, but only by a young virgin woman. Marco Polo described them as, “scarcely smaller than elephants. They have the hair of a buffalo and feet like an elephant’s. They have a single large black horn in the middle of the forehead… They have a head like a wild boar’s… They spend their time by preference wallowing in mud and slime. They are very ugly brutes to look at. They are not at all such as we describe them when we relate that they let themselves be captured by virgins, but clean contrary to our notions.”

(He was talking about a rhino)

As the years passed, unicorns became more and more popular. The Scots believed them to be the natural enemies of lions, and unicorns were used all over English coats of arms.

Unicorns have also appeared in Chinese mythology and some people believe they have appeared in the Bible (although I didn’t research that in detail)

Now, on to me being critical about unicorns.



This is kind of weak, but I do have a problem with the fact that most unicorns are described as swift-footed. If that were so, the unicorn in that GIF up there would have rounder legs and a smaller stomach.

Yeah, this post is kind of weak. But hopefully you learned something about unicorns. I was on a bit of a time crunch when I wrote it, so…yeah.

Thanks for reading!!

Hello Spring!: Five of My Favorite Things About Spring

Those are some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen in my life.

Today is the first day of spring and I am so happy! Spring is my second favorite season after winter, but there are several things that I love about it that you can’t find in winter. So, let’s jump right in!

5. Swimming Season

I don’t know about everyone else, but my family is usually swimming by May. (And I have some friends who start getting in the pool in March. Brrrr!!) To be honest, there really isn’t a spring in the South. The order is autumn, autumn, summer, winter, autumn, winter, summer. With about a week of spring in there somewhere.

I love swimming, although my ears are water magnets. I think this year I’ll probably end up sitting on the side of the pool with the camera (and by camera, I mean camera) because I can’t stand having water in my ears, and ear plugs hurt. And I don’t have a swimsuit.

4. Mornings

Spring mornings feel like HEAVEN out here. If you go outside around 7:00, the air is cool, but not cold, and moist, but not soggy (can air be soggy?), and it just feels absolutely amazing. Of course, that feel doesn’t last for long, so I have to enjoy it whenever I happen to wake up early enough.

I remember once, several years ago, I wanted to play outside with my sisters, and my mom was telling me to do school. She said, “You can play outside later!” and I was like, “But it won’t be morning forever!” and she stared at me for a second and said, “Okay, go play.” and I was so surprised I won that fight. But, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m pretty sure I did good on my school after that.

So yeah, spring mornings are powerful enough to win arguments. *nods*

3. Spring Break

Anything that allows me to get away from school is A-OK on my list.

2. Flowers

The amount of colors that pop up in our yard is breathtaking. The previous owner of this house (aka my grandmother 😄) planted several flowers that come back year after year! Flowers like daffodils, jonquils, irises, tiger lilies, Easter lilies, rose bushes, and more! The daffodils are already coming up and soon, they’ll turn yellow and blanket the yard. And by yard, I mean four or five places that slowly grow bigger every year XD

1. Baby Animals

This is, by far, the best part of spring. Of course, not all baby animals are born in spring, but a lot of them are. At least three of our cats are pregnant, our goats have already had their babies and you can see pictures here, and other animals that belong to my friends are going to be born soon and WHO ON EARTH DOESN’T LOVE BABY ANIMALSSSSSS?!?!?! They’re soooo cute!

And those are my top five favorite things about spring! What are some of your favorites?

Thanks for reading!

A Compilation of Funny Stuff ~ In Which I Make Myself Laugh

If you scroll through my profile on the Young Writers’ Workshop (which is a Christian website for writers and the best place in the world, fight me), you will find that the vast majority of my posts are made for humor purposes. So, I thought I’d gather a few of the funniest posts (at least, in my opinion), and put them in a blog post.

For funsies.

So, without further ado, here we go!

1. My Sister’s First Parody

My sister is singing about lemons to the tune of Let It Go.




What do I do with her?

(One of the comments read “Get her a contract and get this show on the road.” and I laughed out loud when I read it XD)

2. A Time When I Was a Mood

Me: *turns around slowly in swivel chair, laughing evilly*

Also me: *almost faceplants into wall*

(Faceplant into the wall if you feel me!!)

3. I Discover Something Amazing in Minecraft

Ooh! There’s a door!! It has a doorknob!!

-Mia Harden, 2020

(I was delirious)

4. My Brother Stars in the Humor

Bro: That was the coolest thing I’ve done since the 1960s!!

Me: What’d you do in the 1960s?

Bro: I have no idea!!

(He was born in 2006)

5. The Super-Long Skyblock Saga

Me playing Skyblock:

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland tried to swim in lava

WindyWonderland was slain by MineCraftHorseM (my brother)

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *hovering around lava* I have the door…..

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world



Bro: Wait what?

Me: He’s gone.


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

*hilarious cackling*

Me: Oh shoot—

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

PrincessJewel08 (my sister) joined the game

Me: *stands on chest* This is my home.

Bro: *pushes me off*

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


PrincessJewel08 fell out of the world

Bro: Don’t kill me!!

Sis: Fine, I’ll kill Mia.

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *whenever something crazy happens* I’M GOING TO MY HOUSE *stands poutily on chest*

LittleBro joined the game

Sis and Bro: *intelligently discussing houses*

Me: i fell in lava

WindyWonderland tried to swim in lava

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Bro: I just saved your life, Mia.


Wait, now LittleBro has no face.

I am concerned.

Me: I’m climbing a treeeeee



WindyWonderland fell out of the world



PrincessJewel08 fell out of the world

Me: *steals cocoa beans* I HAVE THE COCOA

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *stands on the door* I’m the roof.

Bro: Hi Rufus.

Me: *dies laughing*

Bro: My inventory is almost full. OF FLOWERS

Me: Yay!! I’ll take them!!!

Me: My one rose needs a frie—

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

All of us: *teleport back from the End*


Me: AAA—

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world



Me: Wait, I have Roombas?

PrincessJewel08 fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *twenty blocks away*


Bro: I have some dirt!!

Me: Yeah! Throw it over!

Bro: *throws dirt into the void*


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Thus concludes a productive day of Skyblock.

(If any of that made remote sense, let me know XD I still laugh out loud when I read this)

6. Personality Tests Know Me

Me: *taking a personality test*

Test: Do you feel that you are an unusual sort of person?





(I’m also a band kid and a theater kid, and all three of those rolled into one is probably not a good thing TBH)

7. Out of Context Quotes

This is a serious trend on the Young Writers’ Workshop Community, and I have quite a few.

(HorseGirl, SpeedRead, and LoudMouth are nicknames for my siblings)

“You know left, but not right.” -Dad

“Don’t check you brain out on the way in.” -Mom

“You don’t deserve to throw things!” -Mom

“Don’t sit at me in that tone of voice!” -Me

“I’m stuck on my back like a turtle!!” -HorseGirl

“No, I said Kylo Grin!” -LoudMouth

“When we get home, he’s just there.” -SpeedRead

“We must kill Hylo Pen!” -SpeedRead

“I wasn’t necessarily the one being dumb.” -SpeedRead

8. An Actual Conversation That I Had With My Brother

“Yay! Stony bacon!”

“How could you not love stony bacon? Stony bacon’s the best!!”

-Me and my brother, 2020

(Once again, we were in Minecraft)

9. I’m Still Unsure of the Answer to This One

My two-year-old brother is going around the house singing my name, and I’m not sure if I should be flattered, or fearful.

(Nothing happened, so I guess I should be flattered?)

10. I Have News For Y’all

So, my sister’s an arsonist.

(It was just in Minecraft, no worries)

11. My Brother, the Master Philosopher

You guys, my brother is a master philosopher!

“Apparently, if you jump off the edge of the world, you die!”

Who would have guessed?

(I think he was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 when he said that, but I can’t be sure. With my brother, you never know)

12. Apparently I Can Be a Mood Multiple Times!

Me: *playing MineCraft, acting all professional*

Also me: *gets attacked by a zombie, forgets how to fight, and starts slapping everything with a raw chicken*

(Seriously though.)

13. More Minecraft Funny Quote Stuffs

Bro, playing MineCraft, looking for a Drowned, but only seeing a Salmon: Huh. He disappeared.

Me: Well, that sure is fishy!


Me: You totally set me up for that.

(He never found that Drowned, BTW)

14. I Have Strange Cousins

My 17-year-old cousin singing “Into the Unknown”: *screams like there’s no tomorrow*

My sisters: Shut up, Jordan!!

(He didn’t, and they got mad and slammed the door)

15. My Parents Have Many Things on Their Minds (But They’re Still the Besssst!!)

Dad: OH NO!!!!

Me: *instantly concerned, thinking there might be a major spill or something somewhere* What?!!

Dad: We’re out of Reddi Whip!!

Mom: OH NO!!!

Me: 😑

16. We Take What We Can Get

Dad: *checking weather*

Weather: 20 degrees with a 1% chance of snow


(Hey, here in the South, we take what we can get.)

(It didn’t actually snow though)

17. WordPress Stars In a Post on WordPress

Me trying to figure out WordPress:

What does this button do?


Wait, what?


Where has this been all my life?

*bangs head repeatedly on desk*


I did it!!


(I have mostly figured out WordPress, now. Maybe)

Here are a few funny posts from one of my snippet serieses called Queens, about twelve sisters and a bunch of sarcasm.



Alex: Is this mistletoe?

Sage: Uh, no, it’s Mistlefoe. Instead of kisses, whoever walks under it has to fight each other.

Sage: *steps under the Mistlefoe*

Sage: Uh oh. Looks like someone’s halls are getting –

Sage: – decked

Sage: *attacks Alex*


Identical Problems

Rose: Sometimes I just feel so ugly.

Sage: Okay, now that’s just rude.

Rose: What? I wasn’t talking about you.

Sage: We’re identical twins. You expect me to not get offended?


Rose: Yes?



Treble: *trips*

Indi: You okay?

Treble: Yeah, why?

Indi: Didn’t you just fall?

Treble: No, I attacked the floor. *rolls eyes and walks away*


Shopping With Sage

Tansy: Now, when we get to the store, what are you not going to do?

Sage:*sighs* I’m not going to put the Halloween masks on and chase people around.

Tansy: And if for some reason you do?

Sage: You’ll handcuff me to the shopping cart. Again.

And these next ones are from the spin-off series of Queens, Power Bros!

Power Bros!

Alex: Ben, I was thinking.

Ben: That is a dangerous pastime, especially for you.

Alex: Well, yeah. I was bored.

Ben: Shocker.

Alex: I started spelling things backward.

Ben: Why on earth–?

Alex: I was bored. Anyway, I saw your laptop across the room, and–

Ben: whAt dID yOu dO To My lApTop?!!

Alex: Nothing. But, I did discover that laptop spelled backwards is potpal, and I’m not sure what to do with this information.


Alex: Hey Sophie, wanna know how I killed Ben with a simple bit of trivia?

Power Bros!

Alex: *checking his reflection* Lookin’ fine, my man!

Alex: I know. I always look this good.

Alex: Well, congratulations! I look this good half the time.

Alex: I’m so sorry to hear that. Maybe you should just stop trying.

Alex: I’ve already tried that. My friend Ben suggested it.

Alex: And?

Alex: It didn’t work.

Alex: Well, I’m sorry to hear that.

Alex: I guess we can’t all be flawless.

Alex: It’s just a choice few.

Alex: Like you and Mason.

Alex: Ugh. Mason. He’s so stuck up.

Alex: Tell me about it. And I have to live with him.

Alex: Boy, that sucks.

Alex: I knowwwwww. He smells like Mabel.

Alex: Who on earth is Mabel? Your grandmother?

Alex: My great grandmother’s old donkey.

Alex: How old?

Alex: Dirt old. By which I mean she’s dead and buried.

Alex: Oof. What a stench.

Alex: He stinks up the entire apartment. And when he cooks, it’s even worse.

Alex: You poor boy.

Alex: I know. Sometimes I wish I could live in the mirror world with you. *wipes away fake tear*

Mason: *has been standing in the doorway this whole time* Are you…..talking to yourself?

Alex: I was until you interrupted.

Power Bros!

Sophie: *invites The Bros over for dinner with her and the monkeys*

Paul the Monkey: *is being monkey-ie*

Sophie: Don’t mind Paul. He’s a little wild.

Paul: *confused monkey sounds*

Alex: Is it safe to have a monkey around an open fire?

Sophie: *glances at fireplace* Yeah, sure.

Paul: *satisfied monkey sounds*

Ben: *is devouring food*

Alex: *starts devouring food*

Paul: *bored monkey sounds*

Paul: *intrigued monkey sounds*

Paul: *curious monkey sounds*

Paul: *excited monkey sounds*

Fireplace: *clanks*

Alex: Um….Sophie?

Paul: *annoyed monkey sounds*

Alex: Sophie, Paul is–

Paul: *impatient monkey sounds*

Fireplace: *clanks*

Alex: Sophie, you really need to see what Paul is doing.

Paul: *investigative monkey sounds*

Paul: *freaked out monkey sounds*

Sophie: He’s fine.

Alex: I disagree.

Fire Alarm: *goes off*

Paul: *slightly concerned monkey sounds*

Raging Fire: *crackles*

Sophie: Is it just me, or is it a little warm in here?


Power Bros!

Ben: Alex, why is the floor soaking wet and covered with muffin crumbs and ice cream?

Alex: Well, I was eating a muffin, and Florence the floor was jealous, so I dropped some crumbs for her. Then, Carl the carpet wanted some ice cream, so I gave him some. Then, they were thirsty, so I drizzled some water on top of them. Then, Celia the ceiling wanted some water, so I threw a bowl up at her, but Walter the water rained down on top of my head, and Larry the lamp laughed at us.




Ben: Ignorance is bliss.

Power Bros!

Andrew: *appears in the doorway of the bathroom* What’s with the llamas?

Alex: Llamas?

Andrew: Yes. Llamas. In the bathroom. One pooped in the tub.

Alex: *snorts*

Andrew: WELL???

Alex: Ask Sophie.

Andrew: What would she know about it?

Alex: She’s the one who is freakishly obsessed with wild creatures.

Sophie: *comes out of the other bathroom* What’s with the llamas?

Alex: I think that’s a question only you can answer.



Sophie: *smashes through window* YOU’LL NEVER KNOWWWWWWWwwwwww



Alex: Let’s call Animal Control.

Andrew: For the llamas?

Alex: They’re welcome to take care of that while they’re here.

Well, I hope some of those made you laugh, or made your day better! I made myself laugh while going through these XD

Which one(s) were your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

Interview With Liesl Brunner ~ In Which I Find Out Things I Didn’t Know About My Best Friend

One day, I was organizing my blogging schedule and I saw a little gap in March. A little gap is always an easy fix (unless it’s not), but rather than scouring my Way-Too-Long Blog Post Idea List, another idea popped into my head. What if I collaborated with another blogger?

And what better blogger to collab with than one of my very best friends, Liesl Brunner??

It just…..I dunno…..makes….sense!

So yeah, I asked her some questions, and she asked me some questions. (Which appeared on her blog here if ya wanna check it out)

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. What’s something you’re oddly passionate about?

Hm, this is a hard one, because I like a lot of weird and obscure things. I love learning about the Titanic (not the movie, though that was beautiful too). Unsolved mysteries, like the disappearance of Flight MH370, also fascinate me. And I really enjoy memorizing things and public speaking. I’m not quite sure why, considering how much of an introvert I am.

2. Which freaks you out the most: mice/rats, bugs, spiders, or snakes?

Actually, none of these really freak me out. I wouldn’t want to have them, like, touching me, of course, because…echh. But I think mice are cute, spiders and snakes are cool, and some bugs are pretty okay. Though if I had to pick one that freaked me out the most, it would probably be just generic bugs.

3. Have you broken any bones or gotten stitches?

When I was four, I jumped off my bed and broke my collarbone. Not my finest moment. 

As for stitches, not yet, though with my hobbies, it’s almost an inevitability. I’m hoping that I won’t have to, because I’ll probably pass out.

4. What was one of the scariest moments/days of your life?

Without a doubt, the day my dad had his stroke. It was so scary seeing my father hooked up to those terrible machines. He was in the ICU for a while, but thankfully, his brain recovered fully. His back was a little messed up because of the hospital bed, and it still bugs him sometimes, but physical therapy helped. I thank God for His provision in letting my dad live.

5. If you could travel anywhere for free, where would you go?

You know, honestly, my first instinct is Canada. I have several friends there, and something about Canada just seems so intriguing to me. Don’t ask–I can’t explain it.

Other than that, probably Scandinavia. My grandparents went on a Scandinavian cruise a few years ago, and the pictures and stories they brought back were amazing. I’d also love to visit the Mojang headquarters in Stockholm, because, let’s face it, I’m a giant nerd.

6. How would your friends describe you?

I actually consulted some friends on this, because originally, answering this, I kind of thought, “I’m…smart, and…crazy?” And that wasn’t enough. So I asked them. At least it’s accurate.

Kate: Creative, pretty logical, observant, artsy, fun to be around, curious 

Allison: God-centered, intelligent, always there for people, easy to talk to, artsy, energetic

Ava (my sister–this oughta be good): Calm, slightly shy and quiet when you first encounter the creature, but warms up to be funny and smart and full of memes. If you manage to get close enough, she occasionally purrs. Likes warm spots of sunlight, Butterfingers, and values the company of books over that of people. But she also occasionally bites or roasts. When grumpy, immediately exit the situation. Let her spend some time in a room alone (what happens in there, no one knows…). Watch your words; they are easily refuted.

(Thank you so much, Ava.)

Kaitlyn: Energetic, fun, encouraging, helpful, fun to talk to, nice, funny, a good friend

Lena: One of the most motivated people I know. You are the type of person who follows through and completes goals. You are incredibly kind and gracious and such a good teacher. You are also so upbeat and fun to talk to.

Thank you, guys. That was sweet. Well, there ya have it.

7. Do you prefer writing with pencils or pens?

Pencils. I’m left-handed, so when I write with pens, the ink smears a ton. I use Bic mechanical pencils for everything (.7 lead, of course), but I have one rule: I don’t use the erasers. I use a pink pencil eraser instead of the one on the end of the pencil, because for some reason unknown to mankind, I don’t like seeing a mangled eraser.

8. What is your favorite thing to do with friends?

I like having conversations. Like, honest-to-goodness, deep conversations. I feel like it helps me get to know them on a more personal level.

Also, I just enjoy being quiet with them. I once had a friend over, and we spent an hour just reading together, and it was the best. “Being alone together” makes me happy.

9. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about your appearance?

Wow, this is a hard one.

For my favorite thing, honestly, I just really like how I’m built. I’m tall and kind of willowy, and I have a certain grace that I admire about myself. (I really feel like I’m tooting my own horn here.)

And my least favorite…this is going to sound really dumb and shallow, but I hate my eyebrows. Like…it’s debatable that I have two at this point. They’re thick. And dark. And I hate them.

10. What is your favorite and least favorite part of your character/personality?

Again, I feel really vain, but here goes.

My favorite part of my personality is probably my energy. I’m very positive and very community-oriented, and if I feel like I’m in a family-type situation, I will not hesitate to be energetic and crazy. This also translates into being a passionate leader and teacher. I enjoy sharing my love of things with others. My least favorite part is also my energy, because I can be really…over-the-top sometimes. I had a reputation at my last community campus for being “the crazy person.” Well, every trait has its ups and downs.

So yeah, that’s that. I didn’t know some of these things, so it’s always great to ask questions so you can get to know your friends better.

(Also, if you’re here from Liesl’s blog, hai. Hola. Bonjour. Konichiwa. It’s great to see you! 😁 *offers biggest, cheesiest smile you will ever see*)

(And if you haven’t been over to Liesl’s blog, I definitely recommend checking it out. And not because she’s my best friend or anything)

(Also, if you want to see me answer these questions, let me know. I’m more than up to it! Well, barely. I just got over being sick *facepalm*)

(This is the last group of parentheses, I promise)

(Or maybe this is)

(Or this)

(Okay, I’ll stop)

Thanks for reading!!

A Pretty Big Project ~ In Which My Goats Are Cooler Than I Thought They Were

How many people here live in a house?

*hands raise*

Okay, looks like everyone except the hobo in the back. That’s cool, bro, you’re welcome here.

Anyways, my grandparents made the momentous decision to move to our neighborhood, which is easier said than done. First of all, they lived an hour away from us, and second of all, there aren’t any vacant houses in our neighborhood.

I guess that’s what happens when you live in the country.

But, that meant they had to get a house built before they could even start packing boxes.

Thank goodness for mobile homes! Or whatever they are. I’m no expert.

They bought a gorgeous triple-wide house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s really nice, and the rooms are pretty good sizes.

It was an exciting day for us Hardens when the movers brought the three pieces to the yard. The site was pretty much right in our backyard, which had been chosen after much searching and some precipitation problems. (This place loves to collect rain 😑) (Not gonna lie, though, it’s nice having them about 50 yards from the house, even though that wasn’t the original plan) We all piled outside and stood (at a safe distance, of course) to watch the guys get the house ready.

Up until then, I thought that moving a mobile home to the spot was all there was to it. You just stuck the house on the site, and it was ready for living in.

That’s not how it works, apparently.

It took several days for them to get the house in place and all attached without any cracks or holes or stuff. And then, after that, GUESS WHAT?!! The electricians had to come in and electrify the place, and the carpenters had to come in and carpenter a front porch, and all those great builder-ly people had to do their builder-ly work to get the place ready.

It was a happy day for everyone when the house was proclaimed COMPLETED!!! (Mostly)

*cue the party music and confetti*

But, the next stage of moving them here was about to commence.


Boxes are scary. I remember when my family moved when I was seven. (Or eight. I don’t remember) We were unpacking for months. And then, several years later, my mom found a box that had never been unpacked. It was like a treasure chest.

Or, a treasure diaper box? LOL

Anyways, my grandparents have a lot of stuff. A vast majority of it is delicate and/or breakable and/or has some kind of memory attached to it. A couple of weeks before they moved, before we knew the official date, me, my parents, and three of my siblings went to their house and took a whole bunch of boxes and outside furniture and put them in the shed they had put near their new house.

That was definitely not the longest day ever

And then, the Saturday before they were going to officially move to their new house, five cars, all loaded with boxes, drove into the drive.

Unloading took awhile. I got out of most of it because I had a class on Zoom. I never dreamed that school would be a fun excuse, but here we are. The house was so full of boxes. The kitchen was one massive sea of boxes, and the dining room table was piled high. It was, like, Mount Boxmore.

I’m so sorry. Puns hurt.

And then, the Monday afterwards, the momentous day arrived.

Moving day.

*heroic fanfare*

Two massive U-Haul trucks were parked in the drive for most of the day. You know, those trucks that look pretty short from certain angles, but when you step inside, it’s like Narnia on wheels? Those massive trucks.

The three movers were nice guys. They did their job well, and took great care of all the stuff. (Which is important, because the grandfather clocks my grandparents have appear to be a whit pricy) Also, one of the movers is also a paramedic. Go figure.

Quick storytime real quick!

Oh, look at that, I ended a sentence with the same word I started it with.

So, I walked outside to our goat pen, which is across the road from my grandparents house. I was just going to visit Jack, you know?

Because how on earth can you not go visit this little nugget?!!

I was in the pen for awhile, and I inadvertently herded the goats closer to the road, where they’re easy to see from the yard. Well, I left the goat pen and went to the house, where the movers were hard at work. Then, two of them stopped working, pulled out their phones, and walked over to the edge of the road.

To take pictures of these guys!

Donald and Kevin, our resident Billies. They’re pretty big, but they’re so sweet. They don’t use those horns to harm anyone except the other goats that they live with but we’re not going there. They were just grazing in view, and apparently, the movers had never been around such big goats.

So, yeah, they were famous for some time.

Actually, the guys wanted their picture made next to the goats, but it got too dark.

So yeah, that was our storytime for today, kids. The moral is, don’t let anyone hold you back from your dreams, unless it is the darkness, because the darkness is all-powerful, and is to be feared.

I’m just kidding, of course. Don’t ever take me seriously, unless you should take me seriously.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, boxes. And furniture and stuff.

It took several hours to get all the furniture into place, and the movers didn’t leave until seven or eight o’clock. And then, we moved boxes out of the kitchen to the correct rooms until ten o’clock. I was so tired out. I even had a headache, which does not happen often. But, I felt much better after a good night’s sleep.

So yeah, now our grandparents are moved in right next to us. We’ve spent a lot of our free time at their house unpacking, but it’s not horrible. There are so many treasures to be found.

Have you guys ever moved? What was that like? Do you have grandparents living near you?

Thanks for reading!