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Stuff ~ In Which There Are Announcements and the Prologue to My Hermitcraft AU!!

Hi guys!

It’s Saturday. Not Friday. I forgot. My hiatus really messed up my groove.

Oh well. This post is not for ranting! Well, it could be. There’s a lot of potential. But….nah. We have more important things to talk about!

I have decided that I’m going to change my blogging schedule.

Yeah, yeah, not that groundbreaking, but I thought I’d let you guys know. After all, you’re the ones taking the time out of your day to read this post, and all the others that I post, so *shrugs*

I’ll be switching from posting on a set day (Friday) to posting whenever I feel like it. Of course, I will try to post at least once every week for consistency’s sake, but that’s the gist of it. Plus, my posting style will change slightly. I plan to be posting more artwork (because I’ve been fanarting like crazy!), talking more about my fandoms, maybe talking more about my writing as well?, and writing about my life more, kind of like an online journal, since I haven’t been keeping up with my IRL journal lately. *glares at self*

Oh, I will be discontinuing the Science of Magic series, as a lot of research goes into those posts and I really don’t have the time or patience for that kind of thing anymore. I’m so sorry! I know a lot of people enjoyed those posts and I really enjoyed writing them, but a lot happened over the summer and my circumstances are a little different now.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I can share the prologue to my Hermitcraft AU! I’m calling it Fire Dragon, and I’m very excited for that title to be deciphered, but it’ll be a little while before there are enough clues to figure it out.

So, without further ado, the Prologue of Fire Dragon!

“Sire….They are arriving.”

“Wonderful. I’ve been expecting Them.”

“I can’t understand why you have such a fascination with Them.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been keeping careful track of Them. Watching Them. Listening to Them. Exploiting the weak links. Strengthening the strong ones. And staying away from the Undecided. May I ask why?”

“They….could be powerful. Useful.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t. It is not your plan. You are not a wise one.”

He stiffens. “I suppose not.”

“Now, don’t get angry. Look, the Masked One is preparing to send Them to a new world, as he does every so often.”

“I do not understand why he does this.”

“He is afraid.”

“Afraid, my lord?”

“Afraid of Them becoming too powerful. He knows things even we do not know. Even I do not know.”

“Is….is he an Undecided?”

“….I am unsure. He shows no sign of it. But the Undecided come from mysterious places. Out of nowhere, even.”

“Where is he sending Them?”

“A new universe. My scientists call it Caviclif-8. They are going to start Their lives over.”

“And only the Masked One knows?”

“Yes. Only the Masked One knows.”

“They are all fools.”

“Hush. It is starting. And we will be here to watch it.”

Well? What did you think? Can you guess who is in the prologue? (It’s just two people.) Any guesses as to where the story might go from here?

Alright, that’s all I had. Thanks for reading! ❤

My Writing

Random Informatory Post ~ In Which You Shall All Be Informatoried (Is that a word? No? Well, it is now.)

Guess who’s back!!

It’s me, I’m back.

Didja guys miss me? I missed you guys. My hiatus lasted a little longer than I expected. What with burnout from Drama and Music Camp, no inspiration or motivation to write, pain after becoming a metal-mouth (sigh), and some family stuff going on, I haven’t managed to write a new post.

However, last night (or this morning. It was after midnight), I was struck with a smack of inspiration!



I have possibly maybe hopefully found a way to share some of my writing on my blog!!

*insert party here*

I know several people were interested in seeing something that I typed out with my own two fingers (WHOA TYPO I meant three fingers), so I decided to start an AU!! I’ve never written an AU, but I’m super excited about this one because it’s going to end up being super dramatic, if I did my calculations correctly. (But let’s be honest, when have I ever done my calculations correctly?)

My AU is going to be about Hermitcraft!! I’ve been obsessed with Hermitcraft lore lately, and I think this would be a fun way to do my own take on all that lore.

If you don’t know what Hermitcraft is, I recommend checking it out right now! It’s an amazing Minecraft SMP (Survival Multiplayer Server) with some of the most talented Minecraft YouTubers on the planet, including, but not limited to, Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, BDoubleO100, Ethoslab, and the two newest members, GeminiTay and PearlescentMoon. Several of the members have a little bit of lore they like to include in their videos, which really adds to the viewing experience. Their videos are 98% clean, with them mostly focusing on building incredible things, hanging with their friends, and starting the occasional war. (If you know what I’m talking about….put a Turf War reference in the comments XD)

I might include an illustration or two with each chapter. I’ve been on a fanart craze for about a week now, mostly because I haven’t drawn several of the hermits and they all have such fun designs!!

Anyways, I thought I’d let you guys know about my AU and see what you think! If you’re not interested, that’s totally okay! Don’t feel bad about saying so in the comments. If you are interested, then yay! Please let me know so I can make a tally!

Alright, I think I’ll shut up now. There won’t be a post this Friday since there’s been some stuff happening in my life and I think it’s fine to stay on hiatus a little longer. I thought I’d just drop a post letting y’all know I did fall off the face of the earth but don’t worry the earth is round.

Thanks for reading!!

If You Just Need a Laugh...., My Writing

A Compilation of Funny Stuff ~ In Which I Make Myself Laugh

If you scroll through my profile on the Young Writers’ Workshop (which is a Christian website for writers and the best place in the world, fight me), you will find that the vast majority of my posts are made for humor purposes. So, I thought I’d gather a few of the funniest posts (at least, in my opinion), and put them in a blog post.

For funsies.

So, without further ado, here we go!

1. My Sister’s First Parody

My sister is singing about lemons to the tune of Let It Go.




What do I do with her?

(One of the comments read “Get her a contract and get this show on the road.” and I laughed out loud when I read it XD)

2. A Time When I Was a Mood

Me: *turns around slowly in swivel chair, laughing evilly*

Also me: *almost faceplants into wall*

(Faceplant into the wall if you feel me!!)

3. I Discover Something Amazing in Minecraft

Ooh! There’s a door!! It has a doorknob!!

-Mia Harden, 2020

(I was delirious)

4. My Brother Stars in the Humor

Bro: That was the coolest thing I’ve done since the 1960s!!

Me: What’d you do in the 1960s?

Bro: I have no idea!!

(He was born in 2006)

5. The Super-Long Skyblock Saga

Me playing Skyblock:

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland tried to swim in lava

WindyWonderland was slain by MineCraftHorseM (my brother)

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *hovering around lava* I have the door…..

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

MineCraftHorseM fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world



Bro: Wait what?

Me: He’s gone.


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

*hilarious cackling*

Me: Oh shoot—

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

PrincessJewel08 (my sister) joined the game

Me: *stands on chest* This is my home.

Bro: *pushes me off*

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


PrincessJewel08 fell out of the world

Bro: Don’t kill me!!

Sis: Fine, I’ll kill Mia.

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *whenever something crazy happens* I’M GOING TO MY HOUSE *stands poutily on chest*

LittleBro joined the game

Sis and Bro: *intelligently discussing houses*

Me: i fell in lava

WindyWonderland tried to swim in lava

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Bro: I just saved your life, Mia.


Wait, now LittleBro has no face.

I am concerned.

Me: I’m climbing a treeeeee



WindyWonderland fell out of the world



PrincessJewel08 fell out of the world

Me: *steals cocoa beans* I HAVE THE COCOA

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *stands on the door* I’m the roof.

Bro: Hi Rufus.

Me: *dies laughing*

Bro: My inventory is almost full. OF FLOWERS

Me: Yay!! I’ll take them!!!

Me: My one rose needs a frie—

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

All of us: *teleport back from the End*


Me: AAA—

WindyWonderland fell out of the world


WindyWonderland fell out of the world



Me: Wait, I have Roombas?

PrincessJewel08 fell out of the world

WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Me: *twenty blocks away*


Bro: I have some dirt!!

Me: Yeah! Throw it over!

Bro: *throws dirt into the void*


WindyWonderland fell out of the world

Thus concludes a productive day of Skyblock.

(If any of that made remote sense, let me know XD I still laugh out loud when I read this)

6. Personality Tests Know Me

Me: *taking a personality test*

Test: Do you feel that you are an unusual sort of person?





(I’m also a band kid and a theater kid, and all three of those rolled into one is probably not a good thing TBH)

7. Out of Context Quotes

This is a serious trend on the Young Writers’ Workshop Community, and I have quite a few.

(HorseGirl, SpeedRead, and LoudMouth are nicknames for my siblings)

“You know left, but not right.” -Dad

“Don’t check you brain out on the way in.” -Mom

“You don’t deserve to throw things!” -Mom

“Don’t sit at me in that tone of voice!” -Me

“I’m stuck on my back like a turtle!!” -HorseGirl

“No, I said Kylo Grin!” -LoudMouth

“When we get home, he’s just there.” -SpeedRead

“We must kill Hylo Pen!” -SpeedRead

“I wasn’t necessarily the one being dumb.” -SpeedRead

8. An Actual Conversation That I Had With My Brother

“Yay! Stony bacon!”

“How could you not love stony bacon? Stony bacon’s the best!!”

-Me and my brother, 2020

(Once again, we were in Minecraft)

9. I’m Still Unsure of the Answer to This One

My two-year-old brother is going around the house singing my name, and I’m not sure if I should be flattered, or fearful.

(Nothing happened, so I guess I should be flattered?)

10. I Have News For Y’all

So, my sister’s an arsonist.

(It was just in Minecraft, no worries)

11. My Brother, the Master Philosopher

You guys, my brother is a master philosopher!

“Apparently, if you jump off the edge of the world, you die!”

Who would have guessed?

(I think he was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 when he said that, but I can’t be sure. With my brother, you never know)

12. Apparently I Can Be a Mood Multiple Times!

Me: *playing MineCraft, acting all professional*

Also me: *gets attacked by a zombie, forgets how to fight, and starts slapping everything with a raw chicken*

(Seriously though.)

13. More Minecraft Funny Quote Stuffs

Bro, playing MineCraft, looking for a Drowned, but only seeing a Salmon: Huh. He disappeared.

Me: Well, that sure is fishy!


Me: You totally set me up for that.

(He never found that Drowned, BTW)

14. I Have Strange Cousins

My 17-year-old cousin singing “Into the Unknown”: *screams like there’s no tomorrow*

My sisters: Shut up, Jordan!!

(He didn’t, and they got mad and slammed the door)

15. My Parents Have Many Things on Their Minds (But They’re Still the Besssst!!)

Dad: OH NO!!!!

Me: *instantly concerned, thinking there might be a major spill or something somewhere* What?!!

Dad: We’re out of Reddi Whip!!

Mom: OH NO!!!

Me: 😑

16. We Take What We Can Get

Dad: *checking weather*

Weather: 20 degrees with a 1% chance of snow


(Hey, here in the South, we take what we can get.)

(It didn’t actually snow though)

17. WordPress Stars In a Post on WordPress

Me trying to figure out WordPress:

What does this button do?


Wait, what?


Where has this been all my life?

*bangs head repeatedly on desk*


I did it!!


(I have mostly figured out WordPress, now. Maybe)

Here are a few funny posts from one of my snippet serieses called Queens, about twelve sisters and a bunch of sarcasm.



Alex: Is this mistletoe?

Sage: Uh, no, it’s Mistlefoe. Instead of kisses, whoever walks under it has to fight each other.

Sage: *steps under the Mistlefoe*

Sage: Uh oh. Looks like someone’s halls are getting –

Sage: – decked

Sage: *attacks Alex*


Identical Problems

Rose: Sometimes I just feel so ugly.

Sage: Okay, now that’s just rude.

Rose: What? I wasn’t talking about you.

Sage: We’re identical twins. You expect me to not get offended?


Rose: Yes?



Treble: *trips*

Indi: You okay?

Treble: Yeah, why?

Indi: Didn’t you just fall?

Treble: No, I attacked the floor. *rolls eyes and walks away*


Shopping With Sage

Tansy: Now, when we get to the store, what are you not going to do?

Sage:*sighs* I’m not going to put the Halloween masks on and chase people around.

Tansy: And if for some reason you do?

Sage: You’ll handcuff me to the shopping cart. Again.

And these next ones are from the spin-off series of Queens, Power Bros!

Power Bros!

Alex: Ben, I was thinking.

Ben: That is a dangerous pastime, especially for you.

Alex: Well, yeah. I was bored.

Ben: Shocker.

Alex: I started spelling things backward.

Ben: Why on earth–?

Alex: I was bored. Anyway, I saw your laptop across the room, and–

Ben: whAt dID yOu dO To My lApTop?!!

Alex: Nothing. But, I did discover that laptop spelled backwards is potpal, and I’m not sure what to do with this information.


Alex: Hey Sophie, wanna know how I killed Ben with a simple bit of trivia?

Power Bros!

Alex: *checking his reflection* Lookin’ fine, my man!

Alex: I know. I always look this good.

Alex: Well, congratulations! I look this good half the time.

Alex: I’m so sorry to hear that. Maybe you should just stop trying.

Alex: I’ve already tried that. My friend Ben suggested it.

Alex: And?

Alex: It didn’t work.

Alex: Well, I’m sorry to hear that.

Alex: I guess we can’t all be flawless.

Alex: It’s just a choice few.

Alex: Like you and Mason.

Alex: Ugh. Mason. He’s so stuck up.

Alex: Tell me about it. And I have to live with him.

Alex: Boy, that sucks.

Alex: I knowwwwww. He smells like Mabel.

Alex: Who on earth is Mabel? Your grandmother?

Alex: My great grandmother’s old donkey.

Alex: How old?

Alex: Dirt old. By which I mean she’s dead and buried.

Alex: Oof. What a stench.

Alex: He stinks up the entire apartment. And when he cooks, it’s even worse.

Alex: You poor boy.

Alex: I know. Sometimes I wish I could live in the mirror world with you. *wipes away fake tear*

Mason: *has been standing in the doorway this whole time* Are you…..talking to yourself?

Alex: I was until you interrupted.

Power Bros!

Sophie: *invites The Bros over for dinner with her and the monkeys*

Paul the Monkey: *is being monkey-ie*

Sophie: Don’t mind Paul. He’s a little wild.

Paul: *confused monkey sounds*

Alex: Is it safe to have a monkey around an open fire?

Sophie: *glances at fireplace* Yeah, sure.

Paul: *satisfied monkey sounds*

Ben: *is devouring food*

Alex: *starts devouring food*

Paul: *bored monkey sounds*

Paul: *intrigued monkey sounds*

Paul: *curious monkey sounds*

Paul: *excited monkey sounds*

Fireplace: *clanks*

Alex: Um….Sophie?

Paul: *annoyed monkey sounds*

Alex: Sophie, Paul is–

Paul: *impatient monkey sounds*

Fireplace: *clanks*

Alex: Sophie, you really need to see what Paul is doing.

Paul: *investigative monkey sounds*

Paul: *freaked out monkey sounds*

Sophie: He’s fine.

Alex: I disagree.

Fire Alarm: *goes off*

Paul: *slightly concerned monkey sounds*

Raging Fire: *crackles*

Sophie: Is it just me, or is it a little warm in here?


Power Bros!

Ben: Alex, why is the floor soaking wet and covered with muffin crumbs and ice cream?

Alex: Well, I was eating a muffin, and Florence the floor was jealous, so I dropped some crumbs for her. Then, Carl the carpet wanted some ice cream, so I gave him some. Then, they were thirsty, so I drizzled some water on top of them. Then, Celia the ceiling wanted some water, so I threw a bowl up at her, but Walter the water rained down on top of my head, and Larry the lamp laughed at us.




Ben: Ignorance is bliss.

Power Bros!

Andrew: *appears in the doorway of the bathroom* What’s with the llamas?

Alex: Llamas?

Andrew: Yes. Llamas. In the bathroom. One pooped in the tub.

Alex: *snorts*

Andrew: WELL???

Alex: Ask Sophie.

Andrew: What would she know about it?

Alex: She’s the one who is freakishly obsessed with wild creatures.

Sophie: *comes out of the other bathroom* What’s with the llamas?

Alex: I think that’s a question only you can answer.



Sophie: *smashes through window* YOU’LL NEVER KNOWWWWWWWwwwwww



Alex: Let’s call Animal Control.

Andrew: For the llamas?

Alex: They’re welcome to take care of that while they’re here.

Well, I hope some of those made you laugh, or made your day better! I made myself laugh while going through these XD

Which one(s) were your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

My Writing

Meet My MC: A Writers Linkup ~ In Which I Talk About My Children

Those ink blots on the paper ^^ are concerning.

Anyways, today I am doing a writers linkup hosted by Maya Joelle!

I’ve never done a linkup before but this one looks pretty fun. However, I have close to fifty WIPs (works-in-progress), so choosing one MC is going to be hard.


Okay, I think I’m going to do Violet, from my main WIP, Masters of Fate. Let’s get on with it!!

1. Introduce Your MC. What’s Their Name? Age? Appearance?

Violet Blake is a 14-year-old girl living in the fantasy village of Moonstone Village. She’s an outcast at her school because everyone is convinced she’s weird. She acts shy and nervous, but she’s really just insecure because she’s the only one in her village who has elemental powers, and she has to keep them a secret from the townsfolk. She can summon plants from the ground with the snap of her fingers. She has long brown hair and a shy expression.

Here’s her faceclaim:

And one that more of matches the story:

So, yeah, that’s Violet.

And yes, I named the girl with plant powers Violet. That’s how it works around here, folks.

2. Explain How Your MC Fits Into the Plot of Your Book (as Best You Can Without Spoiling It All…)

Well, Violet is outcast and feels weird. She gets a mysterious note, telling her to go to a neighboring city to participate in a tournament for people like her. She decides to go, and makes new friends and enemies at the tournament, learning secrets about her past that she didn’t know, and helping bring a criminal man to justice.

It’s intense.

Like camping.

Lemme know if you got that joke.

3. What’s the First Thing Your MC Says in the Story? The Last? A Random Quote From the Middle That You Like?

Give me a second to pull up the doc.

Well, she sighs.

Then, she says, “Hey, Aunt Louise!”


That’s not that exciting is it? XD

The book hasn’t been finished yet, but the most recent thing she says is “You mean you haven’t been paying attention to the way we’ve been going?!”

Yeah, she gets lost in some underground tombs, and her “tour guide” doesn’t know where to go. *shrugs* There’s a lot of twists and turns.

A random quote from the middle that I like has the be the song that Violet’s mom writes for her. It actually has a tune and everything which will probably end up being in the back of the book if it’s published. However, I think I may have to change some parts of the tune because I’m pretty sure I accidentally borrowed some parts of the tune from a Jamie Grace song…..😅 I promise I didn’t know until I heard the song!

Okay, moving on!

4. Which Other Character Would Die For Your MC?

Ahaha….there’s a lot of those…..her best friend, Harmony; her crush, Ryan; her teacher, April Rock……her dad and her aunt……

She’s loved by a lot of people, actually.

5. Would Your MC Die For Them?

Oh, in a heartbeat.

6. Have Any Major Details About Your MC Changed Since You First Created Them?

Hmm…..I’m not sure. I feel like she’s really stuck to the idea I had for her, which is a surprise since my characters prefer to write themselves. Ryan turned out different though.

However, the story is not about him.

7. What Characters (From Books/Movies Not By You) Remind You of Your MC? Why?

Ooh. I’ve never thought about this before.

In a way, she reminds me of Elsa. She has powers, she’s been hiding them, and then she runs away to let them loose.

Actually, that makes her a lot like Elsa, doesn’t it?

8. Share Your MC’s Favorites!

This is where I really need to flesh her out.

Okay, here we go.

Color: Green (obviously)

Food: Snopfot, which is technically a drink, but it’s her favorite.

Type of Clothing: Just your casual fantasy outfit. Like in her second faceclaim up there ^^

Place: Her room. She feels safe there and it’s her hangout zone. She can be as messy as she wants.

Type of Music: I have no idea. The only music that has been in the book is the song her mom wrote. Which was…..a lullaby, I guess?

Season: Spring!

Smell: Anything her aunt cooks.

9. If Your MC Wasn’t Involved In Your Story, What Would They Be Doing?

This has always been really hard for me. Imagining my characters outside of their book life.

She would be a….florist.

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

Maybe…..I think she’d probably work in an animal shelter or a zoo. Or an animal reserve! She loves animals.

10. Share a Fun Extra!

Well, one of my friends made this collage for Violet:

Violet, Master of Nature

There’s also these for Harmony and Ryan:

Harmony, Master of Healing
Ryan, Master of Fire

I love them so much!! They’re so pretty!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Violet! This was actually really fun to write (more fun than I thought it was going to be!)

What do you guys think? Would this be a story you would want to read?

Thanks for reading!!

My Writing, The Animals

Meet Cookie!

Once upon a time, a very long time ago now, about last Friday…..

Thus begins the very first story that famous author A. A. Milne told his son, Christopher Robin, about the stuffed bear, Winnie-the-Pooh. I’ve always loved this intro, and thought that it would fit today’s blog post very well. Without further ado, let’s get into the story!

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, about last Friday, there was a puppy named Cookie. He was resting in his bed, and the rain pattered on the roof, giving the atmosphere a peaceful feel. Cookie yawned and rolled onto his side. He could see through a nearby window that it was still dark outside. He sniffed the air, picking up several scents and focusing on three familiar ones. The scents belonged to his sisters. They’d slept with him on that very bed, and their smell, although stale, still lingered. Cookie knew why the smell was stale. His sisters had disappeared, one by one, over the past few days. Where they’d gone, he didn’t know. All he knew was that they hadn’t come back. He’d looked all over for them, but they weren’t anywhere in the house. The rain lulled Cookie back to sleep, and when he woke up again, the sun was shining brightly. He ran over to a window and blinked in the bright light. And as he looked out the window at the sun, he remembered the day he’d first shown up at the house.

Cookie was a beautiful dog, with light tan fur and a white scruff on his neck. His nose was white, and the tip of his tail was white, and his fur was softer than a fuzzy blanket. His little nose was pink with brown streaks, almost like he’d dipped it in a carton of Neapolitan ice cream. He and his sisters were playful and always fighting, and he didn’t have a care in the world. That all changed when he woke up one morning in a tiny cube, squished against his oldest sister. He whimpered and shifted, stepping on another sister’s head. He glanced up. A thin ray of watery, winter sun squeezed through a crack in the strange box. Cookie sniffed and whimpered slightly. It was cold. Where was he? This definitely wasn’t his home. Where was his mother? His food and water? What had happened?

His ears perked up as he heard a familiar jingle. It was the jingle of keys in the door! Surely whoever this was would let him out of the box so he could find his mama. He heard footsteps and someone shut the door, jingling the keys again. Suddenly he heard a soft, “Oh!” The footsteps continued more gingerly. Then, suddenly, he was flying off the ground. His sisters whimpered slightly as the box bounced. With a loud thud, it landed, and a moment later, it was opened to reveal a confused-looking middle-aged woman. Her mouth changed into a perfect “O” when she caught sight of Cookie and his sisters. Cookie gave her a puppy grin, and waggled his tail as best as he could. The woman quickly pulled him out of the box, and set him on the floor, doing the same for his sisters. Cookie immediately set off sniffing around his new location, looking for signs of his mother. However, the only familiar scents he could find were those of his sisters. Where on earth was he?

The woman was standing on the front porch, looking around. Cookie wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but he found a puddle of water on the floor, and began lapping it up. The woman came back inside, and began making some phone calls. Cookie walked over to her and whimpered. The woman glanced at him, and said, “I know, I’m trying to find your home.” Cookie whimpered again, a little louder, then made a puddle on the floor.

The woman gave him an exasperated look. “Really? You could have told me!” Cookie cocked his head. Hadn’t he? He’d whimpered.

A few minutes later, his mess had been cleaned up, and he had a delicious bowl of puppy food to eat. His sisters were eating next to him. They’d all been taken outside, and were now looking sleepy again. The woman looked them over one last time, and walked out of the house, locking the door behind her.

As Cookie looked out the window at the sun, he remembered the day he’d first shown up at the house. He whimpered a little, missing his sisters, but, since he was still young, he didn’t miss them that badly. After all, he still had his whole life ahead of him! He thought about yesterday. That had been a strange day for him. The woman had loaded him into her car and taken him to a strange building that smelled very professional. Lots of people had flocked around him and stroked his fur, and his nose had been bombarded with the scents of all the people. He could still remember a couple of scents.

The woman came downstairs, yawning, and Cookie waggled his tail. He whimpered slightly, letting her know that he needed to go outside. She opened the door, and he sniffed around in the yard until he found the right place. Then, he went to his food bowl and ate some food.

A few hours later, Cookie was napping, when he heard voices. He recognized the woman’s voice, but the other voice, a deep, rumbly, man’s voice was foreign to him. He sniffed the air. That scent…wasn’t it from yesterday?

He yawned, stretched, and wandered over to the front porch. The woman was handing his bag of food to the strange man, then she walked out of the room and came back a few seconds later with his bed. He watched with big, solemn eyes as the man took his bed and thanked the woman. What was going on?

The next thing he knew, Cookie was in a truck, riding down the road in the passenger seat. Before long, they were stopping in the yard of a house he had never seen. The man opened the door, and lifted Cookie out, placing him on the ground. Cookies sniffed around his new home, eagerly, until all of a sudden, he was surrounded by children.

Children who happened to be the brothers and sisters of one particular Mia Harden….

That’s right! This is the more or less true story about our new puppy Cookie! Last Friday, we were blessed with the little cutie, who is something we’ve been wanting for a long time! He is sweet and wiggly, and very well-behaved. He might be starring in future blog posts, so keep an eye out! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!