Know the Novel: A Writer’s Linkup ~ In Which I Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery (Or At Least Novel-Discovery)

National Novel Writing Month is coming up, and I wasn’t planning on starting a new novel. But, after reading Liesl’s post, I was inspired to start…..a new novel. Y’see, last year for NaNoWriMo, I started a novel about Jesus’ life and childhood from Mary’s perspective. It’s called Mother of the King and I managed to reach 22,247 words in it, before I got burnt out. I really like the story, especially since Mary is a cool gal and the Bible doesn’t say much about her. It was fun to come up with my own take for how Mary dealt with her pregnancy and Jesus as a child. (Can you imagine how helpless she felt when she had James and he was nothing like his older brother? No wonder James didn’t become a Christian until after Jesus rose! “James, why can’t you be like Jesus?? What is wrong with you???”)

However, I was in the mood to start something new this time. So I did.

After spending a couple of hours scouring my prompt collection, and other prompt collections saved on my computer, and brainstorming my own, I still didn’t have any ideas. Then, last night, while I was reading Left Behind, I got an idea!

Well, actually, I remembered an old idea that I had years ago, but that still counts.

My idea is called The Girl Next Door (yes, this is the title that I came up with a long time ago, as well), and I have no idea what I’m doing. This is as much of an “Introduction Post to My Novel” for you guys, as well as me. *sheepish grin*

Thanks to Christine Smith for hosting this! It’s my first time doing this, and I’m excited! So, without further ado, Know the Novel!

1. What First Sparked the Idea For This Novel?

To be honest, I don’t even remember. Like I said, I’ve had this idea for a long time. It popped into my head once and–

WAIT, I think I wrote about it in one of my journals. Hold on. BRB.

Okay, it took a bit of searching, but I found it! It’s an entry in my first journal from January 19, 2018. The idea is newer than I thought, but it’s still kind of old.

I think that’s the only time I wrote about it, and I didn’t explain where I got the idea from. I’m pretty sure it just popped into my head one night.

Anyways, it turns out the plot I have planned is quite a bit different than the original plot. I switched around who the main character is and the ending of the story, but the premise is still there. I think it’ll be fun to write!

The main reason I chose to write this rather than Mother of the King or a fantasy project or whatever is because I really wanted to write something contemporary. I haven’t done that in awhile, and I kind of miss the ease that comes with writing something in the same world we live in. No need to invent new languages, social norms, laws, monarchy. It’s already there! (Thank goodness!)

2. Share a Blurb (or Just an Overall Summary)!

*doesn’t have summary yet*

*decides to make one up on the spot*

*realizes the characters don’t have names yet*



*facepalm* Whyyyyy do I do this to myselffffff????

Okay, I think I’ve got it.

Claudianna Gray is not excited.

Her parents have dragged her and her little brother, Sam, to the small town of Maywill, in hopes that the more peaceful town will help calm the chronic stress that Claudi’s mother has been suffering from for years. The rural town and its surroundings are a huge culture shock for New York-raised Claudi and Sam, and the openness and excitement of the townsfolks make the Grays uncomfortable. Because the town is so rural, there is only one available house. It sits next to the house of the only crippled child in town, Gwyne Lancy. For years, the house has remained empty as Gwyne’s condition makes her presence uncomfortable for the townspeople. Building a new house is out of the question and, with some trepidation, the Grays move in next to the Lancys.

Gwyne Lancy is tired of being friendless. Being the only girl in town who needs a wheelchair has taken its toll on her, and her normally sunshine-y disposition is slowly melting away. The undeveloped roads and overgrown grass and shrubs make travel difficult for Gwyne’s wheelchair, and the only people willing to push her are her parents and Pastor Bill’s family. Her Christian faith has carried her through the hardest times, but, without having a good earthly friend, Gwyne is slipping into depression. When she hears the news that a new family will be moving into the vacant house next door, she is eager to make a new friend. Claudianna Gray seems like a nice girl, but Gwyne is intimidated by her tough New York personality and obvious dislike of the church.

Despite all odds, Claudi and Gwyne become friends. Though Gwyne’s obvious love for Christ makes Claudi uncomfortable, the two girls become closer than any of Claudi’s friends back in New York. Despite their closeness, Gwyne’s pleas for Claudi to attend church fall on deaf ears, eventually threatening to drive a wedge between them forever. However, when a tragic event rocks the very foundation of the Gray household, Claudi must turn to her Christian friend to understand what she must do next.

A story of love, friendship, and the Gospel, The Girl Next Door shows that the bonds of God’s love are stronger than anything — even death.”

Sure. That sounds good. *nods*

3. Where Does the Story Take Place? What Are Some of Your Favorite Aspects About the Setting?

The story takes place in the fictional town of Maywill, Georgia. I chose to put the town in Georgia so I can maximize my writing time by not researching climate and state laws, and I never see stories set in Georgia, so thought I’d add one to the mix. The town is really rural, and shockingly similar to a frontier town. (I love frontier towns!) It does have more streets and cars than a frontier town, but it small. It real small.

Most of the inhabitants are Christian (to a degree 😅) and the two churches are usually pretty full on Sundays. Only one of the churches does Wednesday Night Bible Studies, but those are relatively packed as well.

I’ve never written a contemporary story in a small town, so this will be an interesting challenge. Although, I know what it’s like to live in the country in an area that consists of more dirt roads than necessary. And the paved roads are usually bumpier than the dirt roads.

So yeah, I think this’ll be fun!

4. Tell Us About Your Protagonist(s).

This is another section where I figure out a lot about my story XD Let’s see what I can come up with.

My first protagonist is Claudianna Marie Gray (yes, the name meanings play a massive part in the story). Her nickname is Claudi, though she prefers to be called Anna at the end of the story (and I won’t tell you why mwahahaha). She’s prickly and guarded around EVERYBODY and not that great at making new friends because she comes off as haughty more often than not. She’s a good friend though, once you convince her to like you, and a good listener. She is an avid lover of trivia and science and can rattle off loads of random facts. Her favorite snack is French fries and ice cream (eaten together, not separately), and her two favorite artists at the beginning of the book are Imagine Dragons and Owl City, and at the end of the book, they are TobyMac and Britt Nicole.

(I chose some of my favorites so I can choose random songs for her to listen to throughout the book, heh heh. Writer hacks.)

She plays ukulele and saxophone (I can feel your glares, Liesl), and can play the chords to some tunes on the piano.

She has two brothers, an older brother named David, who attends college in the north somewhere (still not sure where), and a younger brother, Tristan Cameron. They call him Sam because Claudi didn’t like the nickname Cam, so she started calling him Sam, and it stuck. He’s very annoying and loud.

My other protagonist is Gwyne Elizabeth Lancy. She is paralyzed from the waist down and has been in a wheelchair for almost half her life, after a spine injury when she was eight. She is an only child, and her entire family consists of strong Christians. She accepted Christ when she was six, and her paralysis only strengthened her faith. She has a secret crush on Matthon, also known as Matt (because this wouldn’t be a good story without romance! Well, it might, but I can’t resist). He is the preacher’s son, and one of Gwyne’s closest friends. Gwyne looks up to her older cousin, Megan, a lot, and is really inspired by her life — until that changes. (Shhh, no spoilers!)

Gwyne is incredibly talented at singing and playing the piano and violin. She loves to write, both songs and stories, and, despite having no training, she does a beautiful job. She sings in the adult choir at her church, despite only being 15. Her vocal range stretches from C3 to E6 (similar to mine, except with a few notes added at the bottom). She has a pet cat named Abel and a snake named Cain, although that snake wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Ooh, okay, wow, I really like both of these girls so far. This story is just falling into place.

5. Who (Or What) is the Antagonist?

Oh gosh. Um…probably just negative feelings, Satan, as always when it comes to a Christian novel, some personal villains for the girls, like people they trust or love that let them down, etc. Not really sure.

6. What Excites You the Most About This Novel?

Literally, I’m so excited to write Gwyne. She seems so cool so far, and I just cannot wait to start exploring her personality and life. And backstory! Like, what was the accident? Why couldn’t she just have her spine realigned? Why is she such a strong Christian? Those will be fun questions to answer.

Also, I just realized that some of these characters were DEFINITELY NOT inadvertently inspired off of people I know. Matt is totally not someone I know IRL and Gwyne is DEFINITELY not someone I *cough* know IRL, and their relationship is MOST DEFINITELY FICTIONAL AND NOT REAL AT ALL.

ANYways, moving on.

7. Is This Going to be a Series? Standalone? Something Else?

It’s supposed to be a standalone. I’m roughly 67% sure I’ll be able to keep it that way? I mean, let’s be honest, it’ll be a miracle if I can even finish the heckin’ thing, much less add more the series.

8. Are You Plotting? Pantsing? Plansting?

If it isn’t glaringly obvious by this blog post, I am 100% pantsing. I haven’t pantsed a story in…, a year, so this should be fun.

(Although, I’ve barely written anything besides college essays lately, so I guess I don’t get to say that LOL)

9. Name a Few Unique Elements About This Story.

Oh gosh.

I mean, it takes place in a rural town in middle Georgia, which is something that I have never seen before. Does that count?

It’s also unique for me to be writing a Christian novel. I have such a hard time writing about Christianity without making it sound really preachy, and having characters accept Christ a little too quickly (at least so quick that it doesn’t feel natural), so I’m hoping I can pull this off. I think it’ll be fun, and if it doesn’t turn out, I can just burn it and start over!

10. Share Some Fun “Extras” of the Story (a Song or Full Playlist, Some Aesthetics, a Collage, a Pinterest Board, a Map You’ve Made, a Special Theme You’re Going to Incorporate, ANYTHING You Want to Share!).

Well, since I have been making this up so aggressively, I don’t really have anything. I did put together a playlist earlier, though. It already has more than 50 songs on it, and that’s just from combing my personal playlist while knowing very little about the story. I’ll probably add more songs as NaNo goes on, but it’s just what I have so far.

Here’s the link to my unlisted YouTube playlist!

I have organized the playlist, so here, How to Decipher the Organization:

1 – 4: Background music to write to

5 – 21: Songs that encompass the whole book

22 – 29: Songs that Claudi likes to listen to

29 – 39: Songs for Claudi

40 – 52: Songs for Gwyne

That will probably change as the series goes on and I add more characters. But that’s what I got so far. If you guys have any suggestions for songs, I’d be glad to hear them!

Well, that was actually really fun! It was a little confusing trying to figure out my novel on the spot, but I feel like I really got to know everything well enough to make a really REALLY rough outline (really just a list of my ideas). I’m actually really looking forward to NaNo now!

Thank you for reading!

(P.S. I’m hoping to post a new Silver Sterlings snippet soon! ‘Tis in the works! Okay bye!)

🎵 Deal With Destiny (that one song from the Empires SMP) (Still a little shocked by Lizzie and Scott’s voices they are shockingly good) 🎵

Silver Sterlings Episode One ~ In Which Dad Takes the Sterlings Shopping and Just About Loses His Mind (or Uncle Stephen Gets Tackled After Delivering Happy News)

Here it is guys! The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the very first part of Silver Sterlings!!

*cheering is heard in the distance*

I had so much fun writing this snippet and figuring out how I wanted it to read. So, I hope you guys enjoy reading it!

Without further ado, SILVER STERLINGS EPISODE ONE!!!!

It was barely morning when shrieks of “UNCLE STEPHEN!! UNCLE STEPHEN!!” filled the Sterling house. Dad stumbled downstairs to let Uncle Stephen inside as all the children crowded around him.

“What’d you bring? What’d you bring?” Tex and Austin, the red-headed twins, chanted.

Uncle Stephen waved his hand as he leaned over, trying to catch his breath.

“Did you run, or something, Uncle Stephen?” Rosie asked, stepping closer to lay a hand on his shoulder. She coughed and scampered back as his heavy breathing turned in her direction. “Ew! Your breath stinks!”

Uncle Stephen raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Yeah, I ran, Rosie. But I just had to tell you the news!”

All eleven kids leaned forward. “What news?”

Baby Logan, the one-year-old, clapped his hands.

Uncle Stephen’s eyes shot towards the kitchen. “Well, maybe I’ll have a cup of coffee before I tell you.”

“No!” All of the boys landed on top of Uncle Stephen, knocking him to the ground. He grunted as he tried to stand back up. “Okay! Okay! Let me up! I’ll tell you!” The older boys climbed off, but Prick, Rosie’s twin brother, didn’t budge.

“Tell us now!” he commanded. Ru grabbed his arm and snatched him off.

Uncle Stephen was unfazed. He stood, dusted himself off, and announced, “The mercantile just got a new shipment of stuff. Candy, toys, tools, food…” With each word, the children’s eyes grew wider. “And it’s not that expensive either.”

“Dad!” Eleven pairs of eyes were staring at him. “Can we go shopping?”

Baby Logan clapped his hands again. “Shopping!” He lost his balance and fell flat on his back.

Snippet One: Shopping

After casting Uncle Stephen an annoyed glare (something he seemed to get a lot), Dad made the children link hands and led them to the mercantile. The walk wasn’t too long, muddy, or dangerous, yet Prick somehow managed to get covered in mud and almost bitten by a snake. By the time the Sterlings made it to the mercantile, the walk felt much longer than usual.

Miz Gilbert smiled as Dad walked in, a gaggle of excited children after him. “Brought some friends today, I see,” she laughed.

Dad smiled wryly. “Stephen came over with news of new things in the mercantile, so of course my children just had to come.”

“Oh, yes, of course.” Miz Gilbert gave a knowing nod. “Well, children, don’t be afraid to look around. The toys and candy are over–“

An aggressive stampede drowned out the rest of her sentence.

Millie, being fifteen, remained in the grown-up part of the store, but the rest of the children practically trampled each other trying to look at everything.

“Candy!!” Prick, Tex, and Austin shouted, pulling out fistfuls of every kind.

“You’re going to get sick!” Rosie complained. “You’re going to throw up all over the floor!”

“If we throw up on anything, it’ll be you!” Tex laughed, pretending to get sick all over Rosie’s hair. Rosie covered her head and shrieked. Miz Gilbert was at her side in an instant.

“You alright, love?” she asked, checking Rosie for injuries.

“Yeah, I’m fine, why do you ask?” Rosie grabbed a rag doll from the toy bin. “Can I have this please?”

Miz Gilbert’s eyes crinkled as she smiled. “Of course, sweetie. Do you have money for it?”

Rosie shook her head, perplexed.

“Well, best let your dad pay for it.”

“Oh, yeah.” Rosie skipped over to Dad, who was already swamped by excited boys demanding he buy candy for them. Ru quietly dumped all his stuff on the counter and pulled out a few dollar bills to pay for it.

“Rosie, look at this!” Millie called. Rosie set her doll down next to Ru’s things and walked over to where her sister was trying on hats. Millie twirled in front of the mirror. “Isn’t it pretty?” Rosie nodded. The hat was floppy, but it matched Millie’s outfit. “I think I might buy it.” Millie checked her purse, then snapped it shut again. “Rats! I left all of my money at home!”

“Too bad!” Tex shrieked from across the room. “Are you going to cry now?”

“Oh, be quiet, you little monster!” Millie shrieked back. “You’re just upset because Dad won’t let you buy all the candy you want!”

Tex faltered for words, then turned around and sulked.

“Oh well.” Millie took off the hat and placed it back on the rack. “Maybe another time.” She glanced down at Rosie. “Aren’t you going to buy anything?”

“Yes, of course I am,” Rosie answered, turning towards the counter. The doll she’d picked out sat on the edge. “I’m going to get that doll.”

Millie took her sister’s hand. “Let’s go wait outside. Dad has his hands full with the boys.”

Ten minutes later, the Sterling boys burst out of the store, some of them crying, some of them laughing, all of them shouting. Dad looked at the girls. “I am not going shopping again for a long time.”

Well, I hope y’all enjoyed that! I have a band class to prepare for, so I must go now.

Oh, and I am happy to report that I completed both of my college classes with an A! So yaaaayyyy, party time! It was definitely a challenge, but I am proud of myself.

Okay, bye.

What did you guys think? Who’s your favorite so far?

Song of the Day: The Worship Song Song by Random Action Verb Worship

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! ~ In Which I Share an Idea

My shoulder has been suffering greatly lately. I leaned on it wrong and now it’s, like, locked in a raised position. It feels like someone wedged a pebble under my shoulder blade. WOO-HOO I JUST LOVE NOT BEING ABLE TO MOVE, LAUGH, COUGH, AND BREATHE DEEPLY!!!


BUT, I am not here to complain. I have an announcement!

I feel like I’ve been making a lot of announcement posts lately, but oh well.

So, my Hermitcraft AU kind of died. I do have plans to pick it back up again soon, as my heavy college classes end tomorrow (EEP!) but, I also want to have a fun project that I can work on as well, just for my blog friends!

Remember how I was complaining there aren’t enough wholesome things in stories? Today I was struck by the train known as ✨inspiration✨ and I decided I would write a little series about ✨children being cute✨. Some of you YDubbers may remember my Queens series, but this isn’t going to be like that at all, really. It’ll be more cute. Kids playing games, kids becoming friends, kids being sweet; just….cuteness. Because why not? Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mia story without some snark, so don’t worry, there will be snark.

I’m currently developing the charries, but as soon as I write the first snippet, you can bet it will go straight to this blog. Here are a few stats to kind of paint the picture.

Series Title: Silver Sterlings

Main Character: Rosie Sterling, a six-year-old girl with ten siblings, most of them boys. She has a twin brother named (or nick-named; no one knows for sure) Prick, and tons of friends. However, the series isn’t going to focus on her the whole time. Other characters will be featured, for funsies.

Side Characters: There are tons, but here are a few specific ones.

Alissah Sterling: Rosie’s mother
Daniel “Dan” Sterling: Rosie’s father

Millicent “Millie” Sterling: 15, the eldest Sterling
Rudolph “Ru” Sterling: 14, the eldest boy. Rosie and her friends call him “Dolly”
Billy Sterling: 12
Charlie Sterling: 11
Texas “Tex” and Austin Sterling: 9, vibrantly red-headed twins
Noah Sterling: 7
Joseph “Joey” Sterling: 4, shadows Rosie a lot
Logan: 1, the baby

Miranda Sterling: 17, the Sterlings’ older cousin. She moves to their town to be a teacher, but is shocked by how rural everything is. Her hoop skirts don’t fit in at all. However, she adores kids, and is a wonderful teacher.

Lady Mackintosh: the fashion expert of the town. She wanted to name the town “Mackintoshia”, but was shot down instantly. She’s very fancy.

Emily Mackintosh: 20, Lady Mackintosh’s daughter. She prefers romping through the woods rather than sewing.

Anna Horseman: 6, one of Rosie’s closest friends

Molly and Collie Mack: 16, talented trick riders

Setting: The frontier town of Wellspring Gulch, probably in the 1800s or something. There’s no specific time period right now, and there probably won’t be. If any of you watch Spirit: Riding Free, it’ll be similar to that. It has the vibe of a certain time period, but the way they talk and dress is more modern.

Premise: Rosie Sterling, a six-year-old girl living in the frontier town of Wellspring Gulch, is a lover of adventure. With her brothers and best friends at her side, she explores every last inch of the frontier. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and aspires to be the best Sterling the frontier has ever seen. Driving the adults crazy, and leading the children on adventure after adventure, Rosie makes her way through life, finding her way through love, laughter, and loss.

I’m so excited!! I plan to post at least one part a month. If there’s a holiday or special occasion in the month I post in, the snippet will most likely pertain to that. December = Christmas. February = Valentine’s Day. August = School Starting. Etc.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, let me know in the comments! I love getting feedback, and I’m interested in seeing what you guys think.

Now, I have an essay to write, so toodles for now. Hopefully when I return, I will return bearing a tale about Rosie Sterling.

Okay bye!

(P.S. Here, have some Queens snippets, for your enjoyment.

Alex: How did they get this footage?!!
Sage: Whatta ya mean?
Alex: I mean, these are two ants having an epic smackdown!! How the stew did the cameraman know this was going to happen?
Sage: Maybe he funded it.

Sage: There could be a ghost aggressively break-dancing next to you, and you wouldn’t even know it.
Alex: *is concerned*

Sage: *in a fight with Alex* *hiding on the bookshelf*
Alex: *needs a book*
Alex: *spots Sage*
Alex: *creeping closer* Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no–
Sage: *lands on top of Alex*
Sage: I don’t know about the shadow of death, but it you see my shadow from above you, you should be very afraid.

Tansy: Which country has the most birds?
Sage: Portugeese.
Rose: Sage, that’s a language.
Sage: Portugull.
Treble: Nice recovery.
Indi: Don’t you mean nice redovery?
Ebony: Turkey. How did you guys miss Turkey?
Tansy: Tutoring you guys is impossible.

Alex: *frantically* Sage, do you know how long a cat holds a grudge?!
Sage: 16 hours.
That’s disturbingly specific.

*playing the game of telephone*
Alex to Kendall: I love you.
Kendall to Indi: Bob is a humpback whale.
Indi to Rose: Rob the balloon guy.
Rose to Sage: It was Miss Scarlet with the dagger in the lounge.
Sage: Potato?
Was I at least close?

Indi: Anyone have chapstick?
Ebony: Here.
Indi: Uh, this is a stick of glue.
Welp, it was worth a try.

K, bye!)

Seeing Beyond {My Poem Book + a Giveaway + More Exciting Stuff}

Guys! Check out this awesome giveaway from my friend Allison! THERE’S STICKERS!! AND POETRY!! AND A GORGEOUS BOOK! EEP!!!

Allison Marie

Hello, my friends!

I WROTE ANOTHER BOOK! AND… OTHER EXCITING STUFF! In this post I shall reveal my newest poem book, introduce you to my editor, and start a lovely giveaway to kick off the book launch!

You ready for the most exciting post I’ve made all year? Okay, I’ve hyped it up enough. LET’S DO THIS!

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It Still Makes Me Cry ~ In Which I Reflect on Wholesome Things

I watched a movie today. It was Coco. I still cry over the end every time.

I watched Coco for the first time a while back. And I cried. A lot. The ending is just….precious.

I’ve watched it several times since then, but I don’t think I’ve watched it at all this year. So, I watched it today. I cried. Again. The entire end of the movie is a thing of beauty. When Miguel is singing with Mama Coco, and then the part a year later when Miguel is showing the ofrenda to his new sister, and Elena comes in a puts Coco’s picture on the ofrenda, I just lose it, every time.

Wholesome things get me. Like, if it’s wholesome, I like it. Period.

There’s a show on Disney Junior called Bluey. It’s precious. I love it. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend it, highly. It’s about a family of dogs, Mum (Chili), Dad (Bandit), Bluey, and Bingo. They’re Australian dogs, and the show is about the games the kids play, and how they spend time with their friends. It’s absolutely adorable. Chili and Bandit are surprisingly good parents, especially considering how troublesome a six-year-old and a four-year-old can be.

The show is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. There’s something like a hundred, seven-minute episodes, split across two seasons. I watched nine episodes today, before I watched Coco. I can’t remember any episodes from season one, but if you want to wet your feet in the wholesomeness, I suggest watching Hammerbarn, Army, and Dance Mode in season two. No, I will not elaborate. Go. Now. And let me know what you think.

I prefer wholesome love to romantic love in stories. Like older and younger siblings. The older sibling wants to protect the younger sibling, but will still do anything to make them happy. That’s the kind of love we need in our stories.

Kids are such great sources for humor and pure, unadulterated love. In the second book of the Millie Keith series by Martha Finley (the updated version by Mission City Press), Millie’s younger brother, Don, is afraid. He freezes up in dangerous and terrifying situations and he doesn’t like that. When a rabid racoon attacks Millie, however, Don uses his slingshot to scare the raccoon away, surprising even himself with his bravery. And, when deadly fevers stalk the town, Don is afraid of “going in the ground”. When he gets the fever, and everyone except Millie are ill, he tells her, “Don’t worry, Millie. I’m not afraid of going in the ground, anymore.”

Why isn’t that character growth in any books or movies? Why don’t people realize how young kids open so many humorous and heart-wrenching doors? I want more little kids in the stories I read. I want more things to make me cry.

This has been a reflection post by the wild and intriguing

Tune in next time to hear Bob say, “I’ll be in my dressing room.”

🎵 Song of the Day: Monody by TheFatRat 🎵

It’s October! ~ In Which I Resurrect From the Land of School and Actually Write and Post a Post

I am obsessed with sunflowers. OBSESSED. They’re pretty! Plus, I’ve nicknamed myself Sunny and SUNFLOWERS ARE SUNNY SO Y’KNOW.

Anyways, it’s October! We are one month closer to December, which is when I can bust out the holiday music and paper snowflakes, because we all know that paper snowflakes are the most snow we’re going to get down here in the south. It sucks, but at least it’s cold enough to curl up in a blanket and shiver to death.

I recognize that I have not posted in several weeks, but a lot of you probably didn’t even realize I was gone LOL. Which is fine! I’m expendable like that. But, I have decided that I should post more. So, welcome to my September recap/October goal setting post! I have cranked up my playlist and I actually don’t have any school to do for once, so I better write fast, before school creeps up again.

September Memories

GUYS!!! I turned sixteen! I’m officially sixteen going on seventeen! I don’t have my driver’s license yet, though. I have to complete some kind of thirty hour online course before I can take the test? Like, Georgia why?? WHY???? I just want to drive to the store so I can get food! Is that too much to ask?

Being sixteen isn’t much different than being fifteen, although I now feel like I have to be more responsible to match my age or whatever. Like that’s going to happen XD My brother turned fifteen three weeks after I turned sixteen and he somehow passed the test to get his learner’s permit. I now fear for my life.

I had my two upper pre-molars pulled, which was GREAT! I DEFINITELY WASN’T SUFFERING FOR TWO WEEKS AFTERWARD IT WAS FINE NO I’M NOT FREAKING OUT WHY DO YOU ASK? And then, they changed the wires on my braces and IT WAS TIGHT. And then, I was eating Smarties and I broke a bracket off, so that’s a thing that needs to be fixed.

My sixteenth birthday wasn’t nearly as good as my fifteenth birthday was. Even though my dad got COVID in my birthday last year, it turned out being the best birthday I’d ever had. I mean, this year’s birthday was great. I went shopping with my mom and my sister and I got books three and four of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. I’d bought one and two a few weeks ago at a bookstore called Gottwall’s. It’s great there. And it smells SO GOOD. After my birthday, I bought the other five books in the series and I NEED THE NEXT ONE. How am I supposed to wait a year to find out what happens to Sophie, Keefe, and Fitz? Like….torture!

My cousin, Lizi, came over for the weekend which was awesome. We sat around, ate boiled peanuts, and read Keeper obsessively. Boiled peanuts are my favorite food. I’ve been eating them all month long, literally. I just finished them off the other day.

I got loads of art supplies for my birthday, so I plan to put those to good use. I’m also thinking about posting some of my envelope art sometime. I like to decorate the envelopes I use for my penpals. Of course, I have to paint more envelopes before I can write that post, but I’ll get around to it eventually. I have one custom one left…..that’s not good. Time to get painting!

We became members of a church 45 minutes from our house, but it’s worth it. We’ve been church-hunting since June-ish and now we finally have a place to call home. It’s great! I’m very thankful.

Band classes started back last Saturday, which I have missed. We meet on Zoom, because social distancing. Actually, the class is based in Michigan, but I get to participate because Zoom. The director is awesome, I love him to death. He lets me write music for them to perform. Last semester, I wrote a song called Triumphant, and I CRIED. There’s nothing like hearing your music played for the first time. This semester, the piece I wrote is called Haunted Wood. I’m looking forward to hearing it played.

Also, last week, I accidentally wrote a fully orchestrated piece. It was an accident! I had some random notes that I pecked out on the piano, so I wanted to stick them on sheet music and flesh it out, and in less than 48 hours, I had a full band piece.

Accidents happen.

Oh, and we have a new kitten. He is the son of our oldest cat, Patches (who is a freaking GREAT-GRANDMOTHER and still giving birth!!), and his name is Gimli, after the dwarf in Lord of the Rings. HE IS FLUFFY. I’ll have to get pictures so I can show you guys sometime. My sisters are in the process of convincing Dad to let us keep him inside. Not sure how that’s going to fly, since Dad is allergic to pet dander.

I think that’s it? September was a really busy month. Obviously.

Okay, now for

October Goals

1. Write in my journal at least 21 days this month

I don’t write in my journal enough, and so many memories are slipping through my fingers. I used to write almost every day, but I got older and busier and my writing stopped being so regular. But, it feels good to stop and write about my day, so I’m challenging myself to write often this month.

2. Scrapbook every day this month

Wow, already failing at this one. I didn’t scrap yesterday or today. But, I have a scrapbook I’m trying to finish before Christmas, so I have to do at least a page a day.

3. Write at least two posts besides this one

I have plans, just no motivation LOL

4. Watch Black Widow

It comes off premier access next week! I think my sister is planning to watch it for her birthday, so yeah.

5. Art

Yeah. Just….art.

6. Write two new songs

Because I’m feeling musical, y’know?

7. Complete both my English and Communications classes with an average of 90

I’ve been taking college classes, and they end this month! I’ve impressed myself with how well I’ve done so far. They’ve been challenging and really heavy, but also fun! My writer abilities have come in handy.

However, once those two end, I start another one. American Government. Woo-hoo. BUT, after I finish that one, I’ll be done with college classes this year!

8. Learn two new songs on the piano

I buy my sheet music from, and they have excellent quality to their music. My wishlist is….extensive. (I just counted…..I have over 80 songs on my wishlist XD) I usually buy two songs at a time and take a couple of weeks to learn them. It’s fun to teach myself techniques, and both my parents are pretty good on piano, so they’re available for questions.

Okay, I think that’s it? So yeah, I will be back, I’ve just been drowning in college essays. Y’know, the norm.

I shall see you soon!

Song of the Day: Better ~ Britt Nicole