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Me and Music Tag ~ In Which MUSIC

If I had an official songwriting station, it would look like that. Or messier. Probably twice as messy.

Anyways, what’s up folks? As promised in my last post, here I am with a music post! I found this tag on Maya’s blog and then Liesl did it a couple of weeks ago and reminded me how badly I wanted to do it! I’ve been wanting to do it since the end of March, but, you know, awards come first.

I have a three-page-long list of some of my favorite songs (it’s impossible to have all of them. Like holiday songs. I don’t have any of those) that I have been stockpiling for a long time and I am going to attempt to cram them all into this one post.

Something tells me that putting 137 songs in one measly post is going to be a challenge. (And yes, I did just count all of them to get that figure) But, I am going to try my best!

Also, I put the graphics in rainbow order because I am set in the Moriah Elizabeth way of thinking, and plus, who doesn’t love rainbows?

So, let’s get started!!


The Rules:

  1. Link back to the original post so Sophie can see your answers and listen to the tunes. βœ”
  2. For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs. (Sorry, but I love way too many songs to be able to stick to this XD)
  3. Have fun and play your music LOUD! βœ”

Aladdin 2019 || Benj Pasek, Justin Paul, and Alan Menken

Speechless sold me on this one. But also, Will Smith’s versions of the songs are just spot-on! And yes, I am not ashamed to say that I have almost the entire soundtrack memorized.

Frozen II || Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

How could you not love this one? Into the Unknown and Show Yourself topped Let It Go, which many of us (yes, me included) did not think was possible XD And honestly, Kristoff’s song Lost in the Woods was just…..a jam XD I love everything about this soundtrack and each and every song is on my piano music wishlist.

Hamilton || Lin-Manuel Miranda

Honestly, I just….if you know, you know.

Dear Evan Hansen || Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

Same reasons as Hamilton XD

Annie || Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin

When I first listened to the Annie soundtrack, I didn’t think I was going to like it very much. But, it definitely exceeded my expectations, and yes, it’s the hard-knock life for me too, my peeps.

The Greatest Showman || Benj Pasek and Justin Paul


Send Me || Lecrae
America ain’t Christian, they just practicin’ the ritual

The first time I ever heard this song, my dad was driving in our neighborhood towards our house. Nothing in the lyrics remind me of home, I’m just reminded of where we were when I heard this song. *shrugs* Brains are weird.

Shine || Newsboys
Shine. // Make ’em wonder whatcha got. // Make ’em wish that they were not // On the outside looking bored

Before I knew this was a Newsboys song, my dad would play it on the piano. I can remember him playing it before we moved to the house we’re at now, and I would jam out to it.

This turned out being a nostalgia section πŸ˜…

I don’t listen to any of the songs in the secular charts, so I looked up Billboard’s Christian Hits list.

Truth Be Told || Matthew West
But didn’t you say the church should look more like a hospital // A safe place for the sick, the sinner and the scarred and the prodigals

Truth is being told in this song, and I absolutely love it. Matthew West is a talented songwriter, and I should listen to his music more often.

Start Right Here || Casting Crowns
What if the church on Sunday // Was still the church on Monday too?

Another song that tells the truth in a hard but true way. This is one of my favorite Casting Crowns songs, just because it starts with a powerful punch to the Christian conscience.

Church Clap (feat. Trip Lee) || KB
Preach the gospel, and stand back // Look for changed lives not for hand claps

When I went to camp a couple of years ago, there were Church Clap flash mobs everywhere you turned XD I love this song, and honestly, it’s impossible to not dance when it comes on.

Move || MercyMe
I just might bend but I won’t break // As long as I can see Your face

Every time this song comes on, I cannot stop bopping my head up and down! When I’m in a decent place (aka not at my desk XD) I just have to bust a move or two or twelve.

More Doors For Me || elybeatmaker and Grian
A door // For me // Another door for me

Resource Gathering || elybeatmaker and Etho
Listen to my jabbering // About the resource gathering // My never-ending stammering // As I’m resource gathering

Yes, I listen to Hermitcraft remixes and I am not sorry at all XD If you don’t watch the Hermitcraft Minecraft videos you should, because they’re amazing and pretty funny!

More Doors For Me and Resource Gathering are my favorite Hermitcraft remixes and they’re such jams! I can’t help but tap my feet along to the beat!

Horizon || TobyMac
There’s coming a day, coming a day we gonna rise up // We won’t give up the fight

I have actually jumped up and danced along to this song before. In my bedroom where no one could see, but still XD This is my favorite song from TobyMac’s The Elements album, and…..I just love it so much.

Live Out Loud || Group 1 Crew
Give an autograph not because I’m a star // But ’cause a lil’ bit of nice goes far

The beat is just…..something on this song, and I love all the background stuff Manny added towards the end XD Sometimes, Group 1 Crew songs make me laugh, sometimes they make me jam, and sometimes they do both!

Start Somewhere || TobyMac
I said some things that I regret // And if I could, I’d take ’em back // If I could turn my words around // You wouldn’t hear a sound

What genre of music is this song? Whatever it is, I love it XD Toby’s always been good about having a diversity of genres for his albums. And the gunshot at the endddd XD

Brave || Moriah Peters
I know, I know I’m no superwoman // But impossible is possible with You

Moriah Peters’ voice is super strong in this song, and it just makes me want to rock out! Admittedly, this is the only Moriah Peters song I’ve heard so her voice might be strong in other songs, but I digress.

Ill-M-I || TobyMac
Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I and you // Illuminati comin’ thru

This is….definitely one of the stranger ones of TobyMac’s songs, but I can’t help but tap my toes along to the beat!

Stand By You || Rachel Platten
Oh, tears make kaleidoscopes in your eyes // And hurt, I know you’re hurting but so am I

Yes, I put this on my list instead of Fight Song, and no, you will not see Fight Song anywhere on this list XD I love Fight Song, but Stand By You is my favorite of the two. (Whoa, rhymes)

Concrete || Britt Nicole
‘Cause we found each other // We won’t buckle under // We’ll break the edge of the knife


I just heard this one for the first time the other day, but it’s going on the list of favorites because I LIKE IT.

Well, that was long. Next category!


Yeah, I technically already did this one when I did the first category XD Here are some of my favorites:

Disappear || Dear Evan Hansen
No one should flicker out or have any doubt // That it matters that they are here

Requiem || Dear Evan Hansen
I gave you the world, you threw it away // Leaving these broken pieces behind you

Satisfied || Hamilton
I know my sister like I know my own mind // You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind

Burn || Hamilton
Your sentences border on senseless // And you are paranoid in every paragraph

Aaron Burr, Sir || Hamilton
If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?

You Will Be Found || Dear Evan Hansen
So let the sun come streaming in // ‘Cause you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again

The Hard-Knock Life || Annie
‘Steada treated // We get tricked // ‘Steada kisses // We get kicked

Speechless || Aladdin 2019
I will take these broken wings // And watch me burn across the sky

Friend Like Me || Aladdin 2019
I got a powerful urge to help you out // So whatcha wish? // I really want to know

Rewrite the Stars || The Greatest Showman
All I want is to fly with you // All I want is to fall with you

Never Enough || The Greatest Showman
Towers of gold are still too little // These hands could hold the world but it’ll // Never be enough

The Other Side || The Greatest Showman
If I were mixed up with you, I’d be the talk of the town // Disgraced and disowned, another one of the clowns

From Now On || The Greatest Showman
Let this promise in me start // Like an anthem in my heart

Show Yourself || Frozen II
Something is familiar // Like a dream, I can reach but not quite hold

When I am Older || Frozen II
‘Cause when you’re older // Absolutely everything makes sense

All is Found || Frozen II
Yes, she will sing to those who’ll hear // And in her song, all magic flows

Made For Me || TobyMac
Well I got white skin and she got brown skin // But milk and coffee’s always been a beautiful blend

This is such a sweet song that Toby wrote for his wife, and I used to listen to it all the time when I was little. It’s still one of my favorites to this day.

Get Back Up || TobyMac
And there’s always scars // When you fall that far

I heard this one before I knew TobyMac’s name. The radio is a magical place when you’re nine-years-old (or younger), and my jaw never fails to drop when I hear a song from the ancient days of my childhood XD

Hall of Fame || The Script
Do it for your people, do it for your pride // How you ever gonna know if you never even try?

I heard a clip of this song in a Disney Jr. commercial (I have younger siblings, okay?), and I had no idea what it was called, and then, to my surprise, it was in a baseball commercial which actually cited the name of the song and the songwriters, so I looked it up and listened to it and promptly fell in love with it! (Plus, it’s so much fun to play on the piano)

Blessings || Laura Story
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?

I first remember hearing this at my grandmother’s funeral. I was six or seven at the time, and my little mind thought that it was such a beautiful song.

My fifteen year old mind thinks the same thing πŸ˜…

Does this mean I haven’t matured much?


Creeper Rap || Dan Bull
Darling, oh, what you crying for? // Did somebody break your diamond sword?

Yes, I’m sorry, another Minecraft song. I love almost all of Dan Bull’s Minecraft raps, but this one was the first I heard.

Sometimes having Minecraft-obsessed friends is a good thing.

Now that I’ve listened all of the raps, Creeper Rap is probably my least favorite, but still. Memories.

Thrive || Casting Crowns
Joy unspeakable, faith unsinkable // Love unstoppable, anything is possible

We sang this at the end of a homeschool group end-of-the-year program, and I totally forgot about that until my brother reminded me a few weeks ago. I didn’t know this song at all, but I think I managed to do a pretty good job learning as we went XD

Eye of the Storm || Ryan Stevenson
And when the tears of pain and heartache are pouring down my face // I find my peace in Jesus’ Name

Back during Tropical Storm Irma and Hurricane Michael, we had to go hide in the hallway. Whenever that happens, this song is always playing in the back of my mind and helps me be strong for my younger siblings.

In the Light || DC Talk
This only serves to confirm my suspicions // I’m still a man in need of a Savior

Yeah, this song is kind of maybe possibly dated just a little, but, I mean….DC Talk!

DC Talk was definitely before my time and I don’t usually listen to music that old, but there are some songs that I really like for whatever reason. This was the first song that I ever heard by them (Jesus Freak followed soon after), and…….I’ve kind of forgotten how to sing anything besides the harmony part XD

Priceless || for KING & COUNTRY
Sisters, we can start again // Give honor to the end, love // We can start again


City on Our Knees || TobyMac
Tonight’s the night // For the sinners and the saints // Two worlds collide in a beautiful display

Another TobyMac song that I heard on the radio when I was little. There are quite a few of these. Don’t worry, I won’t list all of them XD

But….isn’t this all these songs? I….I don’t understand this one…XD

Yeah, I sing or hum along to every song I know. And I don’t sing terribly, thank you very much XD (I have actually found it very different to sing badly, whether accidentally or on purpose πŸ˜… Is that a good thing?)

Here are some of the ones I love to sing along to:

Undeniable || TobyMac
Your work doesn’t stop with me // Your signature’s on everything we see // From the hills of Negril, Jamaica // To the kid that the doctor said would never make it

This song is just so beautiful. It’s a reminder that God is in control of everything, and it’s impossible to deny that He exists. I love singing it so much!

iContact || Group 1 Crew
I can’t explain it, the lovely things that You do // Whatever it takes, gotta make eye contact with You

I don’t know too many of the lyrics to this song, but what I do know, I sing along to because of the clever wordplay in places XD I love Group 1 Crew, if you couldn’t tell.

Favorite Song || TobyMac
I’ma leave my selfish melodies // Wanna be in Your beautiful symphony

When I first heard this song, it was stuck in my head for THREE STRAIGHT DAYS. It’s very catchy, and fun to sing!

With You || Jamie Grace
See I misplaced my master plan // Courtesy of my attention span

This song is just a sweet reminder of what’s it’s like to spend some time with God, and it’s catchy, like most of Jamie’s songs.

Alligator Sky (No Rap Version) || Owl City
Remember to live, because you’re gonna be thrilled to death

I loooooove the melody on this one!! Owl City’s songs are always so beautifully written!

Believer || Imagine Dragons
I was chokin’ in the crowd // Building my rain up in the cloud // Falling like ashes to the ground // Hoping my feelings, they would drown

I don’t like the lyrics on this one as much as the rest of the song. (Maybe it’s the songwriter in me, but I rarely pay attention to the lyrics of a song when I first hear it) I do love the chord progression, and this song gets stuck in my head every time I hear it πŸ˜…

Demons || Imagine Dragons
Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside // It’s where my demons hide, it’s where my demons hide

Content Warning: Mentions of demons, as obviously proved from the title of the song

I love how this song starts with piano and then switches to the dynamic that all of Imagine Dragons’ songs have. And the melody!! Ahh, so pretty!!

Enemy || Newsboys
Who was I to sit and judge? // Always pointing my crooked finger

The melody of the chorus makes this song my absolute favorite Newsboys song! *turns on song and hums along*

He Knows My Name || Francesca Battistelli
I’m not living for applause // I’m already so adored

This is one of the few songs that I paid attention to the lyrics when I first heard it. I think it’s a good reminder that we don’t need to be loved by everyone, because God already loves us.

He Said || Group 1 Crew
Who you are ain’t what your going through // So don’t let it get the best of you

When I first heard this song, I didn’t know who Group 1 Crew was, then I found out and fell in love with their music, and it made me happy to discover that this song was theirs. I love Group 1 Crew so much!!

If We’re Honest || Francesca Battistelli
There is freedom found when we lay our secrets down at the cross

I heard clips of this song in various places until I listened to the whole thing. This is one of my favorite Francesca Battistelli songs.

One Song at a Time || Jamie Grace
We be passin’ out love like the offering’ plates // And we be spreadin’ this joy like it’s jelly or jam

This is one of Jamie Grace’s debut songs and it’s really pretty. I think it also reflects every musician: If you hand them their instrument, they’ll play a tune and sing and dance the whole night through.

Warriors || Imagine Dragons
Here we are, don’t turn away now // We are the warriors that built this town // From dust.

Honestly…..the amount of shouting in this song is ridiculous. I feel like you could kill your voice singing like that.

I still like it though XD

We Live || Superchic(k)
Waking up to another dark morning // People are mourning // The weather in life outside is storming

Content Warning: Death, cancer, general sad things

I think this genre is called Urban Pop? Maybe? Whatever it is, it’s one of my favorites.

Made to Love || TobyMac
I feel a breeze cover me called Jehovah // And Daddy, I’m on my way

This has always been my favorite TobyMac song, and it always will be. Probably. He’s not retired yet XD

It’s a great reminder that we’re here to love and show God’s light.

Hermitgang || Rendog, MajesticTaco, Xisumavoid, Welsknight, ImpulseSV, Docm77, Skellythekid and MumboJumbo
You’re guilty of getting murdered with words // Y’all are out-gunned, go home nerds

Content Warning: This is a diss track, so lots of roasts, mentions of death, and gruesome Minecraft references (that aren’t technically gruesome in the game)

Yes, another Hermitcraft song. This one is not a remix, actually. It’s a song that several of the YouTubers put together themselves, and it’s very well-done. I love rapping along XD

Mumbo AFK || elybeatmaker and Grian
Mumbo Jumbo you are AFK // I’m gonna take that mustache away!

This one is a Hermitcraft remix. Technically, it was just a little ditty that was sung by Grian, a YouTuber, and his fanbase went nuts with it!

It’s a total jam!

Arch-Illager Rap || Dan Bull
You can try assembling a rebellion of adventurers // It’s never gonna bother me, my friend, so don’t pretend it does

Content Warning: This is technically a Minecraft song so there’s a little bit of Minecraft lingo, hypnosis, shunning, burning, and mentions of liquor (but they’re referring to potions. Rhymes are a thing). I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Minecraft Dungeons is such an awesome game, and Dan Bull made sure to make a rap for the boss, the Arch-Illager. This is my favorite out of all his raps, and singing and rapping along is so much fun!

Greater || MercyMe
Bring your doubts // And bring your fears // Bring your hurt // And bring your tears


I don’t remember where I heard this song for the first time, how old I was or anything, but it still sends me on such a nostalgia trip when I hear it!

Go || Hollyn
You must have some magnet in your soul // Pullin’ me away from what I know

Content Warning: This song implies a very unhealthy relationship so interpret that as you will.

It’s the prechorus that sold me on this one. MINOR CHORDS

Work of Art || Britt Nicole
Comparing is poison // That’s killing you and me // The lies of perfection // We ain’t gonna believe

I love Britt Nicole’s voice so much, and she doesn’t disappoint on this song. The melody is absolutely beautiful!!

Normal || Jamie Grace
And I know it’s a little bit 1991 pop song, to say, “Just be yourself” // So call me a 1991 pop song, don’t wanna be nobody else

This is one of Jamie’s more recent songs and OH MY GOODNESS I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH

If you listen, you’ll understand.

True Colors (Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake version) || Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg, Justin Timberlake, and Anna Kendrick
Show me a smile then // Don’t be unhappy // Can’t remember when // I last saw you laughing

When we first watched Trolls, we were obsessed with the soundtrack and listened to it all the time! My dad and I used to duet on this song, and it’s so beautiful!

Um….I don’t really listen to old music all that often. I prefer songs with a more modern feel to them. I think the oldest songs I’ve listened to are Disney songs πŸ˜…

Irene || TobyMac (2001)
You got to reach up to touch rock bottom // The powers that be keep you downtrodden

Content Warning: Implications of a woman pregnant outside of wedlock

This song is from Toby’s first solo album, and it’s my favorite on the album. The Hebrew feel to the chorus is so perfect and I love it so much!

My Friend || DC Talk (1998)
And I remember when you used to say // “Jesus is the way” // I never thought I’d see your light begin to fade

I love the melody of the verses! Up and down and back again, and the guitar adds a lot to it.

River Flows in You (Piano Version) || Yiruma (2001)

I honestly didn’t know this song was this old, because I’ve only been aware of its existence for a couple of years. It’s so pretty and it makes a perfect lullaby!

Yeah, these are the oldest songs on my list πŸ˜… They’re before my time, so I count them as old XD

God Girl || Jamie Grace
I’m a God girl that’s who I’ll be // From the top of my head to the soles of my feet

I have known this song for quite some time, and I love the message of it. When my sister heard it for the first time, I sang along and she gave me weird looks.

Although, she does that often.

Pigstep || Lena Raine

Yes, this is a real song and don’t you dare try to convince me otherwise.

I’ve been playing Minecraft for almost seven years, and the music never really suited my tastes. I mean, sure, it was nice, and it fit the atmosphere, but it wasn’t the kind of music that I like to listen to. And then, last summer, Mojang added the Pigstep music disc and my world exploded. I love it so much.

Keys to the Kingdom || Group 1 Crew
So many promises You gave // And we just turned and walked away // But now I see the price You paid // Was enough for us to live victorious

I was riding home with my dad after Wednesday night church and we were listening to the TobyMac radio on Pandora. This song came on, and my dad went, “I like me some Group 1 Crew.” I was surprised because I’d never heard any of their songs and yet my dad seemed to know who they were. Curious, I listened to the song and promptly fell in love. I love Group 1 Crew so much.

Beloved || Jordan Feliz
Sometimes a heart can feel like a heavy weight // It pulls you under and you just fall away

I loved this song because of the beat and it was one of my favorites. I listened to it all the time. Then, we left our homeschool group, which was where some of my best friends were, and suddenly, I found myself pretty friendless. My sister was being invited to sleepovers and playdates all the time but my friends never invited me over. I was really disappointed, and I was starting to slip into depression a little bit.

And then, this song came on and took a whole new meaning for me.

Whenever I feel bad, I listen to this song. It doesn’t always cheer me up 100% of the time, but it does chase away some of the storm clouds of life.

Love Feels Like || TobyMac
But in the depths of the trenches // Is the richest of riches // Love is calling us to more

In the aforementioned homeschool group, every week one of the families would do a “family presentation” where they told a little bit about themselves so everyone could get to know them better. Well, one of the families consisted of some massive TobyMac fans, and, for their family presentation, they did a lip sync of this song! It was honestly very well done, and ridiculously funny XD

While You Were Sleeping (Original Christmas Version) || Casting Crowns
United States of America // Looks like another silent night // As we’re sung to sleep by philosophies // That save the trees and kill the children

That line hits hard, doesn’t it? I remember when our church choir performed this song in the Christmas program. I cried.

Thunder || Imagine Dragons

Me and my sisters were playing on our trampoline once, and I was playing a very dramatic character who liked to call lightning from the sky at random times and shout, “LIGHTNING CRACKABOOM THUNDER FIRE DEATH CRACKABOOM” and my sister sang this song whenever I did that XD

Sixteen || Jamie Grace
Bear with me // I’m only sixteen

I’m fifteen but I know what it feels like to have so much pressure on your shoulders as you grow. This song reminds me that I’m only a teenager and I’m blessed to have a family that will take care of me as I learn what it means to live in the real world.

Still That Girl || Britt Nicole
Sometimes life don’t go the way you planned // And we all have days when we just don’t understand

Every time this song comes on, I imagine a “music video” in my head for it. (That’s one of my favorite things to do. You should try it! Imagine characters doing whatever the song says.) I don’t know why, but my “music video” just kind of calms me down.

*shrugs* I’m a strange child.

Better || Britt Nicole
Paper planes in the sky crashing one at a time // Praying that they don’t land where you hide

This song doesn’t have Britt’s usual feel. The accompaniment only has a couple of instruments and it’s really simple, which I love.

Only Jesus || Casting Crowns
But all an empty world can sell is empty dreams

I heard this song in a few TikToks (no, I’m not on TikTok, I watch YouTubers react to TikToks. I will probably never join TikTok *shivers*). I could only hear bits and pieces in the TikToks, and I was kind of curious as to what song it was. And then, this song came on my Pandora radio and I almost fell out of my chair XD

Not the End of Me || Group 1 Crew
Now I’m sitting here feeling so defeated // It’s like you punched my heart, call that a heart beating.

This song is technically about breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, but it also can apply to losing someone you love, whether by argument, car crash, or something else. The chorus is very calming.

Heaven (Fix Things) || Jamie Grace
And I believe, everything that is broken is in Your hands // And You hold the power to turn mountains into sand and You can make a river out of dry land

God won’t always fix things here on earth, but when we get to Heaven, all the pain and hurting will disappear. It’s a good reminder in every scenario.

Live About It (lo-fi) || Jamie Grace
You could call it opposites attract // For a king to live among the pack // Or just call it like it is // The way we need to live

This song squeezed a tear or two out when I first heard it. It’s so pretty and Jamie Grace’s vocals really bring it to life.

You’ll Never Be Alone || Capital Kings
Last week you were sayin’ that somethin’ just ain’t right // Layin’ in your bed stayin’ up all night

This is another song that I’ve come up with a “music video” for. Not going into details, but my “music video” makes me cry sometimes.

I’m Sorry || TobyMac
We overlook the broken // The homeless // And discard the poor // While we celebrate the rich and beautiful // With a wide-open door

Content Warning: This song is about current events soooo…..


If you know, you know.

Remember Me (Lullaby Version) || Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez
Know that I’m with you the only way that I can be // Until you’re in my arms again // Remember me

*wails again*

This song is so beautiful, and the context makes it 1000x better.

Giants Fall || Francesca Battistelli
The stones inside your hand might be small // But watch the giants fall

He said to them, β€œBecause of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, β€˜Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20

Dream Big || Jamie Grace
Just give me a shot, just put me on your stage // I’ll sing, then clean up, and put the chairs away

This song is a reminder to trust the Lord and work hard to make your dreams come true.

Stronger || Mandisa
Hold on and let Him hold your hand // Go on and fall into the arms of Jesus

I don’t listen to Mandisa all that often, but I do like this song. The pain isn’t going to last forever and God is holding you in the palm of His hand. It’s motivation to stay strong and push through the pain and know that God is caring for you every step of the way.

Hero (Red Pill Remix) || Superchic(k)
If we make a choice and be the voice for those who won’t speak up for themselves // How many lives would be saved, changed, and rearranged?

Content Warning: Mentions of suicide, guns, pills, self-harm, and bullying.

The content warnings might turn people off, but this is a great song about standing up for the people who are harming and killing themselves because of the way they’re treated. I prefer the remixed version than the original solely because of the beat.

Believer || Capital Kings
I’m never hidin’ this light away // I am more than a dreamer // I’m a believer

The beat is great on this song, and the lyrics are too. It reminds me to shine for God and bring His light into other people’s lives.

Welcome to the category where Mia dumped everything that didn’t fit in other categories! Enjoy!!

Safe || Britt Nicole
You keep trying to get inside my head // While I keep trying to lose the words you said

Honestly, my favorite part of this song is when the strings slide into the chorus at the end. Chills, every time!!

I am Second || Newsboys
I’m second to One // Redeemer, The Way, The Light

This song is a good reminder that human beings aren’t the ones in charge, and that God is Lord over our lives. Plus, it just sounds so good.

Write Your Story || Francesca Battistelli
I’m an empty page // I’m an open book // Write Your story on my heart

As a writer, these lyrics appeal to me so much XD

Burn for You || TobyMac
I’d rather burn for You than fade away // I’d rather burn for You than go my way!

We should all prefer burning for our Lord and Savior, than going our own way. Light that FIRE in our hearts, Lord!!

Forsaken || Group 1 Crew
But here I stand unbroken // Here with an open heart // And in Your hands I give You all of me // Forgiven with a brand new start

I love the entire chorus on this song, but it’s a little too long to fit πŸ˜… The lyrics are fantastic and the melody is even better!

Goin Down || Group 1 Crew
The night’s young, you can call it underage.

Maybe it’s just me, but this line is so clever XD Young, underage….metaphors, am I right?

Superheroes || The Script
When you’ve been fighting for it all your life // You’ve been struggling to make things right // That’s how a superhero learns to fly

Not all superheroes get their powers from a nuclear blast. Some get their powers by pushing through the pain and hard times.

Dangerous || Group 1 Crew
I want to live dangerous // Risk it all for You, Lord // I need You to wake me up from // The life I’ve known before

We should all be willing to risk everything for the Lord.

Catchafire (White Rabbit Remix) || TobyMac
Catch a fire let it burn within // Catch a fire let it burn for Him


Higher || Unspoken
Leave me in rags and ruins and I’ll praise You through it // Clothe me in glory and riches, I’ll praise You just the same

Whether God blesses us with more than we could have ever hoped for, or takes everything away, we should always praise Him through it because one day, the things of earth will fall away.

My Life Be Like (feat. TobyMac) || GRITS
I believe there’s a bride that’s stunning // And, I believe in the kingdom coming

God’s kingdom is coming. Whether we like it or not.

Games || Jamie Grace
What’s the deal with us? // Why don’t we show more love? // I don’t understand it // Why we seem so tough? // This ain’t a battleground

This song is about saying no to the drama and games and standing up for what’s right. Love is one of the greatest things we can show for someone.

Hello Future || TobyMac
Hello Jesus // I hope You understand // My last departure was never planned

Sometimes we drift away from Jesus, and it can be hard to come back to Him and apologize. But, once you get it over with, it feels like there’s been a massive load lifted off of your shoulders.

The River || Jordan Feliz
All of my dirt // All of my shame // Drowned in the streams that have made me born again


Obvious? || Hollyn
Isn’t it obvious? // Lose the disguise, look me in the eyes // Isn’t it obvious?

I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved this line. *shrugs*

Satellites || Capital Kings
Light up a torch // Burning on forever // One flame reborn // Our worlds collide


Ready for Home || Capital Kings
Walkin’ these circles got me comin’ unglued // Gave You my heart and then I stole it from You

Circular reasoning is enough to bring anyone unglued XD

Prayin for You || Lecrae
And matter of fact there’s somethin’ else he’s concealin’ // See, the person that I’ve been prayin’ about is really me

Content Warning: Implication of lust

Yeah, I’ve done this before. Pretended I was praying for someone else when, in reality, I was praying for myself. Sometimes, it helps.

Let’s Go (feat. TobyMac) || Group 1 Crew
And make time // To turn someone’s day bright // And change how we live life (Andale, andale) // The future’s what we make it // So let’s go

The “andales” are my favorite part.

On Your Own || TobyMac
Sometimes you gotta go through // What you gotta go through // Just to think it right through // But you’ll never be // On your own

God will put us through things for unknown reasons, but it’s always a part of His overarching plan.

Stand in the Rain || Superchic(k)
The only way out is through everything she’s running from

Sometimes, the only way to get out of what you’re stuck in is to face it head on.

I don’t usually watch music videos, but here are some that I found in my YouTube history.

21 Years || TobyMac
21 years makes a man full-grown // 21 years, what a beautiful loan // 21 years, I love everyone // Thank you Lord for my beautiful son

Toby wrote this song for his son, Truett, after Tru’s death back in 2019, and I CRY EVERY TIME I HEAR IT!!! This is my favorite music video and when it came to the end and had clips of Tru *sobs*

Gobble Gobble (Official Lyric Video) || Matthew West
Oh my my get that turkey in my belly // Oh my my with the cranberry jelly

Hey, like he says in the song, there aren’t that many songs about Thanksgiving, and this one is fantastic XD My sister was complaining about that last year and I showed her this song and it made her happy XD

Diabolical || Welsknight
You say I’m not the real deal, but what good have you done? // You barely said a thing, and then you claim the battle’s won?

Content Warning: Another diss track. Mentions of murder, arson, and demons kind of? It’s mostly MInecraft speak though.

Having a rap battle with yourself is an interesting idea. *applauds Welknight’s brilliance* And yes, this is another Hermitcraft song. What can I say? I’m obsessed!

Help is on the Way (Maybe Midnight) || TobyMac
Sometimes it’s days // Sometimes it’s years // Some face a lifetime of falling tears

Okay but the story in this three minute video is incredible! I love the way it ends. I love happy endings XD

The Worship Song Song || Random Action Verb Worship
With no instruments // Just the voices // With no instruments // With a key change

Honestly, none of the lyrics make sense without context XD Just watch the video XD

The Wellerman TikTok Sea Chanty Mashup
As far as I’ve heard, the fight’s still on // The line’s not cut, and the whale’s not gone // The Wellerman makes his regular call // To encourage the captain, crew and all 

I don’t do sea shanties, but this one is so good!! Occasionally there are these gorgeous gems on TikTok that spill over to YouTube.

I literally cannot get this song out of my head.

Born Again || Newsboys
I didn’t wanna fall // But I don’t have to crawl // I met the One with two scarred hands

When this song first came on, I didn’t like the verses too much. Then, the chorus exploded onto the scene and I fell hard! 😍

Heart of Stone || Britt Nicole
Crash like broken glass shattered on the floor // Finally a victory I’ve never felt before

The beginning of this song was pretty strange, but the more I listen, the more it grows on me.

Dance Monkey || Tones and I
Just like a monkey I’ve been dancing my whole life // But you just beg to see me dance just one more time

The title caught me off guard, but I do really enjoy this song. So many fantastic remixes!!

Headphones || Britt Nicole
Her mom says she’s great // The kids think she’s weird // Honestly she wish she could disappear

One of my friends said she didn’t really enjoy this song, so I listened to it to see why she didn’t like it. I’m still not sure why she doesn’t like it.

Holiday (MyKidBrother Remix) || Britt Nicole
No more drama to mess up my flow // No more questions to answer, no

The siren sounds at the beginning are….odd to say the least, but I like the tune XD

Ignition (Hot Wired Remix) || TobyMac
So don’t blink when you wanna come cross the border // Take a look around or come test the water

The original Ignition wasn’t my favorite but I absolutely love the differences in this one!! Plus, that piano in the last chorus is gorgeous!!

Gotta Go || TobyMac
Tobymac can’t get to the phone // Please leave a message after the tone

I didn’t like this song at first, but it’s growing on me. Plus, little Tru!! So precious!!

Keep Goin’ (feat. Capital Kings) || Group 1 Crew
Goin’ goin’ goin’ goin’ // I recommend, don’t follow no trend

This is one of the newer Group 1 Crew songs, written after Blanca left the group. I wasn’t sure if it would be that great, but I was not disappointed!! Ahh, I love Group 1 Crew so much!!!

Gold || Owl City
I don’t need the stars in the night // I found my treasure

Guys. I am so obsessed with this song. I’ve been listening to it for the majority of this blog post. It matches two of my characters so well and GAH I love it so much!! Plus, Adam Young’s voice is really unique. It adds a beautiful color to the tune.

The Bees are Coming || elybeatmaker and Cubfan
The bees are coming // The bees!

Dibby Dibby Diamonds || elybeatmaker and Grian
Dibby dibby diamonds // Good luck remixing that one!

Dragon Bros || elybeatmaker and Iskall85
Chick-chica chica chica dragon bros!

Guinea Pig Dance || elybeatmaker and Grian
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo // Guinea Pig Dance!

Okay, may as well dump the last of these songs here XD Seriously, Hermitcraft remixes are the best!!

Way Beyond Myself || Newsboys
Like the wind that moves the leaves // Lord, You move me to my knees // Even into something way beyond myself

This one reminds me of Born Again, but….better. Don’t question me. I’m weird.

Stories (Down to the Bottom) || TobyMac
We’ve been down to the bottom // Stories we got ’em, when we hit rock bottom

The tune is the main reason I love this song.

Let it Roll || Group 1 Crew
Feel the rhythm in your soul // And all your worries, let them go

This song is so unbelievably upbeat, and always energizes me!! Plus, it feels so different in several places. It really adds to the song!

This category is a mix of Christian love, God’s love and romantic love.

His Kind of Love (Capital Kings Remix) || Group 1 Crew
Tell me what kind of God would choose to save // The bruised, the broken, the sinners, the runaways

What kind of God would choose to save such horrible sinners? God’s love is incredible.

I prefer the remixed version of this song to the original because I really enjoy Capital Kings’ songwriting style.

Nothin’ on You || Hollyn
Might have a million dollars in the bank // Thirty cars with the yacht on the lake // Just ’cause you got it don’t mean you gotta flaunt it // He’s the one who paid the price, yeah, He got it

The love of Jesus trumps the love of any guy here on earth. *shakes finger* Remember that, you little whippersnappers.

πŸ˜‚ I’m such a nut!

Bella || Jamie Grace
When You call me Your bella // I know I’m Your mija

Spanish! I love Spanish, and it fits so well in this song!!

Only Love || Jordan Feliz
Someone say amen // If you know what I’m talking about


One of a Kind || Jamie Grace
To You I’m not as crazy as I think

I am as crazy as I think, but God loves me anyway! (Thank goodness!)

I’ll Wait || The Strumbellas
I’ll wait, I’ll wait to be the one // To catch you when you’re falling

Liesl just introduced me to this song today, and I love it!! The tune and the lyrics work together so well!!

Is….is that really the end?

*wipes brow* Guys, this post took me four days to write. I loved every second, but….yeesh XD

If you want to take on this tag for yourself, I’d love to see it! I really enjoyed raving about all of these songs!!

Do you know any of these songs? Which ones are your favorites?

Thanks for sitting through this entire post πŸ˜…

20 thoughts on “Me and Music Tag ~ In Which MUSIC”

  1. Oh my word, I’ve listened to literally almost every single one of those artists you listed. SUPERCHIC IS AMAZING. I love their song We Live–it’s sad, but so encouraging. ❀ And ah, Hollyn is so good too. And Hamilton. 😍 I don't listen to a lot of these artists anymore, but whenever I do, I come away encouraged. Thanks for sharing, Mia, I loved seeing this post!

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  3. Wow, I loved reading this blog post! There are a lot of amazing songs on here.

    AND YESS BRITT NICOLE AND TOBYMAC AND HOLLYN!! *totally hasn’t been in a music phase these past couple days.*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course! That just shows you have good taste in music. πŸ˜‰

        YESS!! Good for you. XD It’s weird because I’m not usually into music, but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of the same (sometimes sad) songs on repeat. Blame assembling Shards of Sky playlists. XD

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