Mail Art Episode Threeeeee ~ In Which I Almost Missed My Self-Imposed Deadline But HA!! Take THAT, Procrastination!!!

Hellooooo everyone and welcome back to the third installment of my mail art series thingamabob. This is coming out….. admittedly later than I wanted but I got it done and that’s what counts! It’s been a long month LOL

ANYWAYS enjoy the art!

I literally replied to the last letter yesterday so let’s get this posted before I get another letter to reply to πŸ˜‚

I like this one a lot! And I almost forgot to take a picture of it! I always seem to have a lot of flower stationery for some reason so I put it to good use in this letter. AND LOOK!!! Even the stamp matched! I’m my not-so-humble opinion, flower stamps are much more fun than American flag stamps.

Aw I like this one too. The calligraphy is just lovely. Honestly, the simpler designs always end up being my favorites.

LOL I did this one right after my birthday in September. I’d gotten a lot of celestial stationery and I wanted to use some. Soooo I did!

And isn’t the back lovely?? I also got a wax seal kit for my birthday and I was eager to try it out. Unfortunately, I don’t have an actual stamp, so I just used the lid of my glasses’ spray cleaner XD Whatever works!

One of the ladies at my church gave me a little stationery set because she knew I liked to penpal. The paper had a little flower border so I decorated the envelope with — surprise surprise — my flower stationery! (And the stamp was a flower too) I made this one kind of flippantly but it ended up being one of my favorites.

Funny how that works LOL

Ah yes. An autumn-themed letter. I had to find a way to use all the fall stationery Anabelle sent me! I actually really like this letter. It looks so minimal. And that film is actually real film from back in the olden days when you had to go to Walmart to get your pictures developed. I believe the pictures on this film were of my parents in Alaska. But you can’t tell unless you hold it to the light.

Oh yeah. I sent a lot XD I sent her a bunch of stickers and chipboard embellishments and also some cute little decorations I got ages ago. And that painting of a girl reading (on the right LOL) I actually did myself! I’m trying to expand my watercolor skills. It’s actually a lot easier than I thought.

Aside from that, I also sent some washi tape, a q+a card, and some pressed flowers. I have A LOT. It’s a bit of an issue. But there’s so many pretty flowers that bloom around here! What am I supposed to do, not press them? Ridiculous!

Oh I love this letter so much. The calligraphy is so elegant, I just wish the downstrokes were smoother.

Ah yes, I participated in a secret Santa snail mail thingy that one of my friends hosted and this is my letter to the girl that I was assigned to! I love how it turned out. There were a couple of times in the process where I was like “Oops I ruined it” but it all came together in the end! And Anna must have liked it because we’re penpals now!

And this letter went to a different Anna that I was already penpals with XD It’s so simplistic and I love it.

This one isn’t my favorite but I still like how it turned out. I was kind of rushing through the process and I guess this is what happens when you rush. But it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

I think this one is my favorite in the whole post. IS IT NOT GORGEOUS??!?!! It makes me think of a wedding invitation or something. It’s just…..perfect.

Ew, why on earth does the envelope look yellow? LOL anyway, this letter went to the girl that sent me a Christmas card for that snail mail secret Santa thing I mentioned. So I got two new penpals out of it!

It’s been awhile since I did a green theme and I really like how it turned out! I spent an embarrassingly long time trying to decide which girl I wanted to stick on the envelope πŸ˜…

EEP I LOVE THIS ONE!! All the colors just matched so perfectly with everything and ahhh it’s perfect.

This letter had an orange theme and I think it turned out quite nice! It completely cleaned me out of orange stationery though heh.

Welp I hope y’all enjoyed seeing all my mail art! I enjoyed making it! XD


🎡 willow by Taylor Swift 🎡

Art Dumpppppp!!!!!!! ~ In Which I Dump a Lot of Art From My Recently Finished Sketchbook and Comment on Them :D

Helloooooo ladies and gents!! We are in for a ride today! It took me 45 minutes to take pictures of all my art and upload it to WordPress and another 20 minutes to get it all into this post *facepalm* I hope you guys like art because I have a LOT of it! Some good, some bad, some…..idek XD

Also, sorry about the photo quality on some of these. I have a good camera on my phone, but it’s not the best, and I’m fairly sure my printer can’t scan sooo……blurry muddled photos it is!!

I mean, not all of them are terrible, so maybe y’all can survive the ones that are LOL

ShAll we jump in??

*le boing*

Ah, I see we are starting with a bad one. *nods* Great plan, me. Lower their expectations so they’re impressed later on. I’m a genius!

My sisters had a Frozen II Elsa coloring page, and for whatever reason, I decided to trace it. Why? I don’t know. It probably would have turned out better if I’d just copied it, but nope. So yeah, that’s why she has such thicc eyebrows.

And this takes up a whole page 0.0

I don’t know if you guys remember me mentioning my anime phase in another post? If you don’t, it doesn’t matter LOL. This is just one of the few anime girls I drew. She’s cute. Idk why I didn’t finish her. And honestly? Some of the best hair I’ve ever drawn.

Oh gosh. Oh no. Um. This is what happens when I go through artist’s block. I should just burn this page.

In case you’re wondering, that’s Cinderella, hair practice, and holly berries, all on the same page.

Ohhh, this comic!! I actually drew this months after the stuff it’s between, but there was an empty page and I just had to fill it. It’s Hermitcraft fanart! I’m a nerd, I know. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more fanart to come. *winks*

This was very heavily inspired by fanart and random textposts on Tumblr. I love that Mumbotato design. It was fun to draw.

If you’re still confused (which honestly, fair), the second panel features a shocked Mumbo Jumbo, and the bottom two panels are of Grian. And I am here for the dragon-Grian headcanons. Like….*chef’s kiss* FABULOUS!

Grian’s saying “They touched my egg.” in the last panel. I know, it’s hard to read *facepalm*

Ah, like I said! More fanart! We are now entering my Dream SMP phase. Ladies and gents, fasten your seatbelts because I was OBSESSED with the DSMP.

This is definitely not my best work, but this is where I started playing around with the art styles of various animators (*cough* SAD-ist *cough*) and this had a huge impact on my art style even now.

Dream, George (he looks like an apple aslkaldkja), and Sapnap

Aaaaaand, eyeball practice. Geez, this entire thing is a mess. But as you can see, not everything can be a finished piece.

First slide: WilburSoot! My Wilbur design has come a long way since this drawing, but I still like it.

Second slide: My first and only drawing of BadBoyHalo. Featuring a terrible hood. And also no color for his face because I still don’t have the right shade of gray. Also I dropped one of my markers while I was coloring Wilbur *facepalm*

Third slide: Quackityyyyy!! It looks nothing like him, aside from the beanie. I should draw more Quackities…..

Fourth slide: Dream and George! I am quite a fan of drawing Dream’s classic smiley as a mask. I’ll probably keep doing this despite the face reveal. Also, another bad George.

This was my interpretation of a still from a SAD-ist animatic. She had a quick shot of Sapnap burning a forest and I was like “Cute! I should draw that!” So I did. And I also have little drawings of Dream and Tommyinnit because Why NotTM

Dream: “WE ARE AT WAR!” Tommy: “OH, SHUT UP!!”

WilburSoot, take two! Still not the best. Also, I kept drawing the noses poking out too far, and they look like dogs. There’s an unfortunate section in my sketchbook where I was drawing dog-people.

Oh, and that’s Schlatt lurking in the background. Also based on SAD-ist’s design for him.

Wilbur: “Killing Schlatt wouldn’t do anything.” “Killing Schlatt wouldn’t fix a single thing.”

Ooh! I drew a little picture story thingamabob off of Liesl’s Minecraft fanfiction, Misadventures in Minecraft. It’s all shipping because I am a hopeless romantic, but I don’t ship these two anymore. I have changed my mind. Hehe.

Anyways, the girl with the blue hair is Orchid, a player, and the guy with the hat is Flint, a villager.

Ah yes, and a tiny drawing from another part of the story thingy, featuring Orchid and another player, Galaxy. I used to hate him, but now…..idk, I actually really like him. Also I love his hoodie.

Oh, and here’s some fanart of Orchid and another villager, Cat. I love Cat. She’s a sarcastic queen. I should draw her more.

Roger and Boomer are two of my sisters’ toys. Lowkey, I think this is the best horse I’ve ever drawn. Like, it’s gorgeous????

And this is a failed sketch of a cat lady. It was going well until I realized that I have no idea how to draw cats. So I scrapped it. It was a cute idea though.

More Orchid! This is an illustration from the very first part of the fanfic, when she gets sucked into the game. And yes, the chicken is very Important.

Also, we have reached the milestone where I gave up on drawing fingers XD From here on out, everyone has mittens for hands. *nods*

Ah, I love this one! More Hermitcraft fanart! This is GeminiTay. The sign is an inside joke, and I just had to draw something based off it. And her design came from the various headcanons I’ve seen where Gem is a deer.

Also her HAIR. It could definitely be better, but I just really like drawing Gem with LOTS of HAIR for some reason. So other then the hair-splosion, I’m quite proud of this drawing!

Just ignore the fact that one leg is shorter than the other *fp*

Another drawing from my sisters’ toys! I never actually finished this one. I should though. Her dress is so beautiful.

This is a subset of Hermitcraft fanart: 3rd Life fanart! The little series was meant to be pretty lighthearted, but there was much roleplay in the end. I loved it though! It was fun!

First slide: Rendog, the Red King. Very dramatic. As is appropriate. *nodnod*

Second slide: SolidarityGaming, aka Jimmy (or Timmy). He was the first one to die in the series and he changed his Minecraft skin to THIS. DISINTEGRATING. DEAD. Gives me Infinity War vibes.

MORE HERMITCRAFT FANART!!!! Here we see an angsty little drawing of BDoubleO100, with flashbacks to 3rd Life. It makes sense in context, I promise LOL

GEMINITAY!!! Again, with lots of hair. But as a white-tailed deer satyrrrrr!! I love this drawing.

Hehe. Here we see Scar, Impulse, Grian, and Mumbo Jumbo. Scar was wearing a little hat and Grian kept teasing him about it, much to his chagrin. I haven’t colored Scar’s suit yet because I don’t have the right color, but like. I love this drawing. It’s funny.

Scar: “IT’S NOT A LITTLE HAT!!!!” Grian: “Don’t listen to him. It’s definitely a little hat.”

Keeper of the Lost Cities fanart! I got busy and never finished this one. It was going to be a drawing of Fitz and Linh, based on that scene where Linh made a little bird out of water and impressed the boys. I actually think Fitz and Linh was a cute couple when they first met. Not anymore, but when they first met, they were precious.

Ope. Yep. I forgot I drew this. I drew it right after finding out my crush at the time had a girlfriend, when I was feeling very much like the girl in the bottom drawing. Definitely not my best work, but I still like it. And it’s my best attempt at drawing people kissing, so that’s something at least.

And now we’re getting into the myriad of doodles and sketches I did recently! The first one is another drawing of BDoubleO100, the second one is my character, Rebecka, and the third one is a drawing I did off of lyrics from Run Boy Run by Woodkid. ‘Tis dramatic.

I drew this little watercolor for my friend. It’s cute! Not my best work, but I’m still proud of it.

Some Ninjago, because why not?

First slide: Jay. I love his hair. It’s cute and messy, but it also just matches Jay’s whole electric vibe.

Second slide: A very bad Nya. I’m sorry, Bea, I ruined her *hides*

FLINT AND ORCHID AGAIN!!!! What can I say, I love these characters. The words are from So Will I by Ben Platt.

None of y’all will get this unless you’ve read Misadventures in Minecraft but…..I’m proud of the art, so I wanted to share it.

Let me see if I can explain. There were several of us that read MiM, and we had some aggressive ship wars. Most people shipped Orchid and Flint, but some people shipped Orchid with another character and some people shipped Flint with Cat. I was an aggressive “Flintchid” shipper back in the day, but now…..I think my allegiance has changed. I ship “Flat” now. Mwahaha.

Second slide: Cat. I love her. And I quite like this design.

Third slide: The best Flint I have ever drawn. He’s so cute and dorky.

Fourth slide: Offended Orchid. Mwahaha.

This is my character Ryan. He has control over fire. He is a nut. I love him. In this lovely picture, he is listening to Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys and singing his own version.

(Also, this begs the question: If I have a headcanon about my own characters, does that make it automatically canon???)

“This boy is on fireeeee. . . .”

My character Harmony. But upside-down. Why? No idea. Why not?

Hehe, I stole this bit from a Dream Team short, but I have a colorblind character and I had to use it. Also featuring Ryan again!!

Chase: “What do you want me to say man? I’m colorblind!” Ryan: “COLORBLIND?!! I asked for an apple! And you gave me lasagna!! How are you blaming this on “colorblindness”?!!! Don’t give me dumb excuses, you absolute idiot! You owe me an apple!!”

Harmony, but this time right-side-up! And with a concerned expression because I feel like she makes that face a lot.

On the left, we see one of my many side characters, Iris. She is silly. So I drew her being silly.

On the right, we see a flower. I had to fill up the empty space somehow. *shrugs*

This is my protagonist, Violet! In the first picture, she read something sad, so she’s crying. And in the second picture, she’s yelling at Ryan. Why? I dunno. They fight a lot though.

Another of my characters, Matthew. He has power over the earth and rocks and things, so he likes rocks. This is not his personality at all, but embarassing pictures of my characters? To blackmail them later? Yesss!!


I don’t know if you guys know that TikTok trend centering around No Roots by Alice Merton, but I drew something based off of it. It started with some foxes and then just….devolved. But basically, the trend is, you use silly, out-of-context images/quotes/etc. to introduce a person or a character or something. So I did that for some animals. Enjoy.

First slide: I loooove this foxxxxx so muchhhhh!!!! She’s gorgeous. Her nose is just…..*chef’s kiss*

Second slide: A fox. In the snow. With just his little tail sticking out.

Third slide: A bird that has smacked into a glass door. As one does.

Fourth slide: A scared cat that has jumped straight into the air with legs flying all over the place and tail as floofy as possible.

Fifth slide: A raccoon with a cup stuck on his nose. I love him.

I wasn’t sure what to draw, and my brother suggested a headcanon of a head cannon. So yeah. This is my head cannon headcanon.

And we shall close this post out with a little Dream SMP comic from George’s most recent video featuring the best Wilbur Soot I have ever drawn.

Well. I hope y’all enjoyed that. That was two years of my art journey condensed into one blog post. And now we just have to wait another two years for another one!!

Signing off now. Toodles!

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More Mail Art ~ In Which I Showcase More of My Random Envelope Designs

This was supposed to go up in July, but I’m a little good too good at procrastinating and it. . . . didn’t. Better late than never?

It’s been a few months since my last mail art post and I’ve written a good bit of letters since then. So here, enjoy more of my mail art!

Oh yeah, I also gave my blog a makeover if you didn’t notice. What do y’all think? I quite like it. And I also added a Contact Me page (Say Hey!) and a blog buttons page! (Blog Buttons) You guys are welcome to check those out if you’d like.

Okay, sorry, that’s all. On to the post!

I love this one. I spent so long on it and I feel like it turned out really cute! I don’t know if I’d ever make another one like it, but I am really proud of it.

I love looking at this one! I played around with my creativity a lot when I made it. Also, the white gel pen really adds a lot. *chef’s kiss*

This whole letter had a vintage theme, as I had a lot of random vintage ephemera lying around. I especially love how the envelope turned out. The kraft paper just works so well with so many different envelope designs, especially this one.

Here we see the various things I included in the letter including the letter itself, questions, answers (to questions she sent me in her letter), Would You Rather?, a little card or whatever that I wasn’t sure what to do with, and various stickers. I had an empty sticker sheet, so I just stuck a bunch of different stickers on it for Olivia to use!

A Lisa Frank-themed letter. Why not? I found a bunch of Lisa Frank stickers and I thought, “May as well relive my childhood.” Idk, I think it’s cute.

Oh wow. I forgot how much I sent Bianca πŸ˜… Besides the actual letter, I sent her a riddle, questions, answers (to the questions she sent me), Would You Rather?, my answer to the Would You Rather? she sent me, stickers, and some pictures of me. (She’s a fairly new penpal.) There are so many rainbows in this letter. It’s great.

I made this one ages ago and I didn’t get the chance to use it for months. But it’s Sleepy Murphy! Y’all might remember Murphy from my first mail art post (if not, that’s alright). This is him asleep. I should make more Murphy mail art. . . .

This is the part of the post where the mail art becomes more minimal because I got busy with various things. I don’t hate the simpler designs though. I think this one turned out cute! The negative space is kinda nice.

This one’s cute too, if a little boring. I could have done more, but my letter was late and I wanted to get it sent as quickly as possible.

I may or may not have borrowed this design from a letter Liesl sent me. Except my version looks WAY better. *flips hair*

I sent Liesl a flower that I’d mentioned to her on the phone. The reason I mentioned it was because it somehow changed colors! When I picked it, it was bright pink, but it turned purple after I pressed it. It was the strangest thing!

Anyway, I made that little pocket from memory after seeing penpal YouTubers do it (what can I say, I watch a lot of Penpal With Me videos *shrugs*) and I stuffed a bunch of flower stationery in there. You know, to go with the pressed flower.

The calligraphy is pretty! I will admit, this was one of my more boring letters, but I hope Bea liked it nonetheless!

This one may not be the most pleasing to look at, but it’s pretty cool (at least in my opinion). I pressed that little branch and I figured I could use it to decorate an envelope. I used my glue tape to stick it down, and after I finished the entire thing (including writing the address), I stuck packing tape over the whole thing to make sure nothing got messed up.

(Also, if you’re wondering, I got the book page from a falling-apart duplicate copy of The Magician’s Nephew. I didn’t just decimate a book for no reason. Y’all can rest easy.)

I love how this one turned out! I remembered reading about the way people used to write letters back in the olden days when they couldn’t afford envelopes, so I decided to try it out. I decorated the paper and wrote my letter, then folded it up and addressed it on the outside of the paper! I also used some of my Dollar Tree stamps to decorate it. It turned out cute!

I wasn’t really planning to decorate this one quite as much as I did, but it just kinda happened. I am very happy with how it turned out, though. The colors just match so well! The paint chip, and the washi, and the brush pen I used for the address. . . . it just worked! I’m also really happy with how the calligraphy turned out. Some of my best work, I think.

Well, I hope y’all enjoyed and maybe found some inspiration for your own mail art! Oh, and let me know how you feel about my blog’s redesign! I figured she was way overdue for a facelift.

Alright, that’s all! Toodles!

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Old Art ~ In Which I Make Fun of My Old Art and We Come Across Some Interesting Characters

Howdy, y’all!

So, the other day, I was bored, so I started looking through some of my old sketchbooks. That proved to be a terrifying experience. However, I just so happened to have my phone sitting right next to me, so I snapped some pictures of some of the craziest (and some not-so-crazy) ones, and now I am going to share the absolute glory of my old art.

Y’all aren’t ready for this.

So. This queen. I had to draw a portrait for school, so I chose one of the cartoon girls in a puzzle we had.

She looks so haunted.

She either just saw her crush or a puppy. In the middle of some kind of photoshoot.


I was practicing how to use the different pencils and Mom let me draw a character of my choice.

That was a bad idea.

Girlfriend is DROWNING in hair.

This is a mountain. I think it’s okay. Since there are no mountains anywhere near our house, I just used the example image my art book gave me. The trees are weird though.

I have given them names now.

A bunch of leaf sketches. It was a struggle to go around the yard and find all these different types. Eventually I just gave up and drew pine straw (as you can see in the bottom right corner).

Notable doodles include:

Notice how the iris leaf has, like, zero detail.

These were all sketched on one page, as the smattering of random junk I found in the yard, featuring a starfish sand toy, two stacked Duplos, the front of a water hose nozzle, and a hunk of wood. It looked like driftwood. I haven’t been to the ocean in years. Where did it come from? No one knows.

The only personality trait this tree has is being practically invisible.

And this tree has had waaaaay too much coffee.

This is supposed to be a sketch of one of the Beanie Boos I have, but instead it is a soulless dog that looks like he’s seen things he shouldn’t have.

Shortly after reading the fourth Keeper of the Lost Cities book, I decided I would draw Tam Song. My sketchbook is massive, so I typically draw two pictures per page, and then I had the idea to draw Linh Song underneath.

I prefer Tam.

Also, I tried out two different shading techniques (since my pale skin tone is dead) and I should have done the purple on Tam and the tan on Linh. Oh well.

This page features a character design for one of my characters and a failed villain design for her. Everybody makes mistakes.

This is Lady Mackintosh. She was drawn off of a Playmobil figure. She’s one of my favorite drawings to date. She is not pleased with the opera. She’ll probably sue.

Here we see my anime phase. I got a book on how to draw anime for my birthday, so I thought, Why not? These were all drawn following the instructions. Sunny is the only one that filled a whole page, and you can tell my markers were suffering. I’m really proud of these though. They were fun to draw and they turned out pretty good!

Oh look, another school picture. This is supposed to be an illustration from King George and the Dragon. The proportions need help.

Poor little deer. Didn’t even get the chance to shine. Also his legs are on backwards.

Mermaid wearing a hat. Does this make sense? No. Did I draw it anyway? Why yes, yes I did.

This is Jasmine. She is my sister’s character. She wieldeths a sword. She is dangerous. She was fun to draw. No, she is not Disney’s Jasmine, but she’s dangerously close. That was why she was scrapped. I love her hair though.

Demon fox. Or cat. Or dog. Who knows what it was before it was cursed?

I drew these off of two of Liesl’s characters and I can’t remember if I ever showed them to her. But they look fabulous.

Also, that little stain in the corner is not from coffee or tea. It’s actually from pool water. I took my sketchbook to the pool because I didn’t feel like swimming, and I set it down far enough away so it wouldn’t get wet — or so I thought. I grab it and find out that the water puddled all the way across the pavement and completely ruined the back of it. None of my drawings were ruined, but the sketchbook sure was.

Once upon a time, I thought this was perfect.

I was wrong.

It’s called Windows because the eyes are the windows to the soul, and, as that’s the only part of the drawing in color, I thought would be the perfect title. That’s also where the name for my blog came from.

Oh look, a trainwreck.

Welp, that’s all I got. I hope looking at all my bad art boosted your confidence, or you got a laugh from the atrocities. I certainly did XD

Thanks for reading!

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We Survived Heartbreak Month!! ~ In Which It Is Now March Hoorah!

Well, ’tis now March. Another month down the drain. I mean, it wasn’t an unproductive month or anything, but it has now been swallowed up by the great abyss known as Time and joins the past 6000 years of history. It must be getting pretty crowded in there.

How was y’all’s February? Did you get anything special for Valentine’s Day? I got candy from the grandparents, and ate it all in, like, three days. It was great motivation to do my math though, so it didn’t go to waste. Although, to be fair, does candy ever go to waste? There’s always someone who wants it.

February Memories

I barely wrote in my journal this month, so I’m probably missing some things that happened this month. Although not too many exciting things happened, anyway, so maybe it’s not that bad.

I, of course, had some more crazy weird dreams, and I’m currently working on a blog post compiling some of the weirdest ones πŸ˜… So keep an eye out for that!

Ooh, I drew a picture of one of my friends playing the guitar because he likes to do that and I gave it to him after Wednesday night Bible study! I think that was the second time I’ve ever given someone a drawing I made of them, and the first time I just mailed it, so this was my first time giving someone a drawing of them in person. I think he liked it. He unfolded it and went, “Holy COW!!” and I just grinned awkwardly. *facepalm* And then my friend and my sister were teasing me about his reaction πŸ˜‚

Guys, you’re not going to believe it, but I got over a crush and then remained crushless for a whole month??? Like, that feels cursed. I am the queen of crushes, whether fictional or IRL, and I didn’t even get a crush on a fictional character this month???? You’d think February would be the month of romance, but it wasn’t. *shrugs* Sometimes I just confuse myself massively.

This may not seem like that big of a deal to y’all, but I started wearing makeup, and it’s a lot of fun! I absolutely suck at applying makeup, but I enjoy it. It’s like. . . . therapy, which is weird, I guess, but I enjoy it. And, considering how I was VERY anti-makeup when I was younger, this is a huge turnaround.

Okay, I teased this in my last recap, and I think y’all deserve the story of When, How, And Why I Slapped My Sister’s Friend’s Brother.

*clears throat*

So, we were at a youth hangout on a Saturday evening, and all of the middle schoolers were outside around the fire while the older kids stayed inside and played cards. I was with the middle schoolers because. . . . actually, I don’t know why, but I tend to hang with the younger kids more than the kids my age. *shrugs* Anyway, my sister has a friend who has a brother (shocking, right?) and he’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean, I love him to pieces, but he’s so weird. He wouldn’t shut up about a topic that probably wasn’t appropriate for a youth hangout, and I warned him, “If you don’t shut up, I’m going to slap you!” He shut up for all of three seconds, then started talking about it again, and, since I am a woman of my word, I stood up, and slapped him across the face.

I was actually genuinely shocked at my audacity. And I knew it hurt him because my hand was stinging, and I just stood there for a second like, Holy crap what have I done. And then I just started apologizing like crazy, and he just stood there like, “Dang, that kind of hurt. I need a minute here.”

And all the boys were laughing and his sister was documenting the moment and I was just like, I am a horrible person I should run off to the hills and become a hermit what have I done, and my sister was just sitting there like, What the heck just happened.

So uh, yeah, TL;DR, my sister’s friend’s brother is kind of scared of me now. I love telling this story though, because everyone’s reaction is either, “MIA!!!!” or “YOU WHAT???!!!” Except for my mom, who was just like, “Poor guy.” But she’s Built Different.TM

This story gives me flashbacks to the time I was at a family reunion and me and my cousin were arguing with two of our male cousins who we barely knew at all, and I just, on impulse, punched one of them in the chest and knocked the wind out of him, which was funny, but I was also like, I hope he doesn’t tell on me, and, Well, there go my chances of ever being friends with him, but it was fun while it lasted. Also, I beat said cousins in a football game a year later without knowing anything about football, so that was fun.

Gracious, why am I so violent?? πŸ˜…


*drumroll please!!*

I had a meetup with my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Liesl Brunner!!

She and her family stopped by our house on their way to Florida and hung out for a few hours. It was THE GREATESTTTT!!!!! I had so much fun showing them around the house and just jabbering and taking random, out-of-context pictures.

Like this one.

And this one. . . . ?

We had a great time, as you can plainly see πŸ˜‚ And I’m already looking forward to the next time we can see each other. After all, two and a half hours is not nearly long enough.

Bullet Journal Spreads

Oh look, a new section! I figured some of y’all might like to see my bullet journal spreads each month, so voila, here ya go!

This month’s theme is arrows, and, since I had this arrow washi tape that I got for Christmas, I based the color scheme around that. This definitely isn’t my favorite cover page I’ve ever done, but I like it.

Arrows are pretty versatile, I have discovered. Especially when you have arrow washi tape.

This. Habit tracker. Is. Amazing. Like, it’s just so pretty and aesthetic and I feel like it turned out really well! And my mood tracker is fun. For each day, I draw an arrow and, however far it was “shot” is how good my mood was that day.

Since I’d already done something like an arrow shooting for my mood tracker, I wasn’t sure what to do for my water log. So, I imagined the graph like a big field and drew targets at the end. If I drink seven cups of water, the arrow hits the bullseye, and any less, it lands in the grass.

And then my sleep log is just the normal one I do for each month.

I really like this theme, especially because of how calming the blue is. It looks nice.

February Goal Recap


Wow, after that novel of a title, you’d think I would have gotten to it, but nope! I started writing some lyrics, but that’s it. Just not feeling that inspired. Alas.

2. Post three other posts besides this one ❌

Just one short! Oh well.

3. Draw two of my friends ❌

Nope. Just the one. But maybe I can get around to it this month.

4. Watch Encanto or something so I can listen to the music without spoilers βœ”

Guys, I’m obsessed. My Encanto Pinterest board has 625 pins, and it grows more every day. And I totally understand the hype around the soundtrack. Lin-Manuel Miranda did a beautiful job. My favorite song is “Two Oruguitas“, and my favorite character is Camilo. And guys, even the background instrumentals are gorgeous!! Like, I am obsessed with this movie, it’s a real problem.

5. Reply to that one email from, like, December βœ”

Yep, finally replied πŸ˜‚

6. Not fall in love during the month of love heartbreak βœ”

By some miracle, successful! Let’s hope it stays that way.

March Goals

1. Finish the plot I’m working on

I started working on it some more the other day after going weeks without touching it, and it feels sooo good to get back to my characters. I really missed them. And after I finish the plot for this book, I’ll only have two more to go before I can start writing!!

2. Do some watercolor

I got a new watercolor set for Christmas, but I haven’t used it yet. A couple years ago, I watercolored some pages in my Bible and it looks SO nice. I want to do more, so maybe one of these days I can crank up the Encanto soundtrack and do some watercolor!

3. Reply to those two letters that are hanging over my head

I just haven’t been in the mood to write letters lately, so I need to get on top of that, before more letters come in. I reckon I’ll have more letters to respond in a couple of days. I guess that’s just the curse of having a lot of penpals. I love receiving letters, but sometimes it’s just a hassle to get all my art stuff out and reply πŸ˜…

4. Watch Encanto again

I’ve already seen it twice (thrice, we just watched it again today πŸ˜‚), but like, I’m obsessed guys. It’s a problem.

5. Catch up on my chemistry experiments

Because of the way my curriculum is set up (ugghhh), it is very difficult to find the time to do my science experiments. I think I’m just two lessons behind? I don’t want it to get worse.

February Stats

Blog posts published: 3
Letters written: 4
Letters received: 6
Art done: 0
Words written (outside of blog posts): I have no idea because I don’t like to take the extra time to count handwritten words
Journal entries: 8
Songs in playlist: 405

Welp, I hope y’all have a happy post-Heartbreak Month, and I shalt see you next time.

🎡 Two Oruguitas by Lin-Manuel Miranda 🎡

Tips On Bullet Journaling ~ In Which I Attempt to Edumacate People on Organdizing Their Lives

Wassup, peeps? How is your Heartbreak Month going? Good? Bad? Mediocre? Dragon-slaying epic? The-life-of-a-slug boring? Somewhere in between?

Today, I am going to give y’all some tips on bullet journaling, including my struggles with maintaining my bullet journal and how I eventually found a system that worked for me! I’m not sure if any of y’all needed or wanted this (well, besides Pearl. Hi Pearl!) but maybe it’ll be helpful in the near future!

So, without further ado, lettuce jump in!


I first found out about bullet journaling towards the end of 2019 from my sister, who had found out about it from one of her friends on the online coding community, Scratch. It immediately piqued my interest. I loved art and organization (well, mostly) and bullet journaling seemed like a fun way to document my life. It was different than keeping a journal and I would have a more specific map of what my life was like day by day. As is often the case with inspiration, I jumped in feet first.

I do that a lot.

I found out about AmandaRachLee from the same source, and I decided to watch her videos for inspo. I was thoroughly impressed with her bullet journaling style and she really seemed to love bullet journaling. I was sure it would work for me! After all, it worked for so many people, and they appeared to be having so much fun coming up with themes and making spreads each month. After church one cold Wednesday night, me and my sister forced our dad to take us to Wal-Mart so we could buy a dotted notebook and a few other supplies. We arrived at home with our arms full of pens, paper, and big, fat dotted notebooks. (Mom gave us a weird look.)

I started this new project like I start every new project: by hoarding ideas. I filled up pages and pages of notebook paper with ideas for spreads, from potential monthly themes to “Stuff to Google”. I was thorough. I scoured every result that popped up on Google, watched dozens of videos (mostly AmandaRachLee), and continued writing down ideas. Before long, I was ready to start.

Not gonna lie, it was tedious. I went a little hogwild with the spreads. But I had so much fun imagining myself filling them out and looking through the pages years from then with gray hair and laugh lines. (Really, that was the only thing that kept me going.) It took a few days, but I eventually had all my spreads done, including all my January weekly spreads. (I was prepared!)

However, as January ticked by, I soon became bored with my bullet journal. I wasn’t really using it as much as I would have liked. I was only 14 and definitely not as busy as all the other people using bullet journals. I didn’t have too many tasks and events to keep track of, and I couldn’t understand why it just wasn’t working for me. By the time February rolled around, I was pretty much done. However, I made my February spreads to see if maybe I could do better.

I didn’t.

So, for the next several months, my bullet journal sat unused. I was disappointed and confused. Why hadn’t I been able to make it work? It worked so well for all these other people! They were using their journals every day, taking them everywhere they went, writing down everything. The best guess I had was that bullet journaling was too art-heavy to hold my interest (because, although I loved art, I wasn’t in an art mood very often, which made arting hard), and I just wasn’t busy enough to find much use in bullet journaling.

Fast forward several months later to November of 2020. I was attempting National Novel Writing Month for the first time ever, and, on top of that, November was a very busy month for me. I decided that this was as good a time as any to try to get back into bullet journaling. I pulled out my old bullet journal, brushed off the dust, and made all the spreads I thought I might need, this time including some new ones and getting rid of the old spreads that I didn’t see much use for. I was pumped! I was sure it would work out this time. I worked on my spreads for three whole days, without losing inspiration once, and I was very pleased with the finished product. And for the first week or so, I was faithful. I wrote down things I needed to get done, prior commitments, and kept track of my word count for NaNo.

I was pumped!!

And then, I wasn’t.

I got bored with my bullet journal AGAIN!! My spreads sat unfinished and unappealing, and I felt bad and upset. What was wrong with me? It was my fault, right? Dozens of other people were using this exact style of bullet journaling, and it worked just fine for them. It was definitely my fault that I couldn’t get it to work. Discouraged, I gave up again.

In December, I participated in a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, organized by several of my online girl friends. My “Secret Sister” sent me a lovely, light blue dotted journal and some new pens. Since I wasn’t into bullet journaling anymore, I wasn’t sure what to do with my new journal.

Then, I remembered seeing something about a reading journal online.

Excited, I researched reading journal ideas. Keeping a reading journal seemed to be way less intense than keeping a bullet journal, and I was thrilled at the idea of keeping track of all the books I read in a year. I made all the spreads I thought I would need, and set about filling them out.


In February of 2021, I once again gave up.

BUT, there are always second chances! Or. . . . fourth chances. . . .

June was an insanely busy month, what with me attending two summer camps, and us church-hunting. And, I’d recently re-discovered AmandaRachLee’s channel, which meant I’d been blasted by inspiration yet again. I decided to try out bullet journaling yet again. And I actually stuck with it! For all of two weeks. I was using all the same weekly spreads as Amanda and mirroring how she planned out her day, but for whatever reason, it still didn’t work for me. And that was when I gave up bullet journaling for good. I just didn’t understand why I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to do it so badly, but it just wasn’t working out.

Throughout the rest of the year, I carried on with my life. I started taking college classes and continued with blogging and made new friends and just lived life.

But then, something changed.

I decided to watch all of Amanda’s bullet journaling videos over again, because of how relaxing and entertaining they are. However, I noticed something in her first few videos that I hadn’t noticed before. When she first started bullet journaling, her style was very minimalistic. Hardly any color or doodles, and no theme. She said that before she started getting all fancy and going crazy like other bullet journalists, she just wanted to get the hang of the system.

I did a massive facepalm right there at the computer.

I’d been so excited to use pretty themes and add color and detail, I hadn’t realized that it was better to leave that stuff out so I could get the hang of the system first. I made a mental note that, if I ever did get back into bullet journaling (and I doubted I would), I would make sure to START SIMPLE.

Another thing I noticed in Amanda’s videos was that her weekly spreads were very different when she first started. Rather than having a two-page spread with each day of the week in its own little section, she divided one page into the days of the week, and used the other page as a flexible space to write down her daily tasks and events.

Basically, instead of this. . . .

. . . . her spreads looked like this.

I made another mental note about the state of her spreads, and continued watching the videos.

Another story thread comes into play here: A family friend was training to be an organization and time-management “counselor” per se, and she needed someone to practice on. My mom signed me up, and we met together every couple of weeks and worked through her curriculum. In the workbook, there was this interesting sheet. It was a daily task sheet.

It looked something like this (this is not an exact copy of what was in the book because that’s copyrighted, but it’s similar enough):

On the left, the time increments of the day are written out, so you can map out your day. On the right, you have room to write down any phone calls you need to make, letters you need to write, etc. and space for important reminders. The blank space in the middle is for writing out any tasks you need to get done. It’s very helpful.

I started using the daily task sheets to help me schedule out my school. And I enjoyed it! And it worked! I would fill out the sheet each morning, then pin it up on my bulletin board to look at while I worked on all my school projects. (I also discovered that I have a better day when I’m ahead of schedule πŸ™ƒ)

SUDDENLY, πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘!!!!


Why couldn’t I translate the daily task sheet over to my bullet journal? Why couldn’t I use Amanda’s old bullet journaling style and fit it into. . . . ?

I got right to work.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I found the perfect bullet journaling style for me! Would you like an example/journal tour? Then keep scrolling!

Once I found a system that worked for me, I stuck with it! I’ve been using it for four months, and I haven’t changed my style too much. That’s one of the important things I’ve learned with bullet journaling: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Don’t exhaust yourself by switching up your journal every month. (Because trust me, that really is exhausting!)

Each month, I figure out what kind of theme I want to use (preferably something simple to draw and play around with), and then make my cover page! This month’s theme was cherry blossoms, and, since I love cherry blossoms, I went a little crazy with the cover page.

Now, for the monthly spreads! I typically make this mini calendar to stuff all my events on, and the notes area below is just for deadlines and any important details. In December, I used it to work out when I needed to send out all my Christmas cards. It’s flexible for whatever you need! If you want a bigger calendar, you can make a double page spread, but I find the little calendar works just right for me!

On the right is my future log, which is really just a brain dump for things I need to get done. It usually ends up being filled with letters I need to respond to πŸ˜… I don’t think I’ve ever filled it up all the way, but I just like the extra insurance of a large amount of space. I have an irrational fear of running out of room to write XP

Next, I have my trackers! On the left is my habit tracker and on the right is my mood tracker. I just drew little boxes in the shape of the month for my habit tracker and I fill in the box for each day that I complete the task. Yes, I am slacking on a few habits, and yes, I am quite ashamed.

My mood tracker changes each month. Last month, my theme was fireworks, so I tracked my mood by how high a firework shot into the air! (It was fun to fill out) This month, the size of the blossoms reflects my mood. Sometimes I do a color for my mood, and other times I get creative! Trackers are fun to play around with.

My last two trackers are my water log (because I can’t resist a good pun) and my sleep log! I aim for at least five cups of water every day, but I gave myself room for more than that. I’ve tried several different layouts for this, and the graph layout is my favorite. The height of the flower petal shows how many glasses of water I had in a day. Yes, I know it’s painfully low, but we’re working on it.

The sleep log is for tracking my sleep schedule. The dotted lines mark my ideal sleep schedule, and the color is my actual sleep schedule. I know it’s pathetic, but I’m working on that too.

Now for the weekly spreads! These usually look the same throughout the month, but sometimes I spice it up a little. I block out the days of the week (skipping Sunday, because I rarely get out my bullet journal on Sundays), and make a little box for my to-do list, which houses the tasks from my future log that I want to get done that week. Sometimes I do all of them, sometimes I don’t. It just depends on what happens during the week.

As you can see, on the left, in the block for the day, I write down all of my schoolwork for the day, estimate how long it’ll take me (by using those little black-and-white clock thingies), and I check it off whenever I get it done.

On the right, I write a header for the day, then plan out my tasks using my estimates for how long a project will take me. Oftentimes, I end up finishing early because I overestimate the timing for a project, but hey, it feels good to be ahead of schedule!

And yeah, that’s basically it! I’m so glad I finally found a system that works for me, and it’s helped me stay caught up on school and penpaling. I hope this post helped out one or two people who might be stuck in their bullet journaling journey, and let me know any other tips you might have for bullet journaling!

Thanks for reading!

🎡 otherside by Lena Raine (finally got around to listening to this and I was not disappointed) 🎡

Mail Art ~ In Which I Showcase Some More Art

I apologize in advance for the terrible photo quality. My phone camera is absolute garbage.

Ta-da! Another art post! I haven’t done one of these in forever, and I’ve accumulated so much envelope and mail art, I thought I’d post some pictures. They’re in chronological order, of course. We’re only organized here.

*shakes head vigorously*

Anyways, I hope you enjoy all the art! I’ll try to link all the art supplies I used underneath the pictures.

Off we go!

Photo thanks to Liesl

I love this one so much! Maybe it’s because I love rainbows so much, but I digress. My art supplies were:

  • watercolors from the dollar store (I’m cheap in the watercolor department LOL) (Editing Mia here: I got some better watercolors for Christmas, so I guess my Dollar Tree watercolors will have to take the backseat)

I use my Tombows a lot for my envelope art. Be warned.

Photo thanks to Liesl

I am so proud of that calligraphy. It just looks so smooth and flowy. *chef’s kiss* Good job, Mia!

  • Sakura Microns (for the “please deliver to:”)

This was the first letter that I themed after the envelope art, and the inside has some more lovely calligraphy, except done with the brush tip.

Also, if you’re wondering, my return address is on the back. I didn’t forget it. I prefer writing it on the back, because it leaves more space for the art.

This one was fun! The whole letter had a butterfly theme, so I decorated the paper with little butterflies in the margins and I included some origami butterflies. The art was relatively simple to do. I just drew some butterfly wings, colored them in, and darkened a strip down the middle for the body.

  • Tombow pastel set (for the butterflies)
  • Tombow primary set (I used the black marker for the calligraphy to get a fuller, more sweeping look)
  • Sakura Microns for the address (which you can’t see, but it’s there)
“I found this humerus.”

I saw this pun in a blog post a little while back and I just had to use it for a Halloween themed letter. Although, I got a little liberal with the white gel pen. Regrets.

  • Tombow primary set (I’ve been using the black a lot lately….)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll (I hate this gel pen with a flaming passion, but it’s the only one I’ve got. It does not go on smooth, and it really seems to enjoy not being opaque whatsoever. That’s why it looks bluish-gray on the cat. Although it does look nice outlining the calligraphy.)
  • Sakura Microns (I use these a lot!)
  • Kraft envelopes (these are in the biggest size I could find, and they’re great! I think I spent $15 on a pack of 100, which was a pretty good price. These things are durable as heck. And so thick.)

I also remembered to take pictures of the stuff inside the letter as well, so direct your attention down below ⬇⬇

WOW what a crappy photo.

Here we see the envelope, the letter (which was 11 pages long! 😳), two friendship bracelets from my stash, some stickers from IDK where, washi tape, a riddle, some fun questions, and another bone pun that reads “Dude, I got your back.” and shows a skeleton holding another skeleton’s spine. I love bone puns XD

  • Kraft tags (I got 200 of these for less than $10, and they’re thick and hold the washi tape well)
  • Washi tape from Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree (I have an addiction and I blame AmandaRachLee XD)
  • Canson XL watercolor pad (I cut it up to make ATC-sized cards for Smaugust, which I never completed, so now I’m using the leftovers in my letters) (Also, I can’t find a one pack of the pad I use, so sorry, no link)
  • a random notebook found in my collection (who knows where it’s from)

I love finding fun ideas for things to send to penpals. “Get to Know You” questions, riddles, jokes, writing prompts (which I didn’t include in this letter because Anabelle doesn’t need any right now, but I do send them to some of my other penpals), stickers, washi tape, and jewelry (as long as it’s not too thick or expensive) are really fun to find in the envelope along with the letter.

I really like how minimalistic this one is. It just looks nice.

  • Kraft envelope
  • Tombow pastel set
  • Cardstock from a random art kit I got a long time that I’m not going to link because it’s trash
  • Scrapbooking stickers from Creative Memories, which, unfortunately, aren’t sold anymore
Guys…..I’m so sorry what even is this lighting

Yeah, there’s a lot in this letter. It had an autumn theme and I think I did that theme justice. Maybe? I used a bunch of orange-y stickers from my collection, a paint chip from Home Depot, and that leaf is one from a tree in our yard that I pressed and then decorated with a bunch of paint markers.

  • Kraft tag
  • Canson XL watercolor pad
  • Tombow pastel pack, tropical pack, and primary pack (for the autumn paint palette)
  • more Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree washi tape
  • stickers from Wal-Mart
Never mind, this lighting is a thousand times worse

Um….that strip along the bottom is supposed to be green…..not gray……what a disaster. I really need a new phone with a way better camera. (Don’t worry, I got a new phone with a way better camera, so the picture quality should go up soon.)

Also, none of these supplies are anything new, so I’m not going to bother with listing them.

I loooove this one! It turned out so cute! I came up with the idea of doing penpal pets (or friends or OC’s) and I came up with a penguin/bluebird for Anabelle. She is so cute!! I have a couple of others already arted and you shall see them later on in the post. But, basically, I just drew Penny on some cardstock and outlined her with a brush pen. Then, I colored her with my Tombows and stuck her on the envelope. She’s so cute!

I made the extras envelope myself and filled it with all kinds of stuff, like my usual Q + A card, washi tape, stickers, etc. I didn’t actually draw the butterfly picture. Anabelle sketched it and sent it to me, and so I watercolored it and sent it back! I think it turned out well! I originally planned for the butterflies’ colors to be reversed, but, since the background is blue, I thought it would look nicer if the butterfly in the foreground contrasted a little better. I think the picture turned out really well!

I decorated the envelopes for my Christmas cards really simple and they look so cute! I found this little bag of Christmas confetti in my scrapbooking stuff, so I stuck a couple shapes on the front, and sprinkled some more inside.

This is Murphy the cat, the first penpal pet I made. Is he not the cutest?? I just want to squeeze him!!

(Also, better camera, yaaayyy!!)

Wow, the flash got aggressive with this one. I used a smaller Kraft envelope that I found and the whole letter had a vintage theme.

IS. THIS. NOT. THE. CUTEST??? I was just casually drawing on the envelopes and then I thought, “I could put the name on the book and the address on the teacup and it would look so cute!” So I did! I should do more like this.

I tried making my envelope like the people in those “Penpal With Me” videos do and it turned out so cute! All of these materials came in a cute little kit from Amazon. (I can’t find the link but I think the brand was called “Biscuit Diary”?) And I just went hogwild sticking stuff down and making it look cute!

Besides the letter, I included a riddle, a paint chip (for aesthetic purposes), washi tape, pressed leaves and flowers, questions, stickers, and a few memos.

Oh my gosh, I just realized that the riddle is wrong!! It’s supposed to say “Where does ‘today’ come before ‘yesterday’?” My bad!


And here’s the bundle and the envelope together. They are so dang cute. I am soooo proud of this letter.

This is one is so “scrapbooky” and it’s really pretty!! (And everything looks so vibrant in this picture! It looks way more washed out IRL) I have so many different flower-related things. It’s a little ridiculous. I had plenty to choose from for the letter though!





I found this little panda doodle on Pinterest and I knew I wanted to do a panda theme. (I was also pleasantly surprised to see that I had panda washi tape in my collection. This is why we hoard, children!) I also drew the panda with a real brush pen and it was tricky keeping control because of how loose the nib is. IS IT NOT THE CUTEST???

Okay, I actually really hate how this one turned out. I had pretty much zero tape, so I was trying my best with what I had and it just didn’t turn out like I wanted. But as long as the letter gets where it needs to go, I suppose the envelope design doesn’t really matter.

I do like the supplies I used for this letter, and the other letter up there ⬆⬆ They’re cute and versatile and FUN!!

Well, thus concludes this post that has been in the making for actual months. I was trying to wait until I was all caught up on all the letters I had to write, but more letters kept coming in, and tonight, when I finished that last letter, I was so happy because I thought I could finish the post! But then, I checked the mailbox and I had a letter, so I wasn’t caught up after all. But, honestly, I’m just ready to post this post, so here. Post.

I’m thinking of making these mail art posts a regular thing, like one in January, then one in July every year. I write enough letters for that LOL

Welp, I hope this post gave y’all some inspiration for your own letters, or was entertaining to read. Which envelope was your favorite?


🎡 Surrender by Natalie Taylor (this song is the most calming song I’ve ever heard. I’m obsessed) 🎡

2021 Goal Recap! ~ In Which I Make a New Year’s Wishlist

Ta-da! A New Year’s resolutions post! Actually, it’s more like a wishlist. Hence the title. I’ll be recapping all the goals I made back in February of 2021 (which is also my second most popular post, which is a little crazy πŸ˜…) and making new goals for 2022! The last time I looked at that post was back in the summer, so it’s been a hot minute.

Now we shall see how well I did! I’m scared and excited. Here we go!


1. Reach 50 followers on my blog βœ”

When I made this goal, I was at 32 followers. Now, I am at 68! That’s more than double than what I had before! Thank you guys so much for reading all my crazy ramblings every month. It means a lot! ❀❀

2. Complete at least one of my unfinished novels/novellas ❌

Aw, look at how cute and naive I was at the beginning of the year! I actually thought I could finish the rough draft of one of my novels! Cute little Mia. I didn’t really do that much writing last year. My bad.

3. Post some of my writing on my blog βœ”

Check and check! I posted more than I thought, and I’m pleased with myself. (If you want to read any of it, you can check it out here.)

4. Get back to writing in my journal βœ”

This didn’t really happen until the end of the year, but I have gotten back to regularly writing in my journal. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³


1. Read all the books on my TBR list ❌


2. Start taking more book suggestions βœ”β“

I mean….kind of? Not really sure.


1. Keep up with my reading journal ❌

Failed right out of the gate, but I got into bullet journaling again!

2. Draw my characters ❌

I made moodboards for four of them, which included headshots, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

3. Do more canvas painting ❌

Also no.


1. Learn ten new songs on the piano βœ”

I bought 11, learned 10, and added about a thousand more to my wishlist. I need a new binder to keep my sheet music in, because the keyboard can’t handle my overly stuffed 2-inch binder. It’s a problem.

2. Compose an orchestral piece βœ”

I think I actually composed three. I’m very proud of all of them, AND one of them is predominantly a piano piece, which is cool.

3. Write 20 lyrical songs βœ”

So, I went and grabbed my current song notebook, thinking that was where my songs from 2021 started, but it turns out they start back in one of my old song notebooks, but I was too lazy to grab that notebook, so I just counted the finished songs in my current notebook, and it came out to exactly 20. I guess I smashed this goal.

I also didn’t count the half-finished songs I have, but if I had, that would have probably pushed the total to 30 XD

4. FINALLY master Canon in D βœ”β“

I’ve mostly gotten it down. There are a couple little spots that won’t straighten out, but I think that’s the best I’m going to get πŸ˜…

5. Learn guitar ❌

I failed this one hardcore. I’ll just have to stick with ukulele.


1. Not fail school βœ”

I haven’t flunked anything yet. Yet.

2. Get a job ❌

I went from two small jobs to none, but I’m hoping to start waitressing or something this year, because, let’s be honest, we all know I need the money XD

3. Become less articulate βœ”

Why. . . . why did I put “less articulate”? I think I meant “less inarticulate” or simply “more articulate”.

If that’s what I meant, then I think I did pretty well with this one. I went from being a sarcastic wallflower to actually initiating conversations with people I wanted to be friends with. It was hard at first, but I have to remind myself that anything embarrassing that I do will be forgotten within a few months and those people probably want me to talk to them as much as I want them to talk to me. Once I got that in my head, talking didn’t seem as daunting.

I mean, to be honest, I am still horribly socially anxious, but I do everything in my power to keep from overthinking anything that happens, and just focus on the good things that happened. If someone wants to mistreat me, that’s their business, and there are dozens of better people I can surround myself with.

4. Get my driver’s license ❌

Not yet. Maybe this year.

5. Have better relationships with my friends and family βœ”βž•βŒ

I went up on the friend level and down on the family level. Or maybe I just flatlined on the family level. I still talk to them and hang out with them, but besides my oldest sister, I don’t really talk to them all that much.

I hate that I’m becoming the stereotypical, anti-family time teenager.

When it comes to my friends, however, I’ve started making more and asking questions and writing them letters and texting them so I can get to know them on a deeper level. I’ve even made friends with GUYS!!! GUYS!!!!!!! I would have NEVER imagined myself doing that in the past, but somehow it happened. *shrugs*

Well, that recaps all the goals that I set last year for 2021. Now, let’s make some goals for 2022, shall we?


1. Reach 100 Followers on My Blog

I’m so close!! I need to get more diligent about publicizing my blog so I’ll have more traffic. And you guys can help too, by sharing my posts with your friends!

2. Finish Plotting My Five-Book Series

I have plotted two and a half books so far, and I have quite a bit to go. Hopefully this will be the year I finish my plot. I’ve been working on it for almost two years!

3. Rejoin YWW

I left the community back in August to focus on school, and I miss it SO BADLY!! I was hoping to rejoin in January, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. I miss the community and I definitely want to rejoin to help with my writing.

4. Keep Up With My Penpals

I’m starting to wonder if I may have too many penpals because I keep falling behind in my replies. I have two more letters to get done, then I’ll actually be caught up for the first time in months!


1. Post Two or Three Art Posts This Year

I love sharing my art, and I should have an art post coming out soon! I can’t wait!

2. Keep Up With My Bullet Journal

I’ve been doing pretty good with this so far, and I really hope I can make it through the whole year with my bullet journaling. Who knows, maybe I can even share some of my spreads!

3. Draw My Friends

I think they would appreciate it. Plus, it’s an idea I’ve had for several months.


1. Learn 10 New Song on the Piano

I’m carrying this one over from last year. I need to put a dent in my wishlist somehow!

2. Write 25 New Songs on Piano or Ukulele

Not just verses and choruses, like I’ve been doing, but full songs with verses, a chorus, chords, all the trimmings.

3. Learn a New Instrument

Yeah, okay, we’ll see if I can actually go through with this one. I would love to learn cello, but cellos are a wee bit expensive, so we shall see.

4. Get Voice Lessons

This is something I’ve been wanting for a couple of years now, but we haven’t really found the right teacher. Hopefully I can find someone and have a few lessons.


1. Perform in At Least One Show

Preferably more, but this kind of thing is out of my control. We’ll just see where 2022 takes me!

2. Write a New Play For My Siblings

My sisters have been nagging me about writing them a musical or a play to perform, so I guess I have to write them one. And maybe I can get some pictures of our little “performance” and make a blog post out of it!

3. Learn to Dance

Maybe not like, all the dances, but I am a TERRIBLE dancer, so I need all the practice I can get!


1. Meet an Online Friend IRL

There is actually the possibility of this looming on the horizon and I’m ACTUALLY FREAKING OUT!!!! Expect a blog post about it, if it happens.

2. Experiment With Beauty Products

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying out makeup for a little while, and I also thought it might be fun to dye my hair or something. I don’t know. It’s up to my parents, I guess.

3. Get a Job

I have an idea of where I want to work, so maybe over the summer I can start working there! Hopefully. It depends on if they like me or not πŸ˜…

4. Get My Driver’s License


I think those are all the goals I want to achieve. I may come back and add more, but these are what I have for now! I’m so excited to start working towards them.

What do y’all think of my goals? What kind of goals are you working toward this year?


🎡 Isle of Flightless Birds by Twenty-One Pilots 🎡

Christmas Cards ~ In Which I Showcase My Card Designs

So, this year, I took on the daunting task of sending twenty different cards to family and friends. Yeah, I bit off way more than I could chew. I ended up making 15 cards, and the last few are going to be mailed tomorrow. I’m actually impressed with myself for making that many in such a short time. So here, enjoy my cards.

I had fun putting these quotes into the shape of a certain image. The reindeer one was the cutest, in my opinion, so I made two. πŸ˜…

This was actually a pretty basic style, it was just a matter of using my pencil to figure out how to fit the quote into the shape. I love how I used “to town” to make Santa’s teeth XD

So yeah, TL;DR, use words to make the basic shape of something for a cute little doodle.

Making these cards was great practice for my calligraphy, and honestly, using the string of the mittens to spell out a word is SO CUTE I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE OF THESE!!!!

Which one do you prefer, tightly packed lights, or more spread out lights? I can’t decide, LOL They’re both cute.

Literally, on my planning page in my bullet journal, I wrote “Snowman Army” for the design of this card XD What is wrong with me?

Also, to make their little carrot noses, I just stamped my brush pen down and traced around it. It ended up working way better than I was expecting.

Not a fan of the calligraphy along the bottom, but I do really like how the mug came out. Also, what is that inside? They sure did put a lot of milk in their coffee.

I was only planning to do one scribble Christmas tree, but it was so cute, I had to do two. Basically, I took my lighter brush pen and scribbled in a tree shape, then I used my darker color and did a more controlled scribble. Then, I added a trunk underneath and a star up top, and voila! Scribble Christmas tree!

I think this one is my favorite. I used three different shades of green, and came up with patterns for each tree. Having the fully colored-in trees gives it unity, and makes sure the card doesn’t get too busy.

(Look at me sounding all official! I seriously had no idea what I was doing, I just colored in random trees with random patterns and hoped for the best XD)

Quilted Santa hat! What more do I need to say?

I don’t know about this one. I think it’s my least favorite. The snowman is cute, but AGH THE CALLIGRAPHY IS CROOKED!!!! BOOOO!!!!

Still, the snowman is cute.

Yeah, this one got boring after a couple minutes. I ran out of ideas for the gift wrapping and it looks kinda weird. Oh well. My favorite is the one towards the bottom right with the double ribbons and the holly. It cute.

I hope y’all enjoyed my card designs! I guess it might be a little late to use some of them now, but maybe they can be used for inspiration next year!

Can y’all believe Christmas is the day after the day after tomorrow?!! I swear, I’m not ready. We had Christmas with the grandparents last weekend, a Christmas play Sunday (which I shall write a post about because it was actually a rollercoaster), and loads of preparations for Saturday (at least on my part…).

What gift is at the top of y’all’s lists? I don’t have a specific gift, per se, but there is something at the top of my list. (πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ˜…)

Anyways, I hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas!


🎡 Inflatable Anthem by The Holderness Family 🎡