My 2022 ~ In Which I Reflect on the Most Beautiful Year of My Life and Also Make Goals For 2023

This post is going to be different than last year’s goal post. Last year, I jumped straight in and recapped my goals for 2021, then made new ones for 2022. This year, I’ve decided I’m going to recap my 2022, mainly because I have a passion for yearly recaps that can’t be explained, but also because of how hard and inspiring and beautiful 2022 was for me. God used last year to grow me in such strange and wonderful ways. I started the year very optimistic and excited for what would unfold and ended the year older, wiser, and way more sentimental than I used to be.

So let’s recap the most beautiful year of my life.

TRIGGER WARNING: This post discusses suicide, self-harm, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. If you feel that any of these topics will trigger you in any way, please don’t feel obligated to read. ❤ And you’re always welcome to skip past the recap and just read my goals. I won’t judge ❤

On this blog, I try to keep up a consistent façade. Well, okay, it’s technically not a “façade” per se, because this is exactly how I am in real life, but I basically live my life as a sarcastic side character. All throughout 2022, in all my posts (except the reflection posts, those are a little different), I’ve tried to stay this bubbly cinnamon roll with sarcasm that would greatly impress middle school Mia. I think I’ve been pretty good at that. In real life, however, I struggled a lot. I struggled in ways I’d never struggled before and never thought I would struggle. And it was so out of the blue, too. I came out of 2021 on a high from my newly discovered social confidence, something I’ve literally never had. I was finally gaining the courage to step outside my comfort zone and talk not only to girls, but to guys as well. (This is a big deal as I was always terrified of guys before.) I was learning to combat my anxiety in a healthy way.

It might have been a healthy way but it wasn’t the right way.

In February of 2022, God allowed Satan to break me.

And He used my brokenness to bring me back to Him.

Am I better now? No. None of us are “better”. But I’m not as broken as I was. I’m not aching. Lonely. Empty. Shattered. I’m simply me. A broken sinner with a Jesus-shaped hole in my heart. This year, it is my goal to never return to the same broken place Satan dragged me to in 2022. I know that, alone, I could never have clawed my way up from the hole I was dropped into. But I have a perfect Savior.

Goodness, what would I do without Him?


  • I discovered Twenty-One Pilots music for the first time and promptly fell in love
  • I received a glass dip pen that I’d ordered ages ago and wasted no time in making an absolute mess with the ink
  • I started writing songs on the computer instead of by hand, which did wonders for my creativity
  • I started texting with three of my church friends, one of which was my crush at the time
  • I quickly got over said crush after finding out he was in a long-distance relationship with a girl in Maryland
  • I started penpaling with said girl in Maryland
  • We celebrated Christmas with the cousins
  • Me and my sister got a new bookshelf for our room and my sister named it “Bill”
  • I had multiple selfie photoshoots for no reason other than the fact that the phone I got for Christmas had a way better camera than my last one
  • I drew the aforementioned crush and gave him the picture, much to his surprise (I wonder if he still has it)


  • I started wearing makeup
  • I also stopped wearing makeup because it’s too much trouble to apply every morning
  • I slapped a guy and, to this day, our friends still reference it
  • I had my first suicidal thought, much to my shock
  • I had my first panic attack moments after
  • And I told nobody
  • I met one of my dearest friends in person for the first time literally the next day
  • One of our online friends committed suicide that same day and we found out a few days later
  • I watched Encanto for the first time and promptly fell in love with everything about it (especially the soundtrack and Camilo)


  • My dad got bees
  • My sister turned nine and had a birthday party, which is where my fabulous hat came from
  • I finished the main plot of the third book in my series and started adding notes to it
  • I started cutting myself
  • I drew my best friend for her birthday and gave the picture to her (and to this day, it’s one of my favorite drawings)
  • I told my other best friend what I was going through and long story short, she conspired with my sister to bring my parents’ attention to my deteriorating mental health
  • My parents helped me get counseling from a lady at our church and she helped me put my feelings into words, which was huge


  • I saw a cool bug
  • We visited Georgia Southern’s wildlife center and the boys had a blast
  • I started getting better (:
  • I pressed some flowers and then completely forgot about them *facepalm*
  • We sang for the Christian Women’s Club and I also played my ukulele
  • I caught up on all my late assignments (finally)
  • I discovered BookTok and became obsessed (as proved by the long TBR list in my journal)
  • I started orchestrating the soundtrack of my musical


  • I completed the first draft of my musical without orchestration
  • I took the SAT (and almost froze to death)
  • I slowly started overcoming my anxiety again
  • I discovered my intense fear of cockroaches after having a panic attack at three in the morning when I saw one
  • I successfully orchestrated 1/3 of the soundtrack
  • Drama Camp started


  • Drama Camp continued and finished mostly uneventfully and with way less drama than the year before
  • We went on a trip to Kentucky with our youth group to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter and I, of course, had a panic attack in the middle of the night *sighs*
  • One of the guys got kicked out of Dillard’s because he was going up on the down escalator
  • I also fell asleep on that guy’s shoulder because the ride up was exhausting LOL
  • I started playing percussion on my church’s worship team
  • I went book shopping despite having an already miles-long TBR
  • I gained an obsession with watching Minecrafters freak out over the Warden *nervous laugh* Ummm don’t ask XD
  • Technoblade died ):


  • I got COVID
  • I discovered Danny Gonzales’ videos and became obsessed with commentary YouTubers
  • I played Minecraft Java Edition for the first time
  • I finally finished school and had a week-long summer break before we started school for the next semester *facepalm*
  • I discovered electro swing music and fell in love
  • I rewrote my idea for the ending of my series


  • We saw a double rainbow on the way home from church
  • I rejoined YWW after a year of being away
  • I redesigned my blog, which was long overdue
  • I applied for work at Starbucks
  • They ignored me
  • I applied for work at a barbecue restaurant and was hired!
  • I had an anxiety attack on my first day *sighs*
  • I started plotting the next-to-last book in my series
  • I listened to a good chunk of Imagine Dragons music and became re-obsessed
  • I took a personality test that matches you to characters from a bunch of different franchises and I got all the cinnamon roll / airheaded characters which actually made me pretty happy LOL
  • I was accidentally roped into the K-pop world by B2TSM (aka TwoSet Violin) and I’m still mad about it
  • I came up with a backstory for my portal world
  • Tinfoil Chef died ):


  • I turned seventeen
  • I watched Hamilton for the second time with my sisters
  • My sister started gymnastics
  • I went to a family reunion and sat in the rain
  • I joined the YWW Minecraft server and built a base with my best friend
  • I started working out and started regaining my confidence
  • I got my driver’s license
  • I finished the plot to the fourth book
  • I caught a butterfly
  • I became obsessed with aesthetic images on Pinterest
  • YWW reached 1000 users!
  • The queen died ):


  • I regained my obsession with the Dream SMP after Dream’s face reveal
  • I got my debit card
  • I quit my job after having multiple breakdowns over it
  • I officially finished plotting my five-book series after three years of work
  • My siblings started bringing one of the kittens inside and we named her Lily
  • Lily slept on my pillow with me
  • I painted my siblings’ faces for Halloween
  • I finished a sketchbook after two years of on-and-off arting
  • I went through an intense obsession with Quotev DSMP personality tests
  • I discovered I am rather adept at figuring out people’s Hogwarts houses just by looking at them, despite never reading the books or seeing the movies


  • I wrote eight billion college essays sheesh
  • I was accepted into Bob Jones University
  • I won NaNoWriMo
  • I visited my future college
  • I got a Google account
  • The YWW Minecraft server was hacked and several bases were destroyed
  • I became a Sprint Guardian on YWW
  • My favorite ornament fell off the tree and broke (of course, right after I imagined telling my future kids all about how much it means to me *facepalm*)
  • Two of my cousins got engaged within days of each other
  • I almost witnessed a wreck LOL
  • I drove without my parents for the first time (unrelated to the above point XP)
  • I discovered AJR and fell in love with their music


  • I realized just how fleeting every moment is
  • Lily fell asleep under the tree and discovered how cozy it was under there
  • I started working at Claire’s and pierced two noses and 14 ears
  • I acted in my last youth Christmas play
  • I got YWW merch for Christmas
  • Two of our goats had babies
  • I played six air hockey matches in one day
  • I rang in the new year with my sister
  • My last Christmas as a child ❤

2022 Goal Recap

Let’s recap last year’s goals, shall we?



Nope. I’ve kind of flatlined at 87 followers. But I’m grateful for every one of y’all ❤


Success!! I’m so happy I managed to get this one done. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it when I made this goal but I definitely surprised myself!


Yep! I’m back for as long as possible!


Um. No. . . .



I actually posted four! Two mail art posts, one of me making fun of my old art, and an art dump from my recently finished sketchbook!


I didn’t bullet journal the whole year but it definitely came in handy during school months.


I only drew two ):



I think I got this one? My sheet music binder is bursting at the seams anyhow LOL


I have no idea because I STILL CAN’T FIND MY SONG NOTEBOOK. I’m so upset. I think I passed this goal but I have no actual idea.


Ahaha no.


Also no, but I started lessons from my mom yesterday soooo. . . .



I was in two! One church show and one semi-professional show!


Um. No.


Technically, I had to learn the Charleston and how to waltz and stuff for Drama Camp. I’m still terrible at dancing but I guess this counts?



Technically, I met two! It was such a wonderful day and I made so many wonderful memories. They were only here for three hours but ahhh it was amazing.


I tried out makeup and a little bit of hair chalk and abandoned it instantly XD

3. GET A JOB ✔

Technically, I got two but I finished out the year just with the one at Claire’s.


Yep! I can’t get my full license until I turn eighteen but I have the next best thing.

And now for my goals for this year, 2023!!


1. Finish My NaNo Novel (And Possibly Start the Next in the Series)

I’m literally so excited to finish the first draft. I know I sound like a broken record but this project has come such a long way and means so much to me.

2. Journal Every Day (Or At Least as Often as Possible)

I’ve decided that I want to journal as often as possible about any events in my life so I can remember everything that happens this year. After all, a lot can happen in a year and, Lord willing, a lot is going to happen this year.

3. Post Two Blog Posts a Month

This will definitely be harder to maintain when I go off to college but I’m tired of going so long in between posts. It’s depressing.

4. Try Out Book Reviews

I got a reading log from Amazon (here) and it is SO COOL. It has so much space to write my thoughts with various prompts. I want to read a lot more this year and I figured I could post reviews on my blog and just see how I like them. I’m not always a huge fan of reading book reviews but sometimes they’re nice. *shrugs*


1. Find a Stlye of Annotating That Works for Me

I like the idea of annotating and I really want to enjoy it. I really enjoy writing my sarcastic comments in the margins so I’m sure I can find some kind of style that works for me. I got a bunch of different colors of sticky tabs for Christmas and I can’t wait to use them LOL

2. Read 50 Books (From My TBR, Not Like, Comic Collections LOL)

The other day, I counted all the books on my shelf that I haven’t read or haven’t read in awhile that I want to read and I came up with 48. o.0 I think I better get reading LOL

3. Regularly Read My Bible

I’m still trying to figure out what Bible study kind of thing I want to do but I do want to make an effort to read my Bible more. I saw a clip from a Ray Comfort sermon talking about how we should treat our Bible reading like we would food. Don’t eat until you read your Bible. I’m trying to remind myself of that LOL


1. Draw My Friend

I’ve wanted to draw him for awhile and he’s moving away in the summer so I guess this is a good time XD

2. Calligraph-ize a Bible Verse Every Week

I don’t think that’s a word. BUT, I’m memorizing a Bible verse every week and I’m lettering the verses I memorize! I definitely need practice but I think it’ll be fun.

3. Fanart!!

I figured I could just draw my favorite character from every book I read. Could be fun *shrugs*


1. Officially Finish My College Application // Audition

It’s due in March!! Ahh!!

2. Actually Go to College LOL

It starts in August!! Ahh!!

3. Successfully Complete My Photo-A-Day

I’m doing this thing where I take a photo of myself every day and then I can see how I change over the year. I think it’ll be fun!

4. Buy a Laptop

I need one for college. I shall get one for college. I just need to get a little richer first LOL

To Be Read

This is just for me but y’all are welcome to read the books that I want to read this year!

  • Gone With the Wind ~ Margaret Mitchell
  • The Wingfeather Saga ~ Andrew Peterson
    • On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
    • North! Or Be Eaten
    • The Monster in the Hollows
    • The Warden and the Wolf King
    • Wingfeather Tales
  • The Impossible Quest ~ Kate Forsyth
    • Escape From Wolfhaven Castle
    • Wolves of the Witchwood
    • The Beast of Blackmoor Bog
    • The Drowned Kingdom
    • Battle of the Heroes
  • The Unblemished Trilogy ~ Sara Ella
    • Unblemished
    • Unraveling
    • Unbreakable
  • The Curious Realities ~ Sara Ella
    • The Wonderland Trials
  • To Kill a Kingdom ~ Alexandra Christo
  • The Penderwicks ~ Jeanne Birdsall
    • The Penderwicks
  • The Selection Series~ Kiera Cass
    • The Selection
  • A Winter’s Promise ~ Christelle Dabos
  • Crown and Jewel ~ Jeri Massi
  • Stargirl ~ Jerry Spinelli
  • The Lunar Chronicles ~ Marissa Meyer (I’ve read the first two books)
    • Cress
    • Winter
    • Stars Alone
    • Fairest
  • Warriors ~ Erin Hunter
    • Into the Wild
    • Fire and Ice
    • Forest of Secrets
    • Rising Storm
    • A Dangerous Path
    • The Darkest Hour
  • Heirs of Neverland Duology ~ Kara Swanson
    • Dust
    • Shadow
  • Death of a Cozy Writer ~ G. M. Malliet
  • Alexander Hamilton, American ~ Richard Brookhiser (this is not a schoolbook and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone 🙃)
  • Millie’s Fiery Trial ~ Martha Finley // Mission City Press
  • The Ice Curse ~ Theia Grace
  • The Hunger Games ~ Suzanne Collins
    • The Hunger Games
    • Catching Fire
    • Mockingjay
  • Dear Stranger ~ Meg Mullins
  • The Girl Who Could See ~ Kara Swanson
  • Outlining Your Novel ~ K. M. Weiland
  • Once Upon a Broken Heart ~ Stephanie Garber
  • Jesus Freaks ~ dc Talk
    • Vol. I
    • Vol. II
  • Shadow and Bone ~ Leigh Bardugo
  • Do Hard Things ~ Alex and Brett Harris

And there we have it! A recap of my 2022, a recap of my 2022 goals, and my goals for 2023!! 2022 was such an amazing year. I didn’t love every second but I am so so thankful for everything that happened. The good, the bad, and the in-between. Everything that happened shaped me into a beautiful person and has done so much for my empathy and writing skills, funnily enough. I can’t wait to see where 2023 takes me and what God does for me ❤

I hope you guys have an amazing year and see God’s hands in everything.


🎵Life Changes by Thomas Rhett (it perfectly mirrors everything that happened last year, I think)🎵

I Did a Thing ~ In Which I Did a Thing


I was just casually writing, trying to get my word count up for today, when I wrote the most AESTHETIC THING I have ever written!! And I’m sharing it with you because I’m SO HECKING PROUD OF IT!!!!


i had a mother. she was the sun. she looked after me. even when she was dying, she tried her best to make sure i was securely planted.

i failed her.

i found myself staring down the inside of a cup, knowing that i would soon go like my friends, swallowed up without a chance of survival. i remember trying to cry. i couldn’t. i was hard as a rock. nothing could break me. 

i was surrounded by the laughter of girls. they joked and jostled each other. the one that had me in her grasp kept fingering me. a shock passed through me.

i shouldn’t be here.

i was raised with high hopes. i thought i could start a family, have a life, be as fulfilled as my mother. she was the sun. i wasn’t even the moon. there was no trace of her light reflecting off of me.

i was scared of who i was becoming.

the next thing i knew, i was lying facedown in the dirt. the cup lay next to me. empty shells from all of my friends peppered the area. i knew in that moment i didn’t have to be like them. they had withered. i could bloom.

and i did.

surrounded by weeds. struggling to breathe. most days wondering where my next meal would come from. clouds riddled my sky. a chain fence held me back from joy. but i bloomed. i’m not quite the moon to my mother, but i am something else.

i am her sunflower.

~~bloom where God plants you~~

Okay, that’s all, you may go back to your life now.

🎵 In the Light by DC Talk 🎵

The Reflections Tag ~ In Which 2020 is a Hero

2020 was a rough year for everyone. It had its fair share of ups and downs (and lefts and rights, too). However, we are not focusing on the lefts and rights today. This tag is all about the good things about 2020.

So, let’s be optimistic!!


1. Thank the person who tagged you (Thanks Essie!)

2. Share 8 of the things God blessed you with or taught you in 2020

3. Tag 5+ bloggers


Can I call this “Questions”, even if there are no questions? Yes, yes I can.

1. I Joined the Young Writers’ Workshop (aka YDubs)

It was 9:30 on a Thursday night. I was in my room doing who-knows-what (probably reading), when I heard Mom call my name. To be honest, I thought I was in trouble, but I wasn’t sure why. However, I was not in trouble! Mom handed me her phone, which was on a page called “The Young Writers’ Workshop“. Curious, I scrolled through the page, taking in all the information. The lessons looked exciting, the instructors seemed pretty cool, and the unity and community that the website offered was very appealing. After scrolling through twice, I said, “This looks awesome!”

And so began my time on YDubs! I have learned so much about how to improve my writing. After all, if it wasn’t for YDubs, this blog probably wouldn’t exist! I am now plotting a novel (something I wouldn’t have ever thought to do before YDubs), blogging consistently (which is also because of y’all!), and I’m in a better place spiritually and emotionally!

(If anyone is interested in joining YDubs, registration is open!)

2. My Friend Group Grew

This is technically an extension of the first one, but I made so many wonderful friends in just a couple of months after I joined YDubs! And they were all like me!! Crazy, weird, and sarcastic writers who were chock-full of ideas!

Of course, I’ve also made great friends from blogging, which has been awesome too!

3. I Met My Best Friend

And this one is an extension of the first two XD

I remember the first time I started chatting with Liesl. We were a little bit stiff at first, because, after all, we didn’t know each other very well. We talked about the stuff writers talk about, and told about our siblings and their crazy antics.

And suddenly, it happened. We just…..became best friends! I seriously don’t remember when or how it happened. We just went from stiff and slightly formal to literally SCREAMING at each other about various things.

And that’s the best kind of friendship there is.

4. Construction Finished on Our House

Back in 2019 (that ancient year of bliss and happiness 😅), we hired someone to add two bedrooms and a bathroom on to our house. They started in October, and finally finished in January, just a couple of months before the craziness happened.

Let me tell you, it was so much fun to watch the construction process. From the bare bones, to the unpainted walls, to the wooden floors and the finished product, we had such a good time looking around the rooms each evening after they finished for the day. (Our favorite thing to do was hide in the closets and go to Narnia.)

And we didn’t run into any problems, like they always do on HGTV!

Until after they were all finished and the floor started leaking. They came back and fixed it though, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

5. I Got to See My Cousin More Than Once

Under normal circumstances, I usually just see my cousin, Lizi, once or twice a year. But, in 2020, I saw her four times!! And she got to sleep over at our house, which never happens! It was the best!

6. I Had the Best Birthday I’ve Ever Had

It didn’t matter that my Dad tested positive for COVID on my birthday, it was still the very best!

I got to have donuts, croissants, and pigs-in-a-blanket for breakfast, which are usually things that we only have on Christmas Day. The decorations were absolutely beautiful (which makes sense, because my mother and my sister went all-out for me), and the presents were all things that had been on my list!

After lunch, I went to town with my mom so I could get my learner’s license. I was absolutely terrified that I was going to fail the test, but I actually only missed one question! I wasn’t quite ready to drive yet, so I let Mom do all that fun stuff XD

We visited my Dad at his office and then got ice cream from the best (well, second best. Brewster’s is the best) ice cream shop in the world: Dairy Queen!

After we ate our ice cream, Mom let me go on a controlled shopping spree in Wal-Mart, which was fun! I love shopping in Wal-Mart! Because I’m basic.

And literally, when we got to our car after shopping, Mom got a text from Dad saying that his COVID test had come back positive, and we had to quarantine. So, we picked up some pizza for supper and went home, where I sorted through all my birthday wishes on YDubs, had a Zoom call with some friends, and played MarioKart with my siblings, and dominated as always. 😇

I haven’t had as wonderful of a birthday since.

I also haven’t had a birthday since, but that doesn’t matter.

7. I Started Driving

I didn’t actually start driving until a whole month after I’d gotten my permit, but I still started driving! And let me tell you, learning to drive a 12-passenger van is no easy task. I wasn’t brave enough to go any faster than 45 MPH (60 KPH, yes, Canadians, you are welcome), but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Driving is fun! Now, I’m literally driving everywhere. My mom isn’t allowed to drive unless she’s going somewhere without me XD

8. I Joined a Band Class

Okay, technically this didn’t officially happen until 2021, but I visited the class in October, so I’ll count it. The class was meeting on Zoom, so, even though they was based in Michigan, I was still able to join! And, the teacher allowed me to write a song for the class to play, which was pretty awesome. I cried. A lot.

9. We Got a Puppy!

Some of you might remember my post where I introduced our puppy, Cookie. He was such a sweet and cuddly ball of fur and love, and he was absolutely precious!! Now, he is ten times the size he was when we first got him, and bites everything XD He’s still so sweet though!

Okay, yeah, I went one over, but so many wonderful things happened, it was impossible to choose just eight!!






Laurel Jean

What are some awesome things that happened to you in 2020? I’d love to hear about them!

Thanks for reading!

What God Can Do ~ In Which My Blog Takes a Sudden Serious Turn

(Content Warning: Alcohol and a really bad wreck)

Every night, my family tries to do family worship. It can be hard to corral eight kids around the dining room table to listen to my dad read the Bible, but we try our best, and a lot of great questions are asked. Tonight, we were talking about submission to authority, and what to do when you are being mistreated. After worship was over, my 12-year-old sister, Chloe, asked Dad about a verse. (I’m not sure what verse it was, but it was in the New Testament somewhere.) It talked about how wives should submit to their husbands, and sparked a conversation about abusive marriages and self-defense. My dad told a convicting story that I am going to share with you.

James Roscoe Harden was a good kid. He lived out in the country with his two sisters, two brothers, and two parents, and raised animals and crops to keep the family going. He was a hard worker, and he and his older brother, Willie, helped their father out with the chores. Unfortunately, when Roscoe was in 8th grade, his father passed away. Roscoe and Willie dropped out of school to keep the farm running, and worked hard to help their mother.

When Roscoe grew up, he joined the Navy, and served for four years. Have you ever heard the term “cuss like a sailor”? Well, it certainly applied to all the sailors Roscoe worked around. He was a good guy, but that didn’t stop him from picking up a word here and there. It was around this time he was also introduced to alcohol.

After serving in the Navy, Roscoe settled down with Betty, and they had a child, James Allan. It started out as a happy marriage, but Roscoe had a short temper, and more often than not, let loose a string of words in the heat of the moment. More than once, Betty was ready to take everything and leave, but by the grace of God, she stayed.

Six or seven years passed, and the couple had a daughter, Stephanie. Roscoe was still drinking, and, much to Betty’s chagrin, showed no sign of stopping.

Then, one day, he decided to go for a little drive.

Never mind that he’d been drinking before. He had stuff to do and places to go, and he wouldn’t let that slow him down.

Little did he know that his life was about to change drastically.

There was a crash. I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories of drunk drivers getting into or causing major wrecks that kill dozens. Something very similar happened. Roscoe crashed through a fence into a pecan orchard, and ran head-on into a pecan tree. The fender bent forward around the tree, throwing Roscoe into the floor of the car. (He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt since they weren’t a thing back then, and thank goodness, too.) The engine — yes, the ENGINE — came up through the dashboard, through the steering wheel shaft, and through the actual steering wheel into the driver’s seat, landing where Roscoe had been sitting just moments before.

That evening, he swore to never let alcohol touch his lips again. And he kept that vow to his dying day. He told my dad later that there was hardly a morning where he didn’t crave alcohol. In order to stay away, he had to change who he associated with, where he went, sometimes even what he did. The only way he was able to muster the will-power to do that was through God.

Thirty years later, in the year 2002, my dad and his mother, Betty, cleaned out the cabinet where the alcohol had sat all those years. My dad says that some of the bottles were never opened. They opened all those bottles and poured them down to drain. All in all, there were about 30 bottles, the same number as the years it had been since the crash. Roscoe died three years later, not too long before I was born.

By the time my dad finished telling this story, I was fighting back tears. For some people, God whispers ever so slightly in their lives, and they’ll listen. For other people, sometimes God has to shout to get their attention. If that wreck had killed my grandfather, I wouldn’t be here tonight, writing this blog post.

I hope this post convicted you in some way. Maybe it gave you the motivation to give up a bad habit, or it just brought tears to your eyes, or it just made your jaw drop. I pray that it helps you or someone in your life who might need it. Feel free to reblog, share, or save. I don’t care.

Thanks for reading!