The Animals

Animals!! ~ In Which Our House Officially Becomes a Petting Zoo

[So, I meant to post this a week ago and never got around to it. Sorry!]


We got chickies and a bunny!!


Add that to the collection of hens, goats, cats, and a dog, and we’ve got the makings of a decent-sized petting zoo!

Unfortunately, I didn’t save a picture of the bunny, so you will have to use your imagination to see what he looks like. Ready? Get that brain ready.

He’s white.

Did you get all that?

Yeah, there’s not much to describe. His name is Jasper and he is a Rex rabbit. He’s white, and he’s pretty good with people. He is also THE SOFTEST THING I HAVE EVER FELT HELP I LOVE BUNNIES SO MUCH EEP

Right now, he’s trying to get some rest in his cage. (Good luck sleeping in this house, Jasper.) And Dad’s outside setting up the BRAND NEW HUTCH he bought!!

Okay, and now the chicks.

They are also fluffy.

Right now, they’re yellow, but when they get older, they will be white with black markings. They’re called light Brahmas and they will have feathers around their feet.

Like this:

Hoover's Hatchery Light Brahma Chickens, 10 ct. Baby Chicks at Tractor  Supply Co.

Aren’t they cute?? They were already pretty big when we got them, so they’ve started growing their big-chicken feathers already. I love chickies. Chickens used to be my favorite animal before I became shockingly indecisive when it comes to choosing favorite things. They’re still at the top of my list though.

Wow, okay, that got rambly. Just thought I’d let y’all know about the new additions to our household.

Thanks for reading!

(P.S. I shall be posting a new part to my AU soon! Sorry for the long wait!)

Fire Dragon ~ Hermitcraft AU, My Writing

Part Two of My Hermitcraft AU ~ In Which Grian and Mumbo Start an Adventure

What’s up guys? It’s me again!!

I am here with the second snippet of my Hermitcraft AU!!

So, without further ado, enjoy!

“Grian?” The voice sounded far away, muffled. Grian frowned slightly. Was he underwater? No, that couldn’t be it. He was breathing. Who was calling him?

“Grian!” There it was again. That plucky voice and crisp British accent….it had to be Mumbo Jumbo.

“Grian, come on!” Someone was shaking him. Grian opened his eyes and beheld a bright pink shirt, dotted with pineapples. He sighed.

“Mumbo, what is this shirt?”

Mumbo let go of him and glanced down at his shirt. “Oh, uh….” His black moustache wiggled as he faltered. “I thought it would be a nice change from the usual suit and tie.”

Grian held back a laugh. “It’s ridiculous!”

Mumbo poked his lip out in a pout. “Well, I like it.”

“That’s your opinion, then.” Grian socked his friend on the shoulder. “I, for one, will never change out of my red jumper.”

Mumbo rolled his eyes. “Believe me, I know. I’m starting to get sick of the color red.”

Grian chuckled. “Well, you can wear what you like, and I can wear what I like, and we’ll both bleed from the eyes.”


A happy silence ensued, each thinking of good-natured, sarcastic remarks. Grian couldn’t remember a time when he and Mumbo hadn’t bantered back and forth like this. It was their main form of communication and they both got a kick out of it.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Mumbo said, suddenly. “Xisuma sent me over here to get you. It’s happened again.”

Grian knew exactly what Mumbo was talking about. Every couple of years, they magically woke up in a strange new universe. Nothing but ancient structures and empty land around, and the need to build a good place to live. Every time their lives seemingly reset, there was always someone new that seemed to join their ranks. Grian remembered when he had been the new one. He’d been so disoriented, surrounded by strange faces, some human, some….not. He’d been forced into a new lifestyle, a vicious cycle that wouldn’t allow him escape. He’d been overjoyed to find his old friend, Mumbo Jumbo, and the two helped each other along, eventually discovering an easy way to survive. But, just like that, their legacy had been ripped away. They were transported to a new world, once again having to fight to survive. And now, it had happened again.

“Is there anyone new?” Grian asked as he followed Mumbo towards a nearby village.

“I’m not sure,” Mumbo answered. “Probably.”

Grian could see the others gathered in a circle towards the outskirts of the village. Joe Hills, Zombie Cleo, Vintage Beef, and Welsknight were walking towards the group from different directions, obviously having been dropped in different areas, like Grian and Mumbo. Xisuma, the unofficial “leader” of the group, stood in the middle of the circle, on the edge of a small crevice. Grian and Mumbo joined the group.

“Hello everyone,” Xisuma began. “We’re here in a new world yet again, but perhaps this time it will be permanent.”

Grian groaned inwardly. Xisuma said that every time, and yet, their world was never permanent.

“I’ve chosen someone else to give the ‘beginning speech’,” Xisuma continued. “He’s been a part of this almost as long as I have. Mumbo?”

Grian looked at his friend in surprise. Mumbo looked at Xisuma in surprise. Xisuma nodded kindly and stepped back into the circle to allow Mumbo to stand in the center alone. Everyone clapped politely as Mumbo awkwardly ran to the edge of the crevice.

“Um….well, thank you, Xisuma, and, of course, everyone else,” Mumbo stuttered. “Just because our world has changed yet again doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun! Let’s build our hearts out and pray that it will stay!” He glanced down into the crevice. “Oh. Um, there are some new people down here.”

Boom! What did y’all think?

I’m sorry it ended so abruptly. I couldn’t find a place to end it without it being super long.

Okay, that’s all I had. See y’all next time!