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December is Hereeeeeee ~ In Which I Get Kinda Angsty But That Happens When You’re Old Like Meeeee

IT’S THE CHRISTMAS SEASON WOOOOOOOOOOOOO I think we all know by now that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I’ve got my Santa hat on and I am READY to GO BROKE on CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!!! WOOP!! *sigh* I love the Christmas season. Although it’s kind of crazy that it’s already the last month of […]

We Are in the Heart of NaNo Now Ladies and Gents ~ In Which I Will Probably Go Slightly Insane This Month, But That’s Okay Because I Was Already Pretty Insane 👍

Helloooooo ladies and gents and other air vents, welcome back to another installment in “Mia recaps the previous month and forgets everything that happened because she has a squirrel brain.” My favorite series. Did you guys get a lot of candy for Halloween? I bought two big bags a few weeks before, then my grandparents […]

Know the Novel: Part One ~ In Which I Go Into Detail About the Project I Keep Talking About In Various Posts That No One Knows That Much About (But That CHanges Todayyy!!!)

My apologies for that very confusing and obnoxiously long title. Well, ladies and gents, we’re getting close to the end of October, which means that November is coming up, which means that National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us. Scary. I’m so PUMPED for NaNo this year!! I’ve attempted it twice in the past […]

Hm ~ In Which I Fangirl (And Also Ring in October)

Why would you look at that. I failed. LOL. New month, nEW ME BABY LET’S GO I’m just kidding. My apologies if I’m a little unhinged in this blog post. I’ve been feeling particularly unhinged IRL. I think I’ve been reading too many Tumblr memes. Or maybe this is just the NEW ME!!!!! Oh, you […]

Drama Camp Days One and Two [June Adventures Part One] ~ In Which I am Reunited With Previous Cast Members, We Have Auditions, and I Win “Zip Zap Zowie”

HIIII GUYS IT’S THE LONG-AWAITED DRAMA CAMP POST!!!!!! Or at least the first one. Who knows how many parts this series is going to have? Probably a lot. I have much stories to share. Before we begin, I just want to make sure everyone understands exactly what Drama Camp entails. Basically, it’s a four week-long […]

It’s Hot ~ In Which I Recap June And Complain About the July Heat

How was y’all’s June? Mine was AMAZING. I mean, I knew it would be what with all the craziness and fun activities happening, but WOW did it exceed my expectations!! My journal is chock-full of crazy stories (and I still haven’t written about tech week and our performance) and I cannot wait to compile everything […]

Hey ~ In Which We Recap April. . . . In June. . . .

So. . . . it’s June. *twiddles thumbs* How you guys doing? *continues twiddling thumbs* Life’s been happening, so that’s fun. *twiddles thumbs some more* ‘Kay, so I’m sorry I missed April’s recap and. . . . blogging in general last month. I got focused on another project and it was the second week of […]

The Liebster Award ~ In Which We Do This Again

Well, look at that! I’ve been tagged for the Liebster award again! The last time I did this award was back in February 2021, so I’m excited to do it again! Neria over at Writing For Fun Forever was kind enough to tag me, and I can’t wait to answer her questions! So off we […]

We Survived Heartbreak Month!! ~ In Which It Is Now March Hoorah!

Well, ’tis now March. Another month down the drain. I mean, it wasn’t an unproductive month or anything, but it has now been swallowed up by the great abyss known as Time and joins the past 6000 years of history. It must be getting pretty crowded in there. How was y’all’s February? Did you get […]

The Disney Magic Tag ~ In Which I Do Another Tag!

So, um. . . . I may or may not be a little late for this tag. I was tagged a little while ago by Syberyah, but it wasn’t too long ago. Right? Oops. Sorry, Syberyah! Better late than never, right? The last time I did a tag was almost a year ago and, I […]


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