December is Hereeeeeee ~ In Which I Get Kinda Angsty But That Happens When You’re Old Like Meeeee


I think we all know by now that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I’ve got my Santa hat on and I am READY to GO BROKE on CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!!!! WOOP!!

*sigh* I love the Christmas season. Although it’s kind of crazy that it’s already the last month of the year. Where did the time go??? I wish it would slow down. Especially because in less than nine months, I’m going to college. Every time something happens, like my siblings’ birthdays or a special tradition around the holidays that my family has, there’s this little voice in the back of my mind that’s like, “This is the last time.”

I don’t want to grow up.

Oof, I’m getting teary-eyed thinking about it.

I mean, I’m very excited for college and I can’t wait to get out and make friends and study my passions, but I always take my time with my family for granted.

I once heard someone say that 90% of your time spent with your parents is before you turn 18.

My 90% is almost over.

Maybe I’ll write a song about this.

LOL, sorry, didn’t mean to get all depressing on y’all like that XP

November Memories

Gosh, where do I even start? November was amazing. It was such an amazing month. I grew up so much during November. I’m definitely not the same girl I was when October ended. I mean, we all grow in a month. Thirty days is a rather long time for literally nothing to happen. But I can’t always see where I’ve grown after a month is over. I can see it this time.

First off, I won NaNo! It’s my first time winning NaNo, my first time writing 50,000+ words, my first time writing from a full plot. There were a lot of firsts with this project. I’m so deeply in love with it. I fall in love with my characters every time I read over my almost-finished draft. I love them.

I had great momentum the first couple of weeks and I was a week away from finishing, when I had to take a trip with my parents and sister and went three days without writing. After that, my motivation kind of faded and I was really burnt-out towards the end of the month. And then I got sick. But I won NaNo at 11:20 PM on November 29th and no one was awake so I couldn’t celebrate until the next morning LOL

Let’s see, what else happened?

Oh, I finally got a Google account in time for NaNo, so I can stop mooching off of my dad’s Google Docs and use my own! It’s very exciting.

I read the ninth Keeper book.

Chapter forty-two is amazing.

If you haven’t read it yet, I would recommend not reading chapter forty-two at three in the morning. I had to refrain from screaming so I didn’t wake the whole neighborhood up. Aside from that, it was a wonderful experience.

I got accepted into college, so that’s pretty rad. All that’s left to do is audition for the music school and get accepted into that, and I’ll be good to go, I think. I have until March so I’m going to not think about that for as long as I can LOL

I got a cold two days before we went to visit the campus so I had to deal with that while we visited ✨my future college✨. It was freezing cold but the entire two day trip was amazing. I was thoroughly exhausted but I loved every second of it. And it evaporated a lot of fears I had about going to college. It’s going to be great.

Anyways, so much happened on the trip, so I’ll probably write a separate blog post about it. It was this little event thing the college hosted called “College Up-Close” (or CUC, which is not an acronym I’m completely comfortable with but I’ll get over it LOL) and we got to go on campus tours and visit classes and meet faculty and it was just an amazing time. Everyone and everything there is beautiful and I have so many stories.

The Minecraft server I’m a part of with a bunch of my writing friends was hacked and several bases (including mine and my friend’s) were destroyed. It was a whole thing and I found out while I was at my grandparents’ house and yeah that was a weird day.

I’m a sprint guardian on YWW now! My job is to make sure everyone is competing correctly during writing competitions. I’m literally so happy. Of course, right after I found out, I was off YWW for almost a week because I was so freaking busy. *facepalm* That’s the way it goes, I guess.

Thanksgiving was awesome. I was just so unbelievably happy all day. The older I get, the more introspective I get, and the more introspective I get, the more joyful and thankful I am. The first thing I did was text my friends and tell them how thankful I am for them. I don’t know what I would do without them. To be completely honest, I don’t think I’d be here without them. Most of them don’t know that, but that doesn’t change what they did for me.

I love you guys ❤

We went to the grandparents’ for Thanksgiving and ate with them and hung out and had a good time. I decided it would be fun to practice handstands after years of not practicing handstands and also while standing on a hill and I somehow hit an almost perfect handstand and broke my spinal cord in the process. It was great. I came inside and smelled like sweat, dirt, and the neighbor dog, Chipper.

That evening and the next morning, me and my sisters helped our Nana set up her snow village and decorate their tree. Nana has a huge snow village. She’s been collecting buildings and people for years and we help her set them up every year. It’s awesome. My favorite building is this little garage sale she has. It has so many pieces and it’s so fun to set up.

We came home that afternoon and an hour later, we went out and bought a Christmas tree for our house, and then decorated it! This year’s tree is named Vincent. Vincent is a jerk. He broke my favorite ornament the other night. I’m mad at him.

I just gave him a glare and he glared right back.

*grumbles* Stupid Vincent.

He stands there in the corner looking all menacing but he pretends he’s cute. I see right through you, Vincent. That angel on your head doesn’t change anything.


Thanksgiving Saturday, we went to see the cousins. My best cousin-friend-whatever she is’s brother and sister both got engaged within days of each other and their fiancés were there for most of the time. You know I fangirled over the rings. So pretty.

The entire day was spent in gossiping with my cousin. She spilt a lot of tea. I spilt some too. We didn’t bother cleaning it up. We love spilling tea.

That paragraph read like a Twitter meme. I’ve been on the internet too much.

Guys okay storytime.


My dad’s sister (who owns the house we did Thanksgiving with the cousins at) lives two and a half hours away from us. I drove there and back. It was fun. However, for some reason, when I’m driving, everyone on the road just becomes dumb and decides they need to pass me at whatever chance they get, despite the fact that I always drive four-ish over the speed limit. I don’t know why they feel the need to drive faster than the speed of light but they do. I just keep driving and let them do their dumb taking-risks thing.

On the way home, it was dark out and rainy, so I had my cruise control off for better control. We were on a hilly road, so my speed was kind of fluctuating. There were two cars behind me. The first car passed me and I was like, okay, that was kind of dumb but you do you. The second car was a truck and I thought he would behave because he was going a little slower, but no, he decided he would be dumb and pass me on a hill.

When I say I almost witnessed a wreck–

The car in the opposite lane literally had to stop to avoid being hit.

And I was just cruising along in shock like “oh no he did not”

I actually forgot I existed in that moment I was so surprised, but if I’d remembered, I would have stopped. It just happened so fast.

Remember kids. Safe driving saves you money.


Oh, and there was also a red light that I was pulling up to, and there was this car in front of me that I stopped behind. The light turned green and he started driving, then this car does a left turn in front of us through a red light, and the car in front of me TURNED ON ITS RED AND BLUE LIGHTS IT WAS LITERALLY A COP I’M CRYING

I didn’t even realize it was a cop until he chased after the car that ran the red light. It was hilarious.

Remember kids. Safe driving saves you from becoming a laughing stock on the internet.

Yeah, that was an eventful drive.

Ooh, speaking of driving, I drove without my parents for the first time. We had a late rehearsal after church for our Christmas play, so my dad just left his truck in the parking lot and I drove me and my sisters home! It was great!

I got another job! I started on the second. I really like it! It’s great!

Anyways, I think that’s everything.

Well, except school.

*narrows eyes* School……

I’m taking four college classes right now, okay. Two are English classes, one is History, and one is Math. The first three require a good bit of writing, but that’s okay because I already write a lot and I’m basically a pro at writing essays at this point. Since I took that three day trip to college, I got my school done early so I wouldn’t have to stress that week. I thought that was the end of it.

It was not.

Last week. Thanksgiving week. I had to take three quizzes. Give three well-rounded responses each to three discussion forums. Write a 3-page (MINIMUM) reading comparison essay. Give a paragraph answer each to 13 history questions.

The real kicker?

I had to write an EIGHT PAGE ESSAY.



Small mercy in that I only had to do 33 math problems. But just. Whose idea was it to assign me this much work during Thanksgiving week??? Thankfully, my classes end next Friday, so I’m almost done. I won’t have to take anymore dual enrollment classes after this.

November Goal Recap


I finally did it! In thirty days, I wrote 50,052 words. I’m not actually done with my novel just yet. I still have six plot points left. But I won NaNo and I’m so pleased.


There’s one line that I keep forgetting for some reason, but I know it, I just don’t know my cue. It’s fine. We perform next Saturday and I am terrified because no one knows their lines.


Aww, I forgot this goal again.


Yep! And I’ve already sent out one. I just have to make and send thirteen more. I’ve totally got this.

December Goals

1. Complete My Dual Enrollment Classes With A’s and B’s

I would say all A’s, except math is hard. So A’s and B’s are fine.

2. Make and Mail All My Cards

I failed this goal last year, so I’m going to try my best to hit it this year. The card designs I have planned are fairly simple so hopefully it won’t be too difficult.

3. Write a Song

I have some ideas. And ideas are good. Although I need to find my songwriting notebook. It’s missing.

4. Finish My NaNo Novel

May as well finish it off. Then I can write the next one in the series. And the next one. And the next one. And the next one!

5. Make/Buy All the Gifts I Need

I made a brainstorming page in my bullet journal and I think I’ve decided on what I’m going to get everyone. I just need to actually get the things.

November Stats:

Blog posts published: 2
Letters written: 1
Letters received: 2
Art done: 1
Words written (outside of blog posts): 50,052 (oh wait. There’s also the essays I wrote but *barf* those don’t count)
Journal entries: 0
Songs in playlist: 732

It’s funny. Last year’s November recap ended with me complaining with how unproductive I was. But this year, I feel like I did so much and learned so much and changed so much. I’m growing up.

Also, I’ve been listening to AJR this entire time and I relate a lot. I think I’m an AJR fan now.

Anyways, I hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas season, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. See y’all in the next post.

🎵 No Wind Resistance! by Kinneret 🎵


5 thoughts on “December is Hereeeeeee ~ In Which I Get Kinda Angsty But That Happens When You’re Old Like Meeeee

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful November!

    You went to College Up Close? So cool! My sister and I are going in February, and I’m so excited.

    Congratulations on winning NaNo!
    Congratulations on winning NaNo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did! It was busy and exhausting, but I loved every second of it.

      Ooh, you’re going to love it. Everyone is so sweet and encouraging and you can tell they care about you and your education. That was what really locked in BJU for me.

      Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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