Old Art ~ In Which I Make Fun of My Old Art and We Come Across Some Interesting Characters

Howdy, y’all!

So, the other day, I was bored, so I started looking through some of my old sketchbooks. That proved to be a terrifying experience. However, I just so happened to have my phone sitting right next to me, so I snapped some pictures of some of the craziest (and some not-so-crazy) ones, and now I am going to share the absolute glory of my old art.

Y’all aren’t ready for this.

So. This queen. I had to draw a portrait for school, so I chose one of the cartoon girls in a puzzle we had.

She looks so haunted.

She either just saw her crush or a puppy. In the middle of some kind of photoshoot.


I was practicing how to use the different pencils and Mom let me draw a character of my choice.

That was a bad idea.

Girlfriend is DROWNING in hair.

This is a mountain. I think it’s okay. Since there are no mountains anywhere near our house, I just used the example image my art book gave me. The trees are weird though.

I have given them names now.

A bunch of leaf sketches. It was a struggle to go around the yard and find all these different types. Eventually I just gave up and drew pine straw (as you can see in the bottom right corner).

Notable doodles include:

Notice how the iris leaf has, like, zero detail.

These were all sketched on one page, as the smattering of random junk I found in the yard, featuring a starfish sand toy, two stacked Duplos, the front of a water hose nozzle, and a hunk of wood. It looked like driftwood. I haven’t been to the ocean in years. Where did it come from? No one knows.

The only personality trait this tree has is being practically invisible.

And this tree has had waaaaay too much coffee.

This is supposed to be a sketch of one of the Beanie Boos I have, but instead it is a soulless dog that looks like he’s seen things he shouldn’t have.

Shortly after reading the fourth Keeper of the Lost Cities book, I decided I would draw Tam Song. My sketchbook is massive, so I typically draw two pictures per page, and then I had the idea to draw Linh Song underneath.

I prefer Tam.

Also, I tried out two different shading techniques (since my pale skin tone is dead) and I should have done the purple on Tam and the tan on Linh. Oh well.

This page features a character design for one of my characters and a failed villain design for her. Everybody makes mistakes.

This is Lady Mackintosh. She was drawn off of a Playmobil figure. She’s one of my favorite drawings to date. She is not pleased with the opera. She’ll probably sue.

Here we see my anime phase. I got a book on how to draw anime for my birthday, so I thought, Why not? These were all drawn following the instructions. Sunny is the only one that filled a whole page, and you can tell my markers were suffering. I’m really proud of these though. They were fun to draw and they turned out pretty good!

Oh look, another school picture. This is supposed to be an illustration from King George and the Dragon. The proportions need help.

Poor little deer. Didn’t even get the chance to shine. Also his legs are on backwards.

Mermaid wearing a hat. Does this make sense? No. Did I draw it anyway? Why yes, yes I did.

This is Jasmine. She is my sister’s character. She wieldeths a sword. She is dangerous. She was fun to draw. No, she is not Disney’s Jasmine, but she’s dangerously close. That was why she was scrapped. I love her hair though.

Demon fox. Or cat. Or dog. Who knows what it was before it was cursed?

I drew these off of two of Liesl’s characters and I can’t remember if I ever showed them to her. But they look fabulous.

Also, that little stain in the corner is not from coffee or tea. It’s actually from pool water. I took my sketchbook to the pool because I didn’t feel like swimming, and I set it down far enough away so it wouldn’t get wet — or so I thought. I grab it and find out that the water puddled all the way across the pavement and completely ruined the back of it. None of my drawings were ruined, but the sketchbook sure was.

Once upon a time, I thought this was perfect.

I was wrong.

It’s called Windows because the eyes are the windows to the soul, and, as that’s the only part of the drawing in color, I thought would be the perfect title. That’s also where the name for my blog came from.

Oh look, a trainwreck.

Welp, that’s all I got. I hope looking at all my bad art boosted your confidence, or you got a laugh from the atrocities. I certainly did XD

Thanks for reading!

🎡 Love Me Like I Am by for KING & COUNTRY 🎡

21 thoughts on “Old Art ~ In Which I Make Fun of My Old Art and We Come Across Some Interesting Characters

  1. Hey Mia idk if you will get this, it’s Emma Walker, I just was wondering something and if you could help out that’d be great.



  2. “This is supposed to be a sketch of one of the Beanie Boos I have, but instead it is a soulless dog that looks like he’s seen things he shouldn’t have.”


    Liked by 1 person

  3. If I even attempt to draw my characters of my current WIPs, I feel like they wouldn’t come that well

    After all, not the best drawer

    But one of those drawings of this post reminded me of one of mine: Tenisha the Dragon (she belongs to Ayra, the protagonist of my expansive world idea)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome to use it as a faceclaim, if you’d like, so long as you just use it for private use and give me credit! 😊


          1. So far-

            The world (not named yet)- I know it is some mountainous island and also know it is where the origins of the Fairy Frogs are; one the top are two side by side mountain ranges (one snowy and one rocky). In the middle, you have the biggest mountain ranges, and to the right there is The Enchanted Forest—-I do know that somewhere (not knowing where) that on the edge we have a cottage.


            Ayra (protagonist)- she has warrior qualities and does live in that cottage on the edge of The Enchanted Forest. And basically the owner of Tenisha

            Tenisha (the dragon)- a girl, who Ayra raised starting from birth. Lives in those big mountains in a cave. She does get ridden on from time to time. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ayra got some of her warrior qualities from raising this dragon

            Willow (Fairy Frog)- well, all I know of her is that she is a healer and is close to Ayra in some way

            The word, Maverick, keeps coming to mind—trying to decide between person or place

            Plus, I know for a fact Ayra will be facing a villain

            And that’s all I know

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  4. Your anima phase was on point! Sometimes, I wish I haven’t… accidentally recycled… some of my childhood doodles, I could’ve used them to scare people on the itnernet too. I wasn’t ever good in drawing – apart from Lego Bionicles. I was somewhat decent in drawing short comics with those. (Un)frtunately those ended in the recycled paper as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, how sad. I have a tendency to hoard things, so I have notebooks full of my old art πŸ˜… And hey, Lego Bionicles are pretty tricky to draw. I’m impressed. *nods*

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