Silver Sterlings Episode One ~ In Which Dad Takes the Sterlings Shopping and Just About Loses His Mind (or Uncle Stephen Gets Tackled After Delivering Happy News)

Here it is guys! The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the very first part of Silver Sterlings!!

*cheering is heard in the distance*

I had so much fun writing this snippet and figuring out how I wanted it to read. So, I hope you guys enjoy reading it!

Without further ado, SILVER STERLINGS EPISODE ONE!!!!

It was barely morning when shrieks of “UNCLE STEPHEN!! UNCLE STEPHEN!!” filled the Sterling house. Dad stumbled downstairs to let Uncle Stephen inside as all the children crowded around him.

“What’d you bring? What’d you bring?” Tex and Austin, the red-headed twins, chanted.

Uncle Stephen waved his hand as he leaned over, trying to catch his breath.

“Did you run, or something, Uncle Stephen?” Rosie asked, stepping closer to lay a hand on his shoulder. She coughed and scampered back as his heavy breathing turned in her direction. “Ew! Your breath stinks!”

Uncle Stephen raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Yeah, I ran, Rosie. But I just had to tell you the news!”

All eleven kids leaned forward. “What news?”

Baby Logan, the one-year-old, clapped his hands.

Uncle Stephen’s eyes shot towards the kitchen. “Well, maybe I’ll have a cup of coffee before I tell you.”

“No!” All of the boys landed on top of Uncle Stephen, knocking him to the ground. He grunted as he tried to stand back up. “Okay! Okay! Let me up! I’ll tell you!” The older boys climbed off, but Prick, Rosie’s twin brother, didn’t budge.

“Tell us now!” he commanded. Ru grabbed his arm and snatched him off.

Uncle Stephen was unfazed. He stood, dusted himself off, and announced, “The mercantile just got a new shipment of stuff. Candy, toys, tools, food…” With each word, the children’s eyes grew wider. “And it’s not that expensive either.”

“Dad!” Eleven pairs of eyes were staring at him. “Can we go shopping?”

Baby Logan clapped his hands again. “Shopping!” He lost his balance and fell flat on his back.

Snippet One: Shopping

After casting Uncle Stephen an annoyed glare (something he seemed to get a lot), Dad made the children link hands and led them to the mercantile. The walk wasn’t too long, muddy, or dangerous, yet Prick somehow managed to get covered in mud and almost bitten by a snake. By the time the Sterlings made it to the mercantile, the walk felt much longer than usual.

Miz Gilbert smiled as Dad walked in, a gaggle of excited children after him. “Brought some friends today, I see,” she laughed.

Dad smiled wryly. “Stephen came over with news of new things in the mercantile, so of course my children just had to come.”

“Oh, yes, of course.” Miz Gilbert gave a knowing nod. “Well, children, don’t be afraid to look around. The toys and candy are over–“

An aggressive stampede drowned out the rest of her sentence.

Millie, being fifteen, remained in the grown-up part of the store, but the rest of the children practically trampled each other trying to look at everything.

“Candy!!” Prick, Tex, and Austin shouted, pulling out fistfuls of every kind.

“You’re going to get sick!” Rosie complained. “You’re going to throw up all over the floor!”

“If we throw up on anything, it’ll be you!” Tex laughed, pretending to get sick all over Rosie’s hair. Rosie covered her head and shrieked. Miz Gilbert was at her side in an instant.

“You alright, love?” she asked, checking Rosie for injuries.

“Yeah, I’m fine, why do you ask?” Rosie grabbed a rag doll from the toy bin. “Can I have this please?”

Miz Gilbert’s eyes crinkled as she smiled. “Of course, sweetie. Do you have money for it?”

Rosie shook her head, perplexed.

“Well, best let your dad pay for it.”

“Oh, yeah.” Rosie skipped over to Dad, who was already swamped by excited boys demanding he buy candy for them. Ru quietly dumped all his stuff on the counter and pulled out a few dollar bills to pay for it.

“Rosie, look at this!” Millie called. Rosie set her doll down next to Ru’s things and walked over to where her sister was trying on hats. Millie twirled in front of the mirror. “Isn’t it pretty?” Rosie nodded. The hat was floppy, but it matched Millie’s outfit. “I think I might buy it.” Millie checked her purse, then snapped it shut again. “Rats! I left all of my money at home!”

“Too bad!” Tex shrieked from across the room. “Are you going to cry now?”

“Oh, be quiet, you little monster!” Millie shrieked back. “You’re just upset because Dad won’t let you buy all the candy you want!”

Tex faltered for words, then turned around and sulked.

“Oh well.” Millie took off the hat and placed it back on the rack. “Maybe another time.” She glanced down at Rosie. “Aren’t you going to buy anything?”

“Yes, of course I am,” Rosie answered, turning towards the counter. The doll she’d picked out sat on the edge. “I’m going to get that doll.”

Millie took her sister’s hand. “Let’s go wait outside. Dad has his hands full with the boys.”

Ten minutes later, the Sterling boys burst out of the store, some of them crying, some of them laughing, all of them shouting. Dad looked at the girls. “I am not going shopping again for a long time.”

Well, I hope y’all enjoyed that! I have a band class to prepare for, so I must go now.

Oh, and I am happy to report that I completed both of my college classes with an A! So yaaaayyyy, party time! It was definitely a challenge, but I am proud of myself.

Okay, bye.

What did you guys think? Who’s your favorite so far?

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