Fifty?!! ~ In Which AHHH FIFTY FOLLOWERS!!!!


That’s really cool. I wanna know how they made it.

Anyways, yes, you read the title right!! I have achieved fifty followers!! (Technically 54, but y’know) This post is running late, so nothing exciting today, other than a massive thank you to all of my followers!! I’ve been blogging for six months now, and it’s crazy that I got 50 followers in just six months! Y’all are all amazing and I’m so thankful!!

Before I end this very short post, I just want to ask if anyone has any fun ideas I could do to celebrate? I was thinking answering your questions, but I’ve already been tagged for a lot of awards and I’ve been answering a lot of questions in those posts. So, cool ideas? If I see one that I especially like, I’ll announce it in next week’s post!

Well, I’m going to go cry happy tears about reaching 50 followers!! Thank y’all so much, and I’ll see you next time!!

Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “Fifty?!! ~ In Which AHHH FIFTY FOLLOWERS!!!!”

  1. Congratulations on reaching 50, Mia!!! 😄🤗🥳
    Hmm… Maybe you could do an answering assumptions post… Or a giveaway! (Everyone loves a good giveaway. 😁) I’m sure whatever you decide to do will be awesome!!
    Keep up the good work, friend!

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