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Meet My MC: A Writers Linkup ~ In Which I Talk About My Children

Those ink blots on the paper ^^ are concerning.

Anyways, today I am doing a writers linkup hosted by Maya Joelle!

I’ve never done a linkup before but this one looks pretty fun. However, I have close to fifty WIPs (works-in-progress), so choosing one MC is going to be hard.


Okay, I think I’m going to do Violet, from my main WIP, Masters of Fate. Let’s get on with it!!

1. Introduce Your MC. What’s Their Name? Age? Appearance?

Violet Blake is a 14-year-old girl living in the fantasy village of Moonstone Village. She’s an outcast at her school because everyone is convinced she’s weird. She acts shy and nervous, but she’s really just insecure because she’s the only one in her village who has elemental powers, and she has to keep them a secret from the townsfolk. She can summon plants from the ground with the snap of her fingers. She has long brown hair and a shy expression.

Here’s her faceclaim:

And one that more of matches the story:

So, yeah, that’s Violet.

And yes, I named the girl with plant powers Violet. That’s how it works around here, folks.

2. Explain How Your MC Fits Into the Plot of Your Book (as Best You Can Without Spoiling It All…)

Well, Violet is outcast and feels weird. She gets a mysterious note, telling her to go to a neighboring city to participate in a tournament for people like her. She decides to go, and makes new friends and enemies at the tournament, learning secrets about her past that she didn’t know, and helping bring a criminal man to justice.

It’s intense.

Like camping.

Lemme know if you got that joke.

3. What’s the First Thing Your MC Says in the Story? The Last? A Random Quote From the Middle That You Like?

Give me a second to pull up the doc.

Well, she sighs.

Then, she says, “Hey, Aunt Louise!”


That’s not that exciting is it? XD

The book hasn’t been finished yet, but the most recent thing she says is “You mean you haven’t been paying attention to the way we’ve been going?!”

Yeah, she gets lost in some underground tombs, and her “tour guide” doesn’t know where to go. *shrugs* There’s a lot of twists and turns.

A random quote from the middle that I like has the be the song that Violet’s mom writes for her. It actually has a tune and everything which will probably end up being in the back of the book if it’s published. However, I think I may have to change some parts of the tune because I’m pretty sure I accidentally borrowed some parts of the tune from a Jamie Grace song…..😅 I promise I didn’t know until I heard the song!

Okay, moving on!

4. Which Other Character Would Die For Your MC?

Ahaha….there’s a lot of those…..her best friend, Harmony; her crush, Ryan; her teacher, April Rock……her dad and her aunt……

She’s loved by a lot of people, actually.

5. Would Your MC Die For Them?

Oh, in a heartbeat.

6. Have Any Major Details About Your MC Changed Since You First Created Them?

Hmm…..I’m not sure. I feel like she’s really stuck to the idea I had for her, which is a surprise since my characters prefer to write themselves. Ryan turned out different though.

However, the story is not about him.

7. What Characters (From Books/Movies Not By You) Remind You of Your MC? Why?

Ooh. I’ve never thought about this before.

In a way, she reminds me of Elsa. She has powers, she’s been hiding them, and then she runs away to let them loose.

Actually, that makes her a lot like Elsa, doesn’t it?

8. Share Your MC’s Favorites!

This is where I really need to flesh her out.

Okay, here we go.

Color: Green (obviously)

Food: Snopfot, which is technically a drink, but it’s her favorite.

Type of Clothing: Just your casual fantasy outfit. Like in her second faceclaim up there ^^

Place: Her room. She feels safe there and it’s her hangout zone. She can be as messy as she wants.

Type of Music: I have no idea. The only music that has been in the book is the song her mom wrote. Which was…..a lullaby, I guess?

Season: Spring!

Smell: Anything her aunt cooks.

9. If Your MC Wasn’t Involved In Your Story, What Would They Be Doing?

This has always been really hard for me. Imagining my characters outside of their book life.

She would be a….florist.

Nope. Nope, nope, nope.

Maybe…..I think she’d probably work in an animal shelter or a zoo. Or an animal reserve! She loves animals.

10. Share a Fun Extra!

Well, one of my friends made this collage for Violet:

Violet, Master of Nature

There’s also these for Harmony and Ryan:

Harmony, Master of Healing
Ryan, Master of Fire

I love them so much!! They’re so pretty!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Violet! This was actually really fun to write (more fun than I thought it was going to be!)

What do you guys think? Would this be a story you would want to read?

Thanks for reading!!

8 thoughts on “Meet My MC: A Writers Linkup ~ In Which I Talk About My Children”

  1. Wow!
    (Totally am not a stalking… nope I’m not here.)
    I really want to read this, just from knowing about your MC. It sounds really interesting and would definitely be something I’d read.
    The collages and faceclaims were ciool.
    And yea *waves*

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